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  • Smeghead chews out Nick Swardson's response to the critics of Bucky Larson for being childish and entitled and talks about how important it is to accept failure and move on even if a lot of hard work went into it.
  • His absolutely EPIC rant/breakdown of Bella's character in the Breaking Dawn Part 2 review.
  • A small one, but in his Die Another Day review, Sean chews out Sony and every other film movie chain for cancelling the release of The Interview because of North Korea's over-dramatic nature regarding the film when they were A-OKAY with other films being released such as Team America: World Police and the Red Dawn remake is impressive, especially since he won't let people forget it.
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  • In his review of Saving Christmas, Smeghead shows way more knowledge about the Bible and Christianity as whole than the self-professed Christian, Kirk Cameron. He even admits he can count how many times he's been to church on ONE hand but knew ten times more knowledge about the Bible than Kirk Cameron! That's impressive.
  • He begins his vlog of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with a little disclaimer allowing the more rabid fans to leave their hateful comments, with more than a few suggestions.
  • Another small one, reviewing Batman & Robin without bringing up the infamous Bat Credit Card.
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  • In his vlog of Ghostbusters (2016), he discusses the film without bringing up the controversy surrounding it (even bringing up some legitimate misgivings he had with the film), and he also points out that the original films weren't "ruined" by the mere existence of the reboot and that they can still be enjoyed.
  • In his review of Norm of the North, he mocks Rob Schneider's inability to take criticism, and points out that he should be used to it at this point, especially considering how pretty much all of his movies have been negatively received.
  • Another small one, but the fact that he calls out the Double Standard people had in regards to Michael B. Jordan being cast as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four (2015), pointing out that no one complained when Samuel L. Jackson was cast as Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or when Halle Berry was cast as the lead of Catwoman.
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  • Smeghead absolutely tearing apart Hillary's America, criticizing how biased and poorly-made it is, debunking nearly every one of the film's points (including the "secret history of the Democratic Party", information that while accurate, is nothing new) and the hypocrisy of its director. He even states that his intention isn't to sway viewers towards Hillary Clinton, pointing out that there are plenty of legitimate reasons to dislike her, and that even conservatives likely aren't going to be swayed by the movie.
  • Him reaching his 100th episode reviewing Plan 9 from Outer Space in March 2018.
  • Smeghead calls out the filmmakers of Bolero for having an underage Olivia d'Abo appear fully naked in a scene with no narrative point. He also chews out director John Derek for cheating on his then-wife with Bo Derek (who was underage at the time) and says that he fully deserved his two Razzies for the film. This statement made soon after he pokes fun at John Derek also deserves a mention:
    Death does not magically make bad men good. It only makes them dead.
  • Smeghead calls out the falsehoods of Last Ounce of Courage and the filmmakers' persecution complex. He points out that there are no such events in reality that the film portrays (making a convincing fake story about a lawyer trying to remove a nativity scene that would be a safety hazard) and later tells everybody involved with the making and promotion of the film... "Happy Holidays", since he knows that for them that's the most stinging thing they'll hear.


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