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Last Ounce of Courage is a 2012 American Christian drama film directed by Darrel Campbell and Kevin McAfee, and starring Marshall Teague, Jennifer O'Neill, and Fred Williamson.

Years after his son dies in the war, Bob Revere (Teague) prepares to restore the Christmas spirit of his city and challenges its inhabitants to recover the freedom they had lost, in the face of a hostile government figure (Williamson).


This film features examples of:

  • Artistic License – History: The flashback of Bob's son Thomas going to war is stated to have taken place 14 years before the events of the film, and him being killed in action is implied to have happened not long after. Assuming the film's present day takes place on the year it was released (2012), that would mean that Thomas was at least sent to war in 1998. There were no active U.S. troops being put on the ground anywhere in that year, let alone any U.S. troops being killed by hostile action.
  • Artistic License – Law:
    • Hammerschmidt is implied to be either a civil rights lawyer or at the very least have some knowledge of the law, but his accusations against Bob are ridiculously flimsy, and are limited to very broad claims like "breaking the law" or "violating the Constitution", without ever mentioning any specific law, article or amendment.
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    • Bob, who is also the Mayor of his town, is stated to have been "fired by the city council" following Hammerschmidt's revelation of his wartime snafu. Being elected officials, Mayors can only be removed via impeachment or a recall election. There is no such thing as a Mayor being "fired by the city council".
    • The church community center's cross got taken down sometime prior to the film's present-day events because "it offended somebody," when in reality, no such incident would occur due to being an obvious violation of the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment.
    • The film claims that government property is not allowed to put up Christmas decorations (not even secular Christmas lights) because they're public property. In actuality, however, many cities both big and small put on Christmas decorations even including Nativity scenes. In fact as Cinematic Excrement pointed out, this includes the city of San Jose, a major metropolitan city located in the San Francisco Bay Area region of northern California, which is one of the most stereotypically liberal states/regions one could possibly think of.
  • Back-Alley Doctor: A side-occupation to Bob's job as a pharmacist. He's seen early in the movie patching up a biker's gunshot wound.
  • The Cameo: The Reveres watch Bill O'Reilly on TV.
  • Casting Gag: Warren "The Hammer" Hammerschmidt's last name and nickname are most certainly references to the fact that he's played by Fred "The Hammer" Williamson.
  • Cool Bike: Bob's motorcycle, which he rides with the American flag hoisted on it, just to remind you that he's a patriot.
  • Eagleland: Bob believes that he's bringing back Christmas because of his patriotism and the Type 1 version of America. However, most of the film's detractors (particularly non-Americans) believe he accidentally provides an example of Type 2.
  • Expy: Hammerschmidt is implied to work for some organization, either gubernatorial or non-gubernatorial. The movie does not make clear which, but some of his comments imply that it's a ACLU-like organization.
  • Killed Mid-Sentence: Thomas' last tape ends like this, with him and his unit having been killed by a missile.
  • Political Correctness Gone Mad: Considering how the film is "The War on Christmas: The Movie" this is kind of a given. Bob and his family blame what they see as the distortion of the way of celebrating Christmas to political correctness.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Bob Revere, after Paul Revere, one of the Patriots in the American Revolution; an apt name for somebody who believes that his actions are patriotic.
    • There's also Christian, Bob's grandson who convinces him to begin his protest in favor of returning the religious aspects of Christmas.
  • My Greatest Failure: Hammerschmidt reveals that, during Vietnam, Bob participated in an operation to free POWs that ended awry. Bob acknowledges it, stating that he didn't detect a tripwire, which killed all the POWs.
  • Nebulous Evil Organization: Whatever organization is that Hammerschmidt works for, which is never specified.
  • New Job as the Plot Demands: Bob apparently works two jobs as both a pharmacist and the town mayor, in addition to being a Back-Alley Doctor for bikers.
  • Recycled In Space: The school's play is essentially an intergalactic version of the Nativity complete with aliens. Although Fridge Logic does kick in when you realize that there are dozens of secular plays that would more likely to be performed in the real world such as A Christmas Carol.
  • Santa Clausmas: The mom is clearly annoyed at how when people do celebrate Christmas (which even then are apparently very few according to the movie), it's purely the secular stuff such as Santa Claus rather than the birth of Jesus.
  • Romancing the Widow: Greg, the local police chief who was Thomas's friend, begins a relationship with Thomas's widow.
  • Title Drop: Bob states that, before his son Thomas left, he told Thomas to go "defend our freedoms with his last ounce of courage."


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