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Tear Jerker / Cinema Wins

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  • In a case of cruel Reality Ensues, Lee admits that if he were in Tony Stark's situation, he would not be able to hold out for as long as Tony did.
  • Lee removing Kevin Spacey, one of his favorite actors, from his "Always A Win" list following very serious accusations of him raping an underage teen. He very much wishes that he could easily separate art from the artist, but finds himself unable to with Spacey. It's really sad to see such an upbeat, Nice Guy like Lee sound so dejected over the ruination of one of his favorite things, especially when he expresses his discomfort rewatching Spacey's past films now that the cat is out of the bag.
    • He even admitted in the comments of his Everything Great about Baby Driver video, that were it not for the recent revelations, Spacey would have scored four wins for the movie.
  • His tribute and promotion for the GoFundMe page dedicated to his and his wife's friend, Lindsay Bugbee Crosby.
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  • While discussing Inside Out, Lee sadly highlights the Goofball Island moment as every rite of passage that kids undergo. Then he analyzes why Bing Bong's death is so heartbreaking.
  • Lee's goodbye to Stan Lee in Ant-Man and the Wasp:
    Lee: Hahaha. Posthumously making me laugh, which I think is exactly what Stan would want. I don't even know what to say. You're responsible for all this. I'm glad you got to see your work loved by millions of people and that your legacy will live on in each and every one of these films. Rest in peace, Stan Lee. And let's be honest, Stan Lee is always a win.
  • Lee's final summation of Glass, which presents us with a hell of a Wham Line: "I don't really like this movie." And especially after his glowing video on Unbreakable, his disappointment gets even worse.


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