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  • Episode 25: It's in a subtle way, but Carmilla makes Laura hot cocoa.
    • And if Laura's story is any indication, Carmilla was apparently protecting Laura from the spores and zombified students during the giant mushroom extermination.
    • You can even see a snippet of Carmilla protecting Laura at the end of episode 24. As the two move to the window, Carmilla forcibly pushes Laura away so that she can close the window and keep the both of them safe.
  • Episode 28: They waltzed!
  • Episode 31: "Don't be an idiot. Of course I'm doing it for you."
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  • In episode 35, we hear all about how Danny saved Kirsch's life.
    Danny: (smiling) That was accidental.
    Kirsch: Even so, you save a Zeta's life, you become an honorary Zeta. You get a trident and everything.
    (they both smile)
  • Laura's heartfelt relief and joy upon discovering that Carmilla is still alive.
    • When Laura's alone with Carmilla, she starts apologising if she hugged her too hard. Carmilla kisses her. Laura continues apologising. Carmilla kisses her again. Then a third time. And fourth. Then we get Laura simply says "So you're a giant black cat, huh ?"
  • The Christmas Special provides one of Carmilla's more understated moments of sweetness, checking to make sure Laura hadn't been harmed by the mob outside and making suggestions on how they could have their own Christmas. It happens.
  • It's a small moment, but in the first episode of Season 2, Lafontaine mentions that Perry has been asking them a lot of questions about pronouns, which is a big step up from the first season where Perry kept calling Lafontaine "Susan" and saying she didn't know who they were anymore.
    • In episode 13 of season 2, Perry's arguing with LaFontaine about the fact that they "Frankensteined" JP into Will's dead body. During the argument, Perry accidentally refers to LaFontaine as "she" ... before promptly correcting herself and calling them "they", even though she's mad at them. She really does care!
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  • In Episode 4, when Perry walks in looking distressed, it isn't just Laura who jumps to her feet looking concerned - Carmilla does as well.
  • In season 2, episode 11, Danny saves Kirsch's life once again. She gets in between him and a bow and arrow.
    • She gets another in episode 15 when after Laura and Carmilla break up she volunteers to talk to the board as well as offering Laura a shoulder to cry on.
  • Black Comedy at its finest, but after Carmilla and Laura break up, Carmilla goes into a rant on Twitter about how she'll "prove she's a monster" by killing someone close to Laura. She's then horrified to realise she can't bring herself to harm either Lafontaine or Perry.
  • After episodes of not talking to LaFontaine or J.P., Perry finally opens up in season 2, episode 19.
    LaFontaine: Hey Perr. I thought you were still hanging around upstairs - y'know - avoiding me.
    Perry: I'm not... just avoiding you. I'm avoiding J.P. too.
    J.P.: Miss Perry, if I could just once more apologize for whatever I've done to upset or discomfort you...
    Perry: It's not you. Or either of you. Or its not just you. It's me. I just don't belong here. Everybody else seems to fit in; Carmilla's a vampire, Laura's in love with a vampire, and you're just excited about researching whatever unspeakable horror we've stepped in to this week - and I'm just... tired of being attacked , and threatened, and scared.
    LaFontaine: We're all scared, Perr.
    J.P.: I was bodiless in the library for more than a century. It was terrifying.
    LaFontaine: God, why do you think I like to study stuff so much? If you dissect it, it can't hurt you.
    J.P.: ...And - if you'll permit - if I've learned anything facing the limits of my sanity in an epistemological madhouse - life is awful and incomprehensible. So it's usually better to be terrified together.
    Perry: [smiling] You know, for a disembodied freak in a vampire body, you're pretty nice.
    [Perry hugs him. A beat passes before LaFontaine hugs him as well. J.P. just stands there, very awkwardly.]
    J.P.: [uncomfortable, yet loving noises] ...Is is anyone else as uncomfortable as I am with this level of physical contact?
    LaFontaine: Extremely.
    Perry: Oh. Yes. Definitely.
    [They pull away.]
    Perry: Well, if you want, we could go have ice cream for dinner.
    LaFontaine: Oh! is there anymore of that salted caramel gelato left?
    [They all leave.]
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  • When it's made clear to Kirsch that Danny does not like him back, he's still overjoyed that her telling him that he's "in the friendzone" just confirms that she thinks of him as a friend.
  • After all they've been through this season, Laura asks Carmilla to help her save the imprisoned students, and Carmilla scornfully refuses and hangs up. She lasts less than 30 seconds before she calls back to grudgingly agree to help. It's a real shame Laura had already walked away and "Perry" was there to interfere...
  • In the season 2 finale, Perry runs away as the campus dissolves into chaos and Laura, Carmilla, J.P. and LaFontaine are about to escape. Naturally, LaF doesn't want to leave her behind, so J.P., wanting to protect them, instructs LaF to go with Laura and Carmilla, saying he'll go find Perry. He takes one last look at LaFontaine before running off. Unfortunately, considering that "Perry" was actually the Dean, he may have put himself in danger for nothing.
  • After the above, Carmilla not only comforts Laura of the season 2 finale events, but comforts LaF as well. Shows just how much she does care underneath it all.
  • Mel standing up for Perry in Season Zero.
  • The reveal that Sherman Hollis, Laura's dad, is completely accepting of her sexuality, and had only told her to make sure she found a girl who deserved her when she came out. He also instantly accepts LaFontaine when he finds out they're non-binary, and immediately corrects himself when he misgenders them by mistake. Given that in season one, Perry, LaF's best friend, wasn't able to accept them, it's nice to see someone that immediately does. The icing on the cake is that Sherman and LaF hit it off and become fast friends.
  • During Mel's podcasts from the pit, Kirsch goes missing for awhile. Despite all her insults and sarcasm, you can tell that Mel is genuinely worried about him, and recognizes that he's a victim, too, now.
    • And in a subsequent podcast, she rescues him, snarking all the way. Awww, Mel, you do care!
  • "You are flawed, and struggling, and uncertain, but... it is so... beautiful, the way you try." Quite possibly the most touching, the most beautiful, and the most true thing Carmilla or anyone has ever said about Laura. Even better, this leads to a Big Damn Kiss, and the crazy kids finally getting back together.


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