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  • Emma telling Harriet that she is destined for better things than being an assistant - not that she's doing a bad job as an assistant, but because she has the potential to do bigger things.
  • The Westons' Christmas photos.
    Annie: Look adorable.
    Ryan: With you, that's easy.
  • It might be more of a Tear Jerker, but Alex comforting Emma after Elton fires her is really nice in a sad kind of way.
    • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but when inviting in Elton, Emma mentions that she organizes things when she's stressed, and asks Elton to not tell Alex because "he already knows me too well". After the conflict, Alex comes in, and realizes something is wrong because Emma is organizing. He really does know her better than anyone else.
  • Emma and Izzy reconciling after Izzy finds the strength to stand up to John.
    • In the same episode, Emma and Alex arguing over the impact Emma has had on Izzy and John's marriage, and Alex eventually coming around to Emma's side, admitting that her instincts are right pretty often and that he supports her, complete with an awkward but sweet make-up between them.
  • This exchange from Episode 40 really shows a glimpse of Emma's Hidden Depths. The surprised happiness in her face:
    Emma: ...I'm one of your favorite girls?
    Maddy: *touches her chin affectionately* Of course you are, baby.
  • In Episode 42, Emma seems genuinely concerned that if they take on the Eltons as a client, Harriet won't take it well. While much of her lack of interest is founded in her own dislike for Elton and the fact that he is her first failure, it is nice to see glimpses of actual concern for Harriet's well-being.
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  • How infuriating Caroline is to Emma is somewhat heartwarming, especially when it involves being rude to Harriet or trying to fix Jane Fairfax's life when Jane didn't ask for it, two things that are unconscionable to Emma.
  • In Episode 46, after Caroline meanly dismisses Harriet one too many times, Harriet goes back to her desk on the brink of tears. Alex sits down with her and gives her a pep talk, telling her how capable both he and Emma think she is, and encourages her to stand up to Caroline. And, as noted in the Moment of Awesome page, she really, really does.
  • Episode 47 has another adorable Harriet and Alex moment: Elton turns up before the party, and tells a devastated Harriet that she's not invited. Without missing a beat Alex says she's his plus one. Emma's expression is a CMOH all of its own.
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  • Maddie instantly forgiving Emma for her actions at the Boxx launch, saying it's not going to end a lifelong friendship. Then she offers to balance the company's books, for free.
  • After all of the fighting and miscommunication, in Episode 70 Emma and Alex make up and finally get together.
    • The moment Alex reveals his feelings, which is a callback to Episode 9, is especially heartwarming.
    Alex: (hands Emma a bouquet) I told you I could get a girl flowers.
  • Episode 9 has a surprisingly underrated moment where Harriet brings back one of Emma's dresses from the dry cleaners, except it was ruined. Harriet's apologizing profusely and taking all the blame, terrified Emma will fire her... except Emma immediately assures her it wasn't her fault. Emma's not the greatest boss in the world, but an outright Bad Boss? Never!

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