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  • After seeing that Jürgen Prochnow's character Captain Kirk in House of the Dead wasn't given a "game over" upon death like several of the other character, after they died, despite him being one of the film's very few saving graces, Sean takes a moment to correct this by making one for Prochnow himself.
  • His credits quote for his review of The Last Airbender, where he reveals that something good did come out of having to watch it:
    Even though it sucked, if it wasn't for the movie, I probably never would have discovered the cartoon, which is awesome. Every cloud has a silver lining, I guess.
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  • His review for Superman IV: The Quest for Peace began with him reading the comments to his Man of Steel VLOG. Much to his surprise, the comments are rather civilized.
    Smeghead: YouTube comments are never this civil. Are my viewers just that awesome? Well, that's cool.
  • Believe it or not, the ending of The Host review. Despite being annoyed and, at best, tolerating the presence of Annoying Bitch in his head, after she revealed that she'd been stuck alone in space for three years, he actually forms a sort-of friendship with her in the end. Pity she doesn't come back, but still.
  • In his review of Battleship, he gives an appreciative shout-out to his father, an ex-Naval officer as his consultant on how Naval officers are promoted.
  • His gushing about Inside Out in his VLOG for the film, and later in his "Top 10 Films of 2015" video (it's at #4).
  • A minor one, but during his review of Fantastic Four (2015), he expresses sympathy for the actors, especially Michael B. Jordan, for their suffering under Josh Trank.
    Smeghead: My God, can these people look any more miserable? Normally, when actors are enjoying themselves and are really invested in their characters, it shines through in their performance. Ain't nothing shining through here. (shows the promotional image for the film) Hell, look at the poster. All four of them just look bored. Even The Thing and he's CGI. And I can't really say I blame them. These characters are so boring, there's really nothing for these actors to get invested in. Combine that with Trank's behavior on set, and I wouldn't enjoy working on this movie either. Even Michael B. Jordan, talented though he may be, isn't quite on top of his game here. He looks like he's at least trying to give a shit, but deep down, he's probably counting the days until Creed.
    • Within this retrospective, Smeghead briefly gives mention to the debate about who deserves the credit of creating the Marvel Universe. In spite of making it clear that he doesn't care, he does remark that he feels sorry for the alternate timeline where Stan Lee was never around to write comics, implying he does at least attribute characters like the Fantastic Four's success to Lee.
  • In his review of Ready to Rumble, although he admits that he isn't a fan of David Arquette, he does praise the guy for not only donating the paycheck from his World Champion reign to the families of recently deceased and injured wrestlers, but also for being willing to take a few solid bumps in the ring despite being a non-wrestler.
    Smeghead: He certainly didn't have to do that, so good for him. I've never considered myself a huge fan of David Arquette as an actor, but he's good people. And he deserved better than this.
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  • At the end of his 100th episode, he thanks the viewers for subscribing to his channel, and during the credits, he gives them a shout-out along with his parents, his sister, Rob Boor, Amelia Baker (the voice of the Annoying Bitch from his review of The Host), Channel Awesome (for not hiring him), and Youtube's Fair Use.

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