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Heartwarming / The Monster Hunters

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  • Lorrimer attempting to comfort a homeless and heartbroken Roy at the end of The Haunting of Roy Steel. Follows directly from a major potential Tear Jerker moment and marks the point from which their personal lives will become much more closely entwined.
    Lorrimer: And Roy...
    Roy: What?
    Lorrimer: Merry Christmas.
    Roy: Merry Christmas, Lorrimer.
  • A similar moment in The Whispering Fog when the boys are momentarily distracted from their deadly situation to cheerfully wish each other Merry Christmas.
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  • When Roy finds out that Lorrimer isn't really dead in The Box of Desires. For a couple of seconds, the creeping dread of the castle disappears and everything is right with the world.

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