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  • In August 2011, he did an interview with most of the questions supplied by fans. One question asked what exactly was the deal between him and Lucahjin. His response left even the interviewer a little choked up:
    We're just best friends; that's all we are. ...For now. Not saying it's impossible that it could turn into something later. Both of us know, long-distance relationships... we're just not fans of that sort of thing. And if we ever got to spend more time together in real life... Like, if I move to Seattle, that'll open up a lot of possibilities for us to spend more time together in real life. And who knows? She's a wonderful girl. I'd be happy to spend the rest of my life with her. Maybe it'll happen. Whether it's as a husband or as a friend doesn't matter. Just as long as we're together. Because... I love her. Yeah.
    • In similar vein, his response to Lucahjin's question about what he enjoyed most about PAX, he replied with this.
  • Him and Emile visiting a terminally ill seven year old fan of theirs called Nic. They flew halfway across the United States and drove for five whole hours in order to fulfill Nic's wish. If that's not a Heartwarming Moment, we don't know what is.
  • While not quite on the same level as the two above, NCS originally didn't plan on playing Donkey Kong 64, especially since he hadn't played it before. But because his fans wanted to see him do it, he was determined to do it to make his fans happy. The best part? He ended up loving the game and having a great time making it, and was glad his fans had suggested it. Everybody wins!
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  • Anytime he tells how much he loves and appreciates his fans.
  • In his Secret of Evermore LP, he names his Canine Companion "Interceptor." What's so sweet about that? The story that goes with it: One day, while he was going home from a lengthy walk, a dog appeared. It began to follow him and stick with him, and even played with him while he walked. While he knew he could never keep the dog, it even steadfastly refused his attempts to get rid of it. It eventually left... but during their short time together, he dubbed the dog "The Interceptor." Awww.
  • His Pokémon Sapphire LP in which he slowly grows to love the game.
    • As he encounters different trainers, he reads their names out and tells stories from his past about people he knows or once knew with those names. The fact that he comes out with these stories for so many trainer names says a lot.
    • Gardevoir became one of his favorite Pokemon, and he even named his "So Happy." He eventually got Pokemon X, and kept a Gardevoir named So Happy on his team. Even though he played Sapphire on an emulator (and thus had no way of transfering Pokemon), he made sure one of his favorites, and a team MVP, stayed with him.
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  • During one episode of his Plants vs Zombies 2 LP, he mentions he found out his nieces watch his videos.
    NCS: So if you guys are watching, hi! It was awesome playing Super Mario 64 with you guys!
  • Hearing him audibly trying not to get choked up during the ending of Yoshi's Island.
  • In Part 6 of his Tetris Attack LP, he randomly says in the middle of the video: "Man, I really wanna go see Mom..." He mentions how she's really fun to shop with, and doing it with someone like her makes shopping fun for him. He likes shopping but rarely does it, because he feels he already has everything he needs. It's a double dose of heartwarming!
  • What he has to say on his MOTHER 3 playlist. Many a fan of the game has felt the same, but none of have put it into words quite so eloquently:
    MOTHER 3 makes me want to be a better person. I wish I could explain why that is. All I know is that I can't say the same for just about anything I've seen — movie, book, or otherwise, in at least a decade.
  • The Ni no Kuni episode "Who Needs Retirement?", in which he discusses the concept of retirement. All his life, when he was working more difficult jobs, he noted that he'd always seen retirement as a holy grail. It was the real ultimate end and reward for work: The ability to stop working. He'd never before considered that he'd one day have a job he loved. Now that he has one, he never, ever wants to retire!
    • The end-of-project thoughts for Ni no Kuni. 2013 was a rough year for him, with a failed business under his belt, and other issues in his life. Because of that, he decided to do Ni no Kuni because it's a game he wholeheartedly loves and enjoys, and he wanted to do a project that would just bring him joy all on its own.
  • Back in 2011, he did a charity stream for Lucahjin called Lucahthon, where he along with Josh Jepson and a few others helped raise money to help Lucah with financial problems.
  • Large donations during his streams often leave him speechless and unable to do more than profusely thank the donors.
    • One of his subscriber goals was to play Fire Emblem Awakening once he hit 250, but his average remained ~200 for several months until one fan gifted enough subscriptions to his viewers to reach 250 as a birthday present. To say Tim was flabbergasted is an understatement.
      Tim: There comes a time... when a man... just doesn't know what to say.
  • His absolute delight at the boss fight with the Great Mighty Poo in Conker's Bad Fur Day.
  • This tweet that sums up his feelings on how his friends and fans reacted after he announced his mother had passed away:
    You guys are all pretty incredible. I think Mom is equally stupefied by this outpouring of love!
  • In Part 5 of his Tetris 99 LP, he talks about how his perceived dwindling relevance has been weighing on him. Many people apparently tell him at conventions that they used to watch his videos and that while he knows that they don't mean any harm by it, it's something that was making him feel bad because it reflected the dwindling views he and many other content creators have been struggling with thanks to the changes in Youtube's platform. This struck a chord with many of his viewers, who made it a point to comment on the video and send him messages about how much his content means to them and reassuring him that he still matters to them.


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