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They Stole Margot's Brain!
  • Margot died less than two years before Lord Greg's brain was picked up by MI16 in very similar circumstances (killed overseas by a supernatural creature with barely any witnesses). Lorrimer is on Dolby's radar as a potentially useful person who may need to be kidnapped and/or blackmailed. Grind must surely have played around with human brains before succeeding so perfectly with Greg's transplant. Either he did something really nasty to Margot's brain, or maybe MI16 still has her on file somewhere.

Greg was linked to MI16 long before Griselda
  • Greg was originally hired/forced to help track down the Beast of Albion, but left sometime before the season 1 finale - probably due to a disagreement over his weird obsession with the Monster Hunters, though his megalomania can't have helped. On his way out, he may have helped himself to the technology which helped him to build Minty.
    • If MI16 agents were on the scene of his death quickly enough to harvest his brain, they must have at least been keeping tabs on him (perhaps living undercover in the village...), if not actively trying to (re-)recruit him.
    • His mad scientist skillset is suspiciously similar to that of Dr Grind, which suggests they have at least had some association in the past, or even that Grind was hired to replace Greg after he resigned/escaped the first time.
    • This also ties in well with They Stole Margot's Brain, see above. Greg was responsible for the incident which killed her and which could also have killed Lorrimer; either of their deaths would have been desirable for MI16, either as an opportunity to harvest their brains or simply to kill off the "competition" in pursuit of the Beast of Albion (à la The Prey of Mantis).

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