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    The Adventures of Captain Laserbeam 
  • The majority of the times Captain Laserbeam winds up in a deathtrap, it's the memory of his Adventurekateers that spur him on to his Heroic Second Wind and allows him to defeat the villain.
  • In one of the Christmas on Mars specials, Phillip Fathom, Deep Sea Detective, makes it a point to patrol on the Christmas holiday so his fellow heroes can take the night off. Later in that same episode, the other heroes come to Phillip's rescue when a gang of villains team up to take him out.

    Beyond Belief 
  • Frank and Sadie's entire relationship is made of this. Their love for each other is powerful enough that Sadie can resist a genie wish that erased Frank from time and Frank can similarly resist the sway of a Will-o'-the-Wisp.
  • In "Art Imitates Life", as soon as Basil realizes that Sadie was married to another man in another life where she had put off marrying him for years, he immediately pickpockets the magic lamp of the genie that removed Frank from existence and wishes things restored to normal. He does this knowing full well that it means he would not be with Sadie.

    Down in Moonshine Holler 
  • In the episode "Nativity Ploy" Gummy gets mistaken for Jasper Manorlodge by a kid detective sent to recover him by Jasper's mother. He willingly lets himself be taken so Banjo can continue on his quest.
  • In the episode "Just Desserts," Gummy and Banjo encounter another set of Hobo Mentor and Protege who are ostensibly trying to take over a local business. It turns out that the Protege is actually a cousin of Jasper Manorlodge, who had been inspired by Jasper's quest to try and better himself, and was trying to purchase the business in order to secure a retirement for his beloved aging Mentor. Banjo is moved, and understands:
    Banjo: He is doing for his mentor only what I would do for mine. Which is everything.

    Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars 
  • When the Red Plains Rider ultimately chooses Croach over Sparks in "Spiders, Man", Sparks wishes them well without resentment, saving any complaining he has on the issue until the next episode when he's alone.
  • In the episode "Carbonite-Mare", an officer from the United Solar System Alliance mentions that the organization modified their regulation to only allow married couples to command ships, with the husband or the wife being the commander and the other the XO, has been modified to say "spouse" instead of "wife", allowing same-sex couples to serve as commander-XO couples as well.
  • The "Crisis on Infinite Marses" story had plenty.
    • In Part 2, Sparks and Ginny meet their counterparts from an alternate universe who are an older male gay couple (Ginny's counterpart being named Virgil West). Though Sparks finds it a bit weird at first, he acknowledges that it's really quite nice to see them together.
    • In Part 1, Croach declares his love for the Red Plains Rider.
  • In the segment finale, "Marshal on Mars", Croach, upset that Sparks didn't make him the best man for his wedding to Ginny, tells him what listeners might have already figured out: his onus to Sparks ended some time ago and he has just been hanging with him because he considers him his best friend. After hearing Croach out, Sparks tells Croach he feels the same way.

    Amelia Earhart, Fearless Flier 
  • In "This Cockamamie Future", Amelia seems to have hit her Darkest Hour; she is stuck in prison in the present, her sworn enemy is about to undo the existence of America, the Red Baroness has convinced her that she is basically forgotten, and upon discovering that people are turning to Nazi beliefs of their own free will, she has just about stopped feeling that her country is worth protecting. She is sprung from prison by fellow Victory Commission agent Joan of Arc, who tries to cheer her up by basically going on a date with her in the present. They wind up in a lesbian club, where they meet a married couple, one of whom recognizes their old dance from her history studies. Learning not only that society allows women to marry each other, but also that she is still seen as an inspiration (the couple has a daughter, Valentina, named after Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space; Amelia was considered as a namesake and came in as a close second), is enought to give Amelia a Heroic Second Wind and make her take another stand against the Nazis.

    Behind The Scenes & Meta 
  • Paget Brewster legitimately tearing up during an interview talking about how much she loves working with Paul F Tompkins, calling him "The best fake husband a girl could ask for."

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