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  • The end of Stairfax Tempatures in a way. After a copious amount of nightmare fuel, Jon throws the disc out the window, into space.
    Jon: You know, they may have screwed it up. This may be canon forever, and they might be the reason there really hasn't been another Star Fox game since. But heck, as far as this old Internet so-and-so's concerned, there's really only one Star Fox game that holds true to my heart, and that's just fine. Oh, and as for me? Well, I think I've got it all sorted out. I'll be here doing just what I've always been, doin' just what I've always done: lovin' me some video games. Nice for having you all! Thanks for stoppin' by. See you next time. Oh, and there will... be a next time. *Plays Star Fox 64*
    (Jacques squawks.)
  • A few instances in the Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts video, namely:
    Jon: Come on, guys, you're better than this. Fuck you! Ah, I'm sorry, tha' was outta line.
  • In his Charlie's Angels review, he gives Bernie Mac a quick "rest in peace" wish with complete sincerity.
  • Sometimes, Jon interacting with his parrot can be downright adorable. In one of his reviews, Jacques even noms on Jon's nose. D'awwwww.
    • Jacques and Spaghetti being little shits at the end of the California Games episode!
    • At one point, when Jon thinks he's dead, we get this sweet line...
    "Am I in hell yet? All the things I could've been? All the things I didn't get a chance to say; Jacques, I love you, man! I wish I coulda been a better woman for you!"
    • When Jon asks Jacques what he thinks of The Lost World: Jurassic Park, since he's descended from Dinosaurs, the bird simply responds by kissing him on the cheek.
    • In the Birdemic review, after the movie finally does show a bird, Jon states that he's never been happier to see a bird, Jacques is upset by this, and Jon apologizes by kissing him.
      Jacques: *Blushing* You didn't have to do that but you did it anyways.
    • This adorable video of Jon playing with Jacques.
  • Speaking of the Birdemic review, there's the scene where we - alongside Jon - are introduced to Nathalie's mom, whose sweet Sincerity Mode is noted by Jon; when the lady asks "What's that smile all about?", Jon replies by blowing her a kiss he can barely contain.
  • A slight example, but why he stopped playing Nightshade. The reason? Him seeing a a random thug beat up an old woman.
    "I'm sick of your shit!" *No Holds Barred Beat Down ensues*
  • It's heartwarming in a very, very, VERY strange way but seeing "Sonic Team" get their act together and kick their drug habit at the end of the Sonic Colors? review is a pretty touching moment. What helps sell it is the playing of "Reach for the Stars" in the back as they clean themselves up and the knowledge that with Sonic Colors the Sonic games did start to legitimately improve.
  • Another incredibly strange one, but in the Food Fight review, he's hesitant to make a joke about Mr. Clipboard's weird, gangly walking animation because he thinks he might have a disability.
  • The entire plot of "Anti Drug Games" is that Jon is trying to help get Jacques off of "seed". And when "Wally Bear and the No Gang" makes him give up, he decides to just get high with him instead.
  • Jon playing and finishing Banjo-Kazooie for charity. Donating money every hour he plays, and one of his special guests was none other than his good pal, Grant Kirkhope.
  • In the pixel art for the Titenic video, as Jon and Jacques overlook the Titanic in the manner of Jack and Rose, Jon gives Jacques a sweet little kiss on the wing.
  • Jon thanking the viewers for their support and wishing them a happy Christmas/holidays in his 'The Zoo Race' video.
    • The intro song with its Christmas style also sounds really nice.
  • The plot of StarCade? Jon is trying to save Jacques from Darth Vader!
  • Towards the end of StarCade part 8, he mentions that while the Star Wars franchise has its share of the worst games, it also has some of the best, like Battlefront, Knights of the Old Republic and many others. These games he will always remember, because it's all part of a phenominal franchise.
    • It should be noted that some of the games he reviews in the StarCade miniseries he actually says positive stuff about, such as Star Wars: Episode I Racer and the last Star Wars Plug N' Play game he plays in the Plug N' Play episode, which he says is probably the best Plug N' Play game he ever played.
  • Jon and Commander Holly's Bird Buddies video, especially Jon's story about losing and finding a parakeet he had before Jacques.
  • While the animated music video of Katy Perry's "Firework" is rightly listed under awesome, it also serves as somewhat heartwarming, in large part due to all of the various creators coming together to work with Jon (with Jon writing that Mike Bedsole was the one who suggested it to him).
    • Additionally, some of the animations make Jon look downright adorable (notably Pixlpit's, Mike Bedsole's, Sean Rhodes', and Mr Chambers' segments).
    • Several of the different sections spend time showing Jon's love for Jacques. Among others, Louie Zong's and Sean Rhodes' parts show Jon riding an enlarged Jacques through the sky, Fungasm's displays Jon specifically singing to an anthropomorphic Jacques that he's special and irreplaceable (leading an initially depressed and resentful Jacques to give him a hug), and Flannelson's shows fireworks shooting up in the sky and blowing up to make outlines of both of their faces.
  • Though he was overly critical of the movie in general, Jon gave a bit of praise to Dark Dungeons for its faithfulness to the source material, specifically Marcie's suicide note, which was ripped directly from the original Chick tract, typeface and all. Additionally, while it's easy to just lambast the tracts as being so ham-fisted and more likely to mislead readers and giving a bad image to Christianity in general, it's heartwarming that Jon does not take the easy route of over-bashing on the tracts. There were only a few ribs, but generally, he treated it like it was just another story with its own flaws.
  • Meta Example: After some incident between him and Austin that led fans to worry the two stopped being friends, Austin apologized for his Twitter outburst and even apologized to Jon publicly. What does Jon do? He has no hard feelings and says the two should go out for a drink next time they meet. All together now, Daaaaaaw!!
  • Jon's reaction to Banjo & Kazooie being in Smash. It's basically Heartwarming for Jon (instead of him doing a heartwarming action, but the effect is the same) since we already know he suffered through Banjo Kazooie: Nuts And Bolts and it looked as if his beloved franchise would stay in the past... and lo and behold, Nintendo threw a well-deserved bone to him.
  • While the commentary is delivered in a comedic manner, the concern Jon shows regarding the idea of Kid Nation and how the kids were treated in the show and his criticisms of the show displays that Jon cares about the wellbeing of kids. That same concern is present when he speaks with an older Jimmy in the next episode when he confirms some things that Jon previously speculated on and mentions other things that happened on the set, with Jon being appalled at some of the worst ones. In particular, his genuine shocked and horrified silence at Jimmy saying how when they had to clean dirty drink glasses and dishes, they allowed the children to use bleach (which resulted in some of them needing to be hospitalized), and how one girl who was trying to cook got severe grease burns.
    • The comments section itself is full of people expressing concern and support for young Jimmy, who seems to be the resident Butt-Monkey of the show in spite of being the youngest and understandably wanting to be at home with his parents. Some even go as far as to consider him the smartest of the kids because he seems to be the only one who recognized that the show was a disaster waiting to happen.
  • At one point during the Watching the Most Disliked, Jontron calls his mother on camera. No, not someone pretending to be his mother on his phone...his actual mother, to the delight of viewers everywhere.