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Neigh, neigh!
  • So Salad Fingers is nowhere near a "heartwarming" series by any counts, but his concern for "Milford Cubicle" in episode 10 is kind of nice, if you think about it. He genuinely seems to consider Milford his friend and gets pretty upset when all his flesh falls off.
    • Salad Fingers happily sitting down at the dinner table with the group of his doppelgängers. Insane or not, he just sounds so happy to be reunited with his "platoon."
    • Even though it's twisted, and thus business as usual for this series. SF seems happy and loved receiving the present at the end of Birthday. After going through periods of depression in previous episodes, the episode at least ends on a Throw the Dog a Bone moment from the author.
    Salad Fingers: I shall wear it from here to the grave. What a truly special day!
  • Salad Fingers playing with Horace Horsecollar in episode 6 (pictured), complete with "neighing" noises. Of course, it doesn't last long.
  • Salad Fingers' tearful rendition of "We'll Meet Again" at the end of "Shore Leave."
  • Salad Fingers gushing over Yvonne when she is "born", aside from the Squick.
  • In episode 11, Salad Fingers going inside the mirror world to rescue Hubert Cumberdale after he gets kidnapped by his 'glass brother' is an impressive Big Damn Heroes moment.
    • Also, after an entire episode of taking schizophrenia-like mental abuse from his glass mother, Salad Fingers finally smashes it so only a tiny piece remains, which he tucks into a box, silencing her voice.
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    • Salad Fingers in general this episode is noticeably less Obliviously Evil than before. Treating Hubert Cumberdalenote  like he's his own son. When Hubert stands up and speaks for the first time, Salad Fingers couldn't resist giving him a squeeze while looking like he was about to cry Tears of Joy.


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