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Tear Jerker / The Monster Hunters

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  • The end of The Haunting of Roy Steel, when Virginia presents Roy with the divorce papers and explains that she was never going to forgive him for his adultery; she only duped him into writing a heartfelt letter of apology to help her case in the divorce. The hurt and confusion in his voice as he slowly realises her deception is heartbreaking.
  • The end of The Beast of Albion: Part Two. The music; Roy's decline from his usual playful self-confidence; Lorrimer's attempts to cheer him up...
    Lorrimer: If you're sure — I mean, really, really sure —
    Roy: I am.
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  • Suki encased in wax and apparently (not actually) dead in "The Doll's House."
    Lorrimer: First my wife, now this!

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