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  • On their Suburban Knights commentary, Liz finally catches that she keeps including herself when she talks about the people behind Channel Awesome. Linkara replies "You're a part of my show, so you're a part of the site."
  • In the commentary for the Lord Vyce finale, Liz laments that the opening scene was shot while her hair was wet. Linkara: "I think your hair is pretty." Yeah, it has a joke delivery, but it's still a sweet sentiment.
  • His Thanksgiving greeting on Twitter, addressing his family (including Iron Liz) and his fans as the things he's thankful for.
  • After Lewis and Iron Liz ended their romantic relationship, he had this to say on his Twitter:
    "I'd also like to note that if anyone makes any rude or terrible comments to @IronLiz in light of this news, I will not be kind in return."
    • Just the fact that they're still friends and he still cares about her is aaaaw-inducing.
    • Particularly the contrast to Spoony's Tear Jerker of a breakup earlier in the year. You don't see any posts about being left in a dark place and unable to summon the energy to make videos out of this one.
    • He gave her a sweet little farewell moment in the show, too; as Liz and Linkara talk quietly about Pollo at the end of the Wrath of Khan review, Liz's last appearance, he says that she's accomplished a lot and that Pollo always thought very highly of her.
  • Linkara started up a fund to get MarzGurl a new computer because, in his own words, 'I, however, am sick of seeing my friend in pain'. That's a crowning moment of heartwarming if ever I saw one.
    • To make it even more heartwarming, he outright told his fans to not give more than 1 dollar because he knew that he had more than enough people who would be willing to help. Not only that, but he then had tell people that they could stop donating, because she raised enough money for the computer and more! So it's a CMOH for both his fans and Linkara himself.
  • In a video posted by Vincent E.L. AKA the guy who composed the series theme song, an insulting comment towards Linkara, prompts the uploader to respond:
    Vincent E.L.: He's never been anything but nice to me.
  • A Real Life example is how Lewis frequently retweets people's Tweets on Twitter, whether because they're raising money for charity or are just celebrating their birthday. Really shows how much the dude cares about his fanbase.
  • Part of Linkara's episode-to-episode production process includes showing each episode to his parents to critique it. The DVD has a delightful snippet of them laughing as they watch one and noting that yes, they sing along to their sons theme song.
  • This tweet. 'That is all' indeed.
  • Lewis' pure fanboy glee over the tease for the Infinity Gauntlet in the mid-credits scene of Thor: The Dark World.
  • Dear Professor Oak...
  • His hope that Ms. Marvel will get to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    • Especially awesome because his hope has come true; according to Marvel's reveal of their lineup, we're getting a Captain Marvel movie in 2019, and the Captain Marvel involved is going to be Carol Danvers!
  • Linkara and Viga are engaged!
  • On June 30th, he goes to twitter to talk about his progress on working on a review of Civil War. But he says that he doesn't know if he can actually talk about it, because he doesn't know if he can be funny while doing it. At this point, he goes into how he doesn't just want to be seen complaining about elements he doesn't like. He needs to bring in humor to make everything more interesting and not a total drag.
  • Linkara being supportive about the 13th Doctor being a woman.
  • As of November 12th, 2017, Lewis and Viga are officially married!
    • The fact that Lewis keeps his wedding ring on even while in character.
  • Despite the fact Lewis left Channel Awesome on March 24 2018, he still mentions things he enjoyed such as the anniversary specials, meeting reviewers that he is now friends with, and even met Viga while on the site. It's saddening yes, but at least Lewis still acknowledges that he had fun while on the site.
    • Later on, he tells his followers not to hassle any producers still on Channel Awesome as he knew they had their own reasons for staying.
    • When The Blockbuster Buster resigned a few weeks later and posted a video explaining why, he said Lewis was a continual supporter, both on-camera and behind-the-scenes, and kept him in the loop when no one else would so his exit would be an informed decision.
  • During the movie commentary section of the 500th episode celebration livestream, Lewis expresses regret for losing his temper trying to block the final fight with Mechakara, admitting that he wasn't explaining very well. Allison is quick to assure Lewis that all is forgiven and forgotten.
  • For all his jokes about being a jerk, as well as the story arc that explored his potential for turning evil, Linkara has truly become a kinder and more sensitive person since he started his show.
    • In the beginning, he often made suicide jokes and used terms like "heroic spaz attack," but those stopped before too long, especially after he learned the term "spastic" is also used in the UK as a derogatory term for people with cerebral palsy. On his show, he wants to be inclusive and will only attack people for things like bad creative work or questionable ethics.
    • On the subject of suicide, following his remarks in his review of Superman #701, he admits that he doesn't have nor did he understand depression at the time he made those remarks. While he does defend his critiques on how poorly-handled the entire scene is, he sincerely apologizes for the hurtful remarks he made.
    • In his review of Gold Key's Star Trek #1, when the comic uses the term "triggered," he advises his audience not to go for the low-hanging fruit, especially since they're smart enough to know the term is an important psychological one, and that only douchebags co-opt the term just so they can be assholes.
  • A minor one but during his first review of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic IDW Comics, Linkara notes that while he has seen the series (in part thanks to his then girlfriend-now wife Viga), he himself isn't a fan but is fine with the fanbase. Considering how Channel Awesome (at the time before Lewis left) had a rather love-hate relationship with bronies (with those like JesuOtaku, Nash, and especially Bennett the Sage hating the fanbase), hearing Lewis well at the fanbase is heartwarming, especially considering he would later on review another comic afrerwards (ala Patreon).
    • It becomes a bit more heartwarming since his now wife Viga is a Pegasister herself.
  • "I have a very important announcement for you. An announcement that is going to... shock everything, change the future of this channel... peoples of the internet, please attend carefully, the message that follows is vital to the future of you all... We got cats!"
    • The outpouring of support when one of the cats (who was practically a kitten at the time) got sick while Lewis and Viga were away is one for the fanbase. Viga opened emergency commissions to raise money for the vet bills, and then had to close the commissions within the day, as the slots were swiftly filled up. It's even better because the cat recovered fast.
    • It's now common for the cats to roam around the set during reviews. While any other reviewer might edit them out, Lewis lets them come and go as they please, even incorporating them into gags and petting them.
  • Many, many years after the character's last appearance, Lewis was asked about the current affairs of Lester B. Bum (the parody of Chester A. Bum he created for an April Fools video very early in his reviewer career, and who had shown up only about one time since for a crossover with Chester). Lewis responded that Lester has since gotten off the streets and turned his life around thanks to some good social programs, and now "works for Coca-Cola restocking vending machines and couldn’t be happier."

  • His speech on why he likes Superman.
    Linkara: Superman is kind and decent! Superman saved the world from the anti-god, Mageddon! Superman beat Solaris the Tyrant Sun, and Brainiac, and yes, even Hitler in the golden age! Superman always followed his principles, even when the world told him not to! Superman even gave his life to save others, both in regular continuity, and in his excellent All-Star series.
  • The end of his Extreme Christmas review.
    Linkara: So let me just end this Holiday Clustercrap with this... Merry Christmas, and happy holidays from Atop the Fourth Wall.
  • Linkara and Iron Liz hugging while kicking ass against Lord Vyce's shades. Knowing they were a real life couple makes it all the sweeter.
  • His Blue Beetle review. Period.
    • The conclusion of his Blue Beetle review month is a beautifully optimistic summation of the entire mythos:
    "All throughout this retrospective, people have had one question. Why the hell is this called 'Blue-Skying?' While as a verb, the term means 'to hold or express unrealistic or impractical views,' I prefer the adjective of just 'blue-sky,' namely, 'not limited by conventional notions of what is practical or feasible,' 'imaginary,' or 'visionary.' And that's what the Blue Beetle is to me. Every one of his incarnations: be it the police officer of the Fox comic, the dashing archaeologist exploring ancient tombs, the powerless genius with a sense of humor, or the teenage boy who turned a weapon of mass destruction into a tool for good; always had something imaginative about them. Keith Giffen had thought that a name like "Blue Beetle" was akin to parody, something too goofy to take seriously; and yet for seventy years the character endured and prospered. Beyond all practical reason or conventional thought about what made a traditional superhero, the Blue Beetle time and time again rose above those expectations to show that it's never about the powers, the smarts, the wealth, or even the people you've been friends with, it's about the person behind the mask, the one who wears the suit, and the Blue Beetle in all his various incarnations over the years has worn it well. And that, my friends, is Blue-Skying."
    • Similarly, his Squeeing over Doctor Who in his Doctor Who Classics #7 review.
    • And he does it again with his unadulterated gushing over Star Trek II. It's fun to see him happy!
  • The anti-rape rant in Action Comics #593. It's also a Moment of Awesome.
  • Everyone from That Guy With The Glasses singing his theme song]at the end of his 100th episode. Really shows how beloved he is.
  • In Silent Hill Dead/Alive, the spirit of the girl who was tortured and murdered to make the Magic Gun breaking Linkara out of his Gaslighting and telling him he wasn't responsible.
    • To go along with that, Linkara's sincere apology to her saying anything he can do won't make up for what he did driving him to suicide
      • The fact that the Girl called him "partner" and "friend" to get him to stop.
      • Also, the voice actor for the Magic Gun was That Chick With The Goggles. She missed her chance to be in the 100th episode, so Lewis gave her the chance to.
  • The end of the Santa Claus Conquers the Martians video, with Linkara, Liz, Pollo, Tom Servo, and Bear on the couch, wishing us a Merry Christmas.
  • In the Top 15 Screwups video, he griped plenty about all the comments he got from fans correcting him (on stuff like Schrödinger's cat, Naked News and the Kool-Aid Man in space). And yet, he followed up by sort of thanking everyone for commenting. Even with all the redundant statements he reads through, Linkara still appreciates them, that so many people watch his show and are willing to talk this much about it.
  • The Crowd Song rendition of the theme at the beginning of the live Atari Force review.
    • Hell, the entire video is a CMOH. It's clear as day that everyone there was having a blast, it's almost palpable, especially when the audience starts contributing to the jokes.
  • In the final installment of his "Justice League: Cry for Justice" review, when it gets to the point in the story where a side character who had no influence on the story whatsoever was killed. This character also happened to be a little girl. He then devoted a small portion of the video to rant about what an atrocity that was, even to the exclusion of the other bad things that happened in the comic.
    "It is sickening to think that a child character is killed like this. A child who had no bearing on the proceedings of the story. A child whose father has just been maimed! A child who served no purpose in this story but to be a shock moment for the readers. It is despicable."
    • Speaking of which, during the first part of his Rise of Arsenal review, he refuses to show the scene where it shows what it must have been like to her, especially since the scene shows her crying and struggling, stating that if she isn't brought back in the relaunch, he will lose even more respect for DC then from the act itself.
  • Linkara snapping out of his Heroic BSoD and realizing how to beat Vyce, with the triumphant music even playing over the V-minus countdown.
    • On top of this, Iron Liz trying to make her boyfriend feel better at the beginning of the review.
  • Linkara telling Lord Vyce to respect Iron Liz after Lord Vyce calls her an "unimportant whelp.", even whacking him over the head with the Clue Stick.
    Linkara: [That woman stands beside me and fights for this universe with as much bravery and courage as any Champion. You're in my house, Vyce, and YOU WILL SHOW HER RESPECT!
    • Also, Finevoice helping Munro up after he's been knocked out and tossed aside.
    • Linkara giving Liz his old Morpher before the final fight with Vyce, considering how important the thing was to him it was a good moment.
    • It may be a minor thing, but... Angry Joe and his army assisting Linkara by taking out Vyce's Shades—and Linkara personally thanking him afterwards. Especially when you remember that Linkara told Joe he didn't like him during Kickassia.
  • This may be a stretch, but the fact that he hates One More Day not just because it was a horrible, nonsensical story that had derailed Spider-Man; but also because of the simple fact that it broke up one of his favorite comic book couples.
  • His completely open admittance that he loves Superman's goody-goody philosophy, in both the intro and conclusion of Superman: At Earth's End, complete with the Superman music playing in the background.
  • While reviewing Ultimatum, he's usually either horrified or just plain pissed off at the relentlessly incompetent and mean-spirited story...but every time Captain America shows up, he completely geeks out about how awesome he is, even in a story like this.
  • After reviewing Gameboy #1, Linkara informs us that there are more issues than just the one comic. Instead of his usual disgust, we see an abosolute joy that he will be able to revisit this comic series. In his own words, "This comic sucks... but it's SO much fun in its stupidity!"
  • What was the first question Linkara asks Wately before he lets The Girl judge him? Her name. It has been lost sadly but the gesture is incredibly heartwarming.
  • There's something warm-fuzzy inducing about how one of the first people Linkara calls for help is Apollo Z. Hack, if even on a meta-level after all that has gone down.
  • Linkara racing to hug Liz after she returns to existence.
    • After spending the whole review bashing the Pokémon comic mercilessly, Linkara finally declares that it doesn't actually suck; it's something that was never meant to stand up to his style of in-depth analysis and is a fun time with a good introduction to the main protagonist, exactly like a first issue is supposed to be.
  • Linksano's Cybermat refusing to hurt Linkara. "What can I say, robots love me."
    • "Who's a cute little Cybermat? You are!"
  • Linkara asks Pollo if it's possible he could end up like Mechakara:
    Linkara: Look, if you've ever felt that I've mistreated you, or any other machines-
    Pollo: You have not. You have given me incredible freedom. I can come and go as I please, and I am a paid producer for your show. In return, you have repaired me, offered upgrades, and even volunteered to construct for me a new body. I have been, and always shall be, your friend.
    Linkara: Thank you.
  • From the end of the Wrath of Khan videos, Linkara realizes that Pollo's still alive somewhere on Earth, and vows to find him.
    • There's also a little Fridge Brilliance involved: The credits lack the usual "The End" text. This isn't over yet.
  • Actually all of Linkara's glorious geekery involved with reviewing the Wrath of Khan comic adaptation. It was basically an excuse to praise one of his favorite movies to the high heavens, and even the plot of the arc was essentially an adaptation of the Wrath of Khan. His main criticism of the comic was that it failed to live up to the original movie, and he even admitted that apart from some scary artwork the comic itself wasn't half-bad on its own.
  • Specifically refusing to review Identity Crisis in its entirety because he realizes that it's a polarizing comic, and doesn't want to make the fans feel bad.
    • In the same video, there's also his explanation of how poorly handled Sue Dibny's rape at the hands of Dr. Light was, and how insulting it was to see such mature subject matter handled in such an immature manner and used simply for "shock value."
  • After telling Linksano to go into Engineering near the end of the "Youngblood #4" review, Linkara follows with this:
    "Oh, and if there's a radiation leak, don't be a hero!"
  • The reunion with Pollo in the "Star Trek III: The Search For Spock" review.
    • Earlier in the review, the sheer fact that Linkara gave command of one of Comicron-1's self-destruct codes to NIMUE, and her willingness to use it to prevent Lord Vyce from taking over. Pollo wasn't kidding when he said that Linkara truly respects robots and other machines.
  • Linkara's blatant hero worship for Mr. T when he reviews Mr. T #1 and #2. Even though he does make fun of Mr. T's cornier stuff, you get the sense that he really respects the guy and gets absolutely outraged when a big mook in the comics manages to defeat him.
  • His reaction to Marville #2 when it remarks that police officers just send homeless people to shelters and arrive when the criminals have already left: he angrily responds that over one hundred police officers are killed every year in the United States in the line of duty.
  • When revealing the winners of the Pollo design contest, he takes time to discuss/gush about the other designs he liked but were passed over for various reasons. He then finishes the episode with a montage of every entry he received.
  • Plugging the Snowflame webcomic as part of his Snowflame PSA running gag.
    • Snowflame's PSA after he watches My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, where he states that the only thing better than invading a military base... Is invading a military base with a friend, with what seems to be complete sincerity.
  • His "Blake's 7 #2" review, which is less comic review and more Gushing About Shows You Like. He even says that the comic's decent, but he's reviewing it because "When else will I get the chance to talk about Blake's Seven?"
  • Refusing any and all deals to remove One More Day from history, since that would be just as lazy as OMD itself. Instead, he wants the mistakes of the story to be expunged naturally through character and plot development.
    • Let's not forget the beginning of the review, where he talks about the fact that his fans stuck around for 200 episodes, and questioned what he could possibly review for such an occasion. Then, with the sincerest of smiles, he says "Okay, what the hell, let's review One More Day", reviewing the one thing that people have been wanting him to review for the longest time, and a comic which he stated on several occasions that he would never review, which shows that he's willing to do that for his fans.
    • His EPIC speech calling out Joe Quesada and/or J. Michael Straczynski for blatantly insulting their fanbase by calling people who enjoy escapist fantasy losers who can't be heroes in Real Life. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • At the end of the Future Shock review, Harvey yelling at Holokara for threatening to kill '90s Kid, even though he thinks '90s kid is a moron. It's moments like these that show that Linkara and his friends, despite misgivings and differences, really are True Companions.
  • In Catwoman Guardian of Gotham: he admits that his hatred of creators doesn't extend that deep to them personally. Quesada he compliments on making Marvel a top selling business, and Rob Liefeld for his enthusiasm for comics, and his splitting to form Image Comics with some other writers helped to revolutionize creator rights. Frank Miller and Gary Brodsky though, he states that he just hates.
  • Finally learning the girl who was killed to make the Magic Gun is named Margaret.
  • When Linkara finally meets Margaret for the first time - in her original human form - at the end of Psychoman #1. It's just so awesome to see him and his most constant companion and weapon finally interact, with him even saying "I'd love to talk to you more often like this, if it's possible." The whole thing was a parallel to a Doctor Who episode called "The Doctor's Wife", which had a very similar incident - a male hero meeting the one constant companion they have (an inanimate object, but has a female spirit and consciousness inside it) in human form- between the Doctor and the TARDIS.
    • When Linkara meets Margaret and starts pressing Margaret for answers, trying to figure out how to make things better, asking if it means it means he has to act like a goody two shoes all the time - not able to get angry, make mistakes, take shortcuts, lie, or raise his voice to anyone- Margaret says ""Of course not- no one's perfect." and that he just has to be more mindful of himself and others.
    • When he says Margaret should kill him so he can't get any worse, she refuses, saying he's her friend, and "You don't leave your friend when they're in trouble. You help them, try to make them better." When Linkara asks ""And if you can't save me?" Margaret says that even if she can't save him, at least she'll have tried.
    • When Linkara says "I think I'm ready to go home," Margaret just says "I'm already home."
  • After his triumphant return from Walking the Earth, Linkara tells his allies that he's not worried at all that he might turn evil, since they'll always be there to keep him from it.
  • In his Superman #701 review, when a woman who wants to commit suicide is giving her contrived Freudian Excuse, Linkara makes a quick joke about it. But to avoid it being tasteless, he immediately says that suicide and depression are serious issues and they deserve to be treated seriously, he just says that the comic doesn't have the faintest idea about the issue so that's why he made the joke.
  • During his review of Power and Responsibility for his four year anniversary he states that he's glad that Spider-Man is a member of the Avengers, even though in his previous review of One More Day he talked how Spidey refuses to act like an adult Linkara says that he earned his spot in the Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
  • At the end of the Thing from Another World arc, Linkara, reeling from a psychic blast, unhesitatingly throws the Magic Gun over to '90s Kid so he can use it to take out the enemy. When Linkara said he trusted them all, he meant it.
  • His utter joy at Treehouse of Horror #2 giving him the opportunity to belt out "The Policeman's Song" from The Pirates of Penzance, given his little anecdote about having played the sergeant of police.
  • Him remarking that he has held off on using the drunk Tony Stark voice in the mainstream Marvel universe, because he doesn't want to be insensitive, given that that version of him has struggled with alcoholism...even if he proceeded to start using that voice for his review of Iron Man's first comic (Tony hadn't confronted his alcoholism yet at that point).
  • Leaping to the defense of Aquaman in The Brave and the Bold #54.
  • The Nostalgia Critic in "Archie Giant Series Magazine #452". He's now the ghost of Christmas past as well as the Plot Hole, and he shows once more that he's grown up and has matured into selflessly looking after people.
  • Then, in "Teen Titans #13", Harvey says this regarding Linkara: Jeez, my kid knows how to pick 'em. This can be interpreted that Harvey regards Linkara as a surrogate son as opposed to just a friend.
    • This is confirmed in the very next review.
  • The Batman: Noël review:
    • The Ghost of Christmas Future helping Harvey through his issues.
    • The review ends with Harvey performing a rendition of "With A Thankful Heart".
  • The message posted to Harvey's twitter account that Christmas Eve, just after he'd finally let Charlie's death go and returned to his family in the apartment.
    "@Dude90sKid has Die Hard 3 on. I'm gonna watch it with him before bedtime... It's funny. I haven't felt this warm in a long time."
  • His completely sincere, thorough and well-thought-out apology for being too callous on the subject of depression, admitting that he is entirely at fault. He points out the many things still wrong with the scene, but again says his words were still inappropriate and apologizes anyway for much of what he said. It also extends to his use of "spastic" a la "Spastic Boy Prime" for Superboy Prime, a running gag originating from his text reviews, which he apologizes for earlier in the episode.
  • As if he hasn't done enough to show he has gone a long way from his Small Name, Big Ego personality, he states that most, if not all of the other Channel Awesome shows are very good, and at the very least, watchable. Compare that to his Theme Song competition video, where he barely acknowledges anyone else on the site.
    • And also Tranquil Fury-asking Douchey why he even misses Critic when he did nothing but treat him like shit all the time.
  • After his long tirade against Rob Liefeld and Youngblood, Linkara immediately apologizes for the rant and ensures his viewers that he isn't specifically angry at them.
  • From the same episode, we have his utter desperation to get Margaret back from The Gunslinger. Showing just how much he cares for her.
    • Harvey Finevoice also gets a moment at the beginning of the episode. When Linkara says that Margaret's been taken, he clearly has no idea what the kid's talking about. And frankly, most people would be a bit more questioning towards a guy who apparently names his gun. But does Harvey care? No. All that matters to him is that whatever is going on is important to Linkara and he's going to be right there by his side.
  • Noah Antwiler's appearance in the Star Wars 3D #1 review, given his exit from Channel Awesome. And it wasn't just a cameo, Lewis got him over to his house just to shoot that one episode.
  • Linkara sincerely apologizing to The Gunslinger for trapping him in this universe and preventing him from saving his home. Even going so far as to willingly give The Gunslinger the Magic Gun (Which by this point has become one of his closest friends.) In order to prove his desire to help. A move that convinces The Gunslinger to do a Heel–Face Turn.
    • Expanding on this, After the fight against Dr. Insano, Linkara promises to help free The Gunslinger's people using all his resources, even going so far as to call The Gunslinger a friend and repeat the same words about helping your friends that Margaret said to him.
  • A minor one: the fact that Linkara's favorite Teen Titan (and favorite comic book character) is Danny Chase.
  • His number one reason for calling The Technis Imperative his favorite comic of all time: NOBODY DIES. After all the outrage he's shown over absurd pieces of Dropped a Bridge on Him, it's great to see him dish out so much praise for this aspect. Topped off by the perfect Doctor Who clip.
    The Doctor: Just this once, Everybody Lives!
    • The fact that he still has the very same trade paperback of the comic his mom got him in 5th grade.
  • Just the way he starts off the Titans Team History and the Technis Imperative reviews. Linkara addresses his personal history and early exposure to comic books in such a profound, sincere and endearing fashion. Only reinforcing this further is the fact that such soft-spoken monologues slightly defer the opening line, "Hello, and welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, Where bad comics burn".
  • Saying the complaints about Nichelle Nichols' age during the fan dance scene in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier are ageist, and just distract from the real issue of how degrading it is to the character.
  • When Pollo tells Linkara that maybe Nimue is losing it because she's overtaxed. It really shows that he knows how she feels because he's seen what he became from being driven mad by Linkara in the form of Mechakara and is worried she might become the same thing.
  • Linkara praising the artwork of The Culling #2, saying it's amazing how much more fun it makes reading the book despite the story still being terrible.
  • The adoration he shows for Plan 9 from Outer Space while reviewing the comic sequel, seeing it as the epitome of So Bad, It's Good from a very Giftedly Bad filmmaker.
  • Jaeris apologizing for not explaining himself to Linkara, and Linkara in turn refusing to let him blame himself for how things ended up.
  • The "Longbox of the Damned" review of "Children of the Grave." The deep, emotional story gets Moarte to muse on how real life dark events have no upside to them, and wish we all find ourselves "in peace."
  • In his "2001: A Space Odyssey #1" review, before and after stating that he thinks Jack Kirby was a poor choice for the adaptation and ongoing series, says that he has complete respect for the man.
  • Linkara doesn't react very well, but Linksano's genuinely thoughtful Christmas gift for him. Especially the shot of him grinning and making "Isn't it awesome?" gestures.
  • While he hates All Star Batman and Robin, he will still praise Jim Lee's artwork in the reviews, feeling the guy does a really good job for a really poorly-written and poorly-paced comic, even taking time to note things like well-done architecture or details.
  • The "Superman for Animals" review, finding a PSA that he felt for once that was actually good and praises the idea of the story where a kid sent Superman a letter where he stood up to a bully. He also praised that the comic still had the kid initially get beat up by the bully when he stood up to him, and only stopped him by encouraging the other kids to join him, rather than just easily beating up the bully.
  • Before the 300th episode starts, Lewis, as himself, not as Linkara, states while he's seen controversy appear in his comments, he feels that by and large his fans are kind and intelligent people.
    • Lewis reiterating why Camelot is his favorite movie, because it changed his life and inspired his personal philosophy of being a good, decent person who believes that violence isn't strength and compassion isn't weakness.
    • He takes some time out to note that it's unfair that Frank Miller continues to get work as an artist, since he has seen fan art of his show that he felt was worthy of getting the artists work in the comic book industry.
    • At the end of the episode, he thanks his friends and his fans for staying with ATFW for those 300 episodes.
  • His adoration of the music in the notorious turkey Xanadu, saying the only problem is the awkward way the songs are integrated into the film.
  • His review of "Sonic Super Special #7", while he's not familiar with the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic, he sympathizes with fanbase of the Cosmic Retcon that reboot over twenty years of continuity and removed characters written by Ken Penders.
  • The newly named Eliza is feeling guilty about taking too long to figure out she could trust Linkara, and reveal the truth about the Cybermats. Pollo's response:
    "At the moment, you are a friend and ally. And that is most definitely appreciated."
  • In his review of The Trial of Peter Parker, he brings up how many readers were upset at the implication that the Peter Parker they had been following for the last twenty years wasn't "the real one". He explains his irritation about stories where people are so quick to disregard clones as people, despite that fact they're still human beings regardless of how they were created.
  • Linkara inviting Jaeris to Christmas dinner, insisting they can work on their problems some other day.
  • The discovery that the mysterious woman was Jaeris' wife, here to tell him that the dystopia of his world collapsed under its own weight and things are getting better. Linkara's only complaint is having to reset the table arrangements.
    • Jaeris and Joanna crossing their matching magic guns to show Linkara they are a couple.
  • Jaeris promising to return all the magic guns he stole, much like the Grinch.
  • Elisa's cameo as Maven of the Eventide in the Bloodlines review...with Grey. Apparently Maven has a child in-universe too, but it's still adorable. So much so that Linkara has apparently been told he needs more babies on the show.
  • The final part of the Blue-Skying retrospective is the dreariest of the bunch as he goes over Jaime's poor treatment throughout the early days of the New 52 reboot. When he's done with the series, he brings up the Convergence tie-ins and seems overjoyed and relieved to say how good they were
    • In particular, he is sent into full on party mode when he talks about the tie-in where Lian Harper is resurrected and reunited with Roy, thus undoing the atrocity that Cry for Justice committed and Rise of Arsenal made worse.
  • Harvey wants Linkara to take a walk with him to take his mind off of 90s Kid's disappearance...and catch Magikarp.
  • In the second video of the The Thing from Another World, there's something oddly sweet about Linkara naming an unnamed character.
    "I name thee...Señor Sunglasses!"
  • In his Top 15 Screw-Ups of 2016 video, he decides to balance out how shitty a year it's been by bringing up all the good stuff that's happened, both to the world at large and him personally.
  • After the Tear Jerker that was it crashing on the Moon at the end of the Star Trek/Green Lantern review, the restoration of Comicron 1 to its former glory at the end of Comic Book Quickies #7.
  • In Thunderbirds Are Go, now that he's freed from his possession by the Entity, Linkara doesn't waste time in apologizing to 90's Kid about the bad things the former said to the latter's perceived betrayal, only for 90's Kid to say he took it all in stride, considering Linkara wasn't himself at the time. A quick reminder of Linkara's real character now that he's been freed from the Entity's negative influence.
    • Sort of counts, but thereafter, the moment he comes face to face with Vyce, the two curtly acknowledge each other before ignoring that their animosity and go straight to discussing with their counterattack. It's not much but it also shows that they're both level-headed enough to know not to antagonize each other now that they have to work together. The fact that Vyce doesn't show objections to Linkara beaming down to go back home for the review helps.
  • When The Entity finally admits that its life is meaningless and that it is dying it states that its alone and afraid. Linkara, very softly and gently, tells it that it's not alone, that he's there with it, and that it doesn't need to be afraid. The data god that nearly destroyed the world and turned Linkara into its puppet... gets compassion in its final moments from Linkara, who stays with it until it dies.
    • When the Entity asks if there is something beyond this life Linkara says he believes so. When the Entity presses if he is wrong Linkara sincerely states then that one should try to have a good run at the very least.
  • Preliminary round of the Contest of Champions is Linkara being forced into a mental battle. An apparition appears to explain what's going on, and, more importantly, help him rediscover his drive to do good, even after everything he did under the Entity's influence] And whose form does it take? 90's Kid. Not Harvey or Pollo, but 90's Kid. It goes to show that he does now truly respect the guy and holds nothing against him for working with Vyce, given the circumstances.
    • After conquering the mental battle and being declared winner, his opponent goes up to him and warmly congratulates him, smiling, shaking his hand, wishing him luck and even greeting him "Happy Halloween". After all the previous gravity of the last few months, and even the first few segments of this arc, it's good to see everyone in high spirits again, most of all, Linkara.
  • His utter Glee at the 10th anniversary of the show.
    • Especially his speech toward Mirrorkara.
    Linkara: You wanna know why I still have those posters up? Because they're a part of my past. They're part of what made me who I am. I don't just pretend that the last ten years didn't happen. I learn from both my mistakes and my triumphs to try to become better. You? You just became bitter and abusive. You let your past control you. You let it turn you into a monster.
    Mirrorkara: Everyone is a monster! Give people enough free reign, and they'll always be like me!
    Linkara: No. What you mean is that you would do that, because people are good, and decent, and kind. You, however, are an asshole. And it pisses you off so much to see a world where you didn't become a jerkwad, because you can't accept that you're just a complete and total jackass! Ten years of fighting, of bad comics, of heartbreaks and toxic people. This entire year has been spent looking back on all that. But while you would let it consume you, I just can't wait to see what the next ten years will bring.
  • A minor one, but Erin and Jaeris gleefully play-fighting with toy robots while Linkara is picking out a new outfit.
  • His speech from the ending of his 500th episode toward an evil future Welshy, who was driven to revenge for Linkara never completing a crossover review that the two of them were working on.
    Future!Welshy: This is game over for you, Linkara. The future is full of hardship and change for your friends and loved ones. Even your future has nothing to look forward to.
    Linkara: Yeah, well, here's the problem: the future is all about change.
    Future!Welshy: Yes. But it will change for the worst.
    Linkara: Maybe, but in the end, that's the risk you take just by living. You make choices throughout your life and hope that, in the end, it'll all turn out right for you. 500 episodes ago, I chose to record myself doing a review of a Spider-Man comic, and look where that choice brought me.
    Future!Welshy: It brought you to your doom.
    Linkara: Yeah, but you also saw fit to show me that future, Welshy. And knowing how the future turns out, I can change it.
    Future!Welshy: And yet nothing's changed. I'm still here and you will still end up in that dark and dangerous future five years from now and—
    Linkara calls present!Welshy
    Future!Welshy: What are you doing?
    Linkara: Fixing the future.
  • In his US-1 #7 review, an issue that features the truck itself narrating and possibly going through some kind of low-key lonely existentialist crisis, Linkara pauses for a second.
    Linkara: Nimue?
    Nimue: Online.
    Linkara: You're a good spaceship.
    Nimue: Confirmed.
  • In his list of Top 15 Worst Comics I've Ever Reviewednote , one of his selections is Future Five. Rather than digging into the comic's problems, he spends most of that section of the review assuring viewers that their lives will not end if they don't go to college, they don't need to have their entire future planned out by the time they're 25, and that they're not losers if they go into a regular job. When he was 25, he was selling patio furniture and Christmas trees, and only stopped because the store was closing. He finishes off by point out Future Five actually tries to guarantee you will never achieve the future it wants you to by shaming you out of earning money. It's nothing more than a stupid, easily forgotten piece of propaganda that has unrealistic expectations for readers.
  • In his review of Silent Hill: Hunger, he noted that Scott Ciencin, the writer of the comics, sadly passed away in 2014. He actually said that even though he doesn't like the comics, he wishes he could have met the man in person, if only to ask him what the process behind writing the stories was. That is a true mark of respect, and he says it with the utmost sincerity.
  • In the second episode of Secret Origins Month 2018, he debuts a nifty new logo for the event created by a fan and inspired by the Marvel Studios logo, immediately praising said fan for providing it (and providing a quick Take That! to YouTube's overzealous Content ID bots for forcing him to truncate the previous logo).
  • In the Ultimate Power #5-6 review, he admits calling Joe Quesada a hack was out of line and acknowledges that Quesada was only trying to do what he thought was best for the character, even if Linkara and many others think he made the wrong call, and he states a creator shouldn't be condemned for a bad creative decision.
  • During part 3 of the Cassandra Caintrospective, despite brutally tearing into the incredibly callous decisions to make her evil in the One Year Later plot, Linkara still takes the time to discuss fan entitlement and point out how the violent vitriol Adam Beechen received for it was undeserved. He also gives Beechen praise for later actually coming back to rectify his plot and characterization mistakes, outright saying Beechen deserves more credit for having the willingness to fix them when another writer probably wouldn't even bother.
  • During the "Longbox of the Damned" review of Alien: The Illustrated Story, when the story comes to Ripley going back for Jones, we cut to Moarte holding and stroking Starfire.
    Moarte: Yeah, I'd go back for one of these, too.
    • Meta: Starfire has no problem with Lewis in full Moarte makeup and gear.
  • His defense of Remina's ending as ultimately optimistic, at least for Remina. Yes, Earth is gone, humanity all but extinct, and Planet Remina will no doubt go on to devour more planets - but the main character is alive, and found a group of decent and kindly people who aren't out to kill her. The fact that they've survived everything up to now is already a miracle - so whose to say they can't find another and survive?
  • His entire speech at the end of the "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?" review, where he explains that Superman is not a big, dumb brick who follows moral codes because that's what superheroes are "meant" to do. Superman has all the power in the world, all the power he could use to destroy and conquer and rule, but he instead chooses to use it to protect and be a good person. He could just murder every villain he encounters, and he has thought about it... and he decided it would be wrong. The Elite, on the other hand, didn't make that choice. They never considered it. They have all the powers of Superman, and they chose the easy route. They chose to use it to kill bad guys when they, with just a little imagination, could've used it to help people instead. Linkara's final words feel less directed at the comic, and more directed at the viewer.
    "It's easy to look at the terrible things happening at any given point in history and see all the examples of greed, corruption and evil... But it's also easy to overlook the compassion. The decency. To see people being nice and good and wonderful! That's my "Deconstruction" of superheroes. People can be, and are, kind. So why wouldn't someone with incredible abilities be kind too?"
  • During the beginning of the review for The Phantom Menace comic adaptation, Linkara emphasizes that people are allowed to like something that others don't (in this case the prequel films), viewers might not agree with his own review or opinions on the matter, and it's all okay. He also acknowledges that while a lot of the acting in the prequels is bad, that's more due to George Lucas and his directing choices than the actors — and he's even fair to Lucas, not roasting him but instead pointing out that he's a director who's more interested in camera technology and the mechanics of film making, as opposed to actor's performances or writing dialogue. While Linkara also notes that Lucas should have recognized these shortcomings, and either tried to overcome them or gotten other people to help him as he did with the original trilogy, it's a very measured and understanding attitude; aided by the fact that Lewis himself knows how much responsibility a director holds.
    • Later on in Part 1 of the review, he's quietly furious about the hate that Jake Lloyd and Ahmed Best received for playing Anakin and Jar-Jar, stressing that hatred of a character should never be transferred to the actor.
    • Linkara later says in Attack of the Clones that what he said about Jake Lloyd and Ahmed Best also applies to Hayden Christensen, who did his best with what he was given to work with.
    • In the review of the same movie, he talks about the flack Jar-Jar gets In and out of universe in being an Unwitting Pawn in proposing granting the extended powers Palpatine used to create the Empire and noted that he couldn’t have known what would have happened.
  • The title card for the episode covering the Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger arc about Burai's death is a bittersweet one, showing Linkara and Burai's American counterpart Tommy Oliver mourning him.
  • He is not kind to Secret Empire but much like the above with the Star Wars prequels, he refuses to fault anybody for liking the comic or to treat his opinion as gospel, even acknowledging a positive review which he notes has a lot of good points he agrees with and links in the description.
  • Heroes in Crisis:
    • While ranting about his hatred of this event, he stops to remind everyone that as bad as the story is, they absolutely should not attack the creators, pointing out that Tom King received actual death threats over the story; he actually sounds just as, if not more, angry about that then the terrible comic.
    • He also opts not to do the "Combine Harvester" gag, like many were expecting, because he feels that it would be inappropriate while tackling a story wherein a hero has a legitimate mental breakdown.
    • At one point, one of the cats jumps up on the futon, and Linkara starts petting her even while he is still ranting.
  • Linkara's, and by extension Lewis', growing love of US-1. At the start of his reviews for the series he is repeatedly baffled by the plot and frustrated with it's bizarrness. As of the review of issue 9... he's still repeatedly baffled by the plot but is thouroughly enjoying how buckwild the series gets.
  • In his #1 entry in the Yet Another 15 Screw-Ups of AT4W video, he apologizes for hoping whose idea it was to have Lian Harper killed in Cry For Justice gets salt poured into their eyes, saying that he had crossed the line, there. He also uses this time to state that it is NEVER Okay to wish physical harm, torture or even death on some one, just because of a bad comic.

    Side Videos 
You're Such a Card... Game
  • In the second duel of the Sailor Moon episode of "You're Such a Card...Game!", after Iron Liz makes a rather disturbing joke about one of the characters featured in the game, she jokingly asks Linkara if he's glad to be living with her. He replies with a completely genuine "Every day". D'awwwwwww!
  • Any time Linkara tells Liz he loves her in the "You're Such a Card Game" videos.
    • He can't even bring himself to call Liz a bitch when she pulls off a combo in their Yu-Gi-Oh duels. Aw!
    • This gets better - to explain for those who haven't seen it, every time she does a combo, he says "You..." then she prompts him to say "Bitch," while laughing and he flat out tells her he would never call her a bitch. Then later he calls her "Sweetie." This troper melted, considering she knows guys who won't call their girlfriends pet names in front of people period much less on video posted to the entire internet!
  • He does a v-log of Paranormal Activity 4 with his ex-girlfriend, of all people. It's just nice to see them together again, even if they're not a couple anymore.
    • Don't forget the part toward the end where the two of them mention future plans for her to re-appear on Atop the Fourth Wall! A lot of people wouldn't be hanging out with their exes at all, much less saying "Hey be on my show again" or agreeing to be. Really, these two are a great example of the fact that friendship with a former significant other is, indeed, possible.
      • There's also, given Lewis' character, the implication that Viga, his current girlfriend, is OK with this as well (although nothing's stated outright).
    • He then does another Vlog with her, this time on Sinister. It's especially heartwarming because he already had done a vlog on it, and did it a second time to get her input on it.
  • The opening of his collab review with MarzGurl on Cool World. He comes to her asking for assistance against Dr. Insano, but the second he finds out that she tried to watch the movie on her own, he immediately drops what he’s doing and sits down to review it with her, because as he put it, “The only way to watch something like Cool World is with a friend”.
  • IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT from August 30, 2019: "We've got cats." And they are ADORABLE. Seen here:
  • Pretty much every P.O Unboxing video features Lewis and Viga goofing around and being affectionate with each other. Doubly heartwarming now that they're married.

  • When Linkara plans to go take care of the problem himself, his friends offer to help him. Saying that unlike other producers, he hasn't tricked them into anything.
  • The conversation that MarzGurl and Linkara have during Part 3. The former assuring Linkara he can trust them.
  • The Scene with Marzgurl & Pollo. Marzgurl admits that it is getting a bit much, but when Pollo questions why she does not use the Scout Ship to return to Earth, her response...
    Marzgurl: "Because my friends are in trouble and they need my help. When people need my help, I'm going to be them for them!".
  • Seeing Joe sleeping with the bear that Linkara says was a big part of his childhood. That is surprisingly sweet.
  • The scene where Linkara refinds his purpose and Allen is revived.
  • Linkara and his friends firing the magic gun. The power of friendship is strong here, no doubt.
  • Linkara using the field to revive the astronaut Mechakara killed.
  • Linkara at the end, saying his opening line. Reminding us all that he is going to keep doing what he loves doing.
  • Lupa getting to know and learning to respect 90's Kid, formerly known as Evelyn.


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