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Heartwarming moments are for post-viewing appreciation of the work. Enjoy the adorbz, but proceed with caution. All spoilers are unmarked.

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     The Lizzie Bennet Diaries 

  • Part of the reason Hank Green wanted to make the series was as a gift for his wife. Awww...
  • A short one in episode 15; Jane getting protective of Lydia when Charlotte calls her a drunk, and using the firmest tone we've ever seen her use before or since; sweet, gentle Jane effectively tells her to shut the hell up.
  • In episode 19, a very funny and unconspicuous one when Lizzie saves Jane, despite being sure that the green bean gelatin will taste horribly.
    The things I do for my sister!
  • Lydia being supportive of her sister Jane's relationship with Bing, to the point of making a Portmanteau Couple Name for them: Jing!
  • In episode 23, Lizzie fearing to lose Jane and Lydia's reassurance.
    You still got me!
    • Lydia giving Lizzie the necklace she lost at Bing Lee's party.
    I love you, sis.
  • The flirty adorable dialogue between Bing and Jane in episode 28.
  • When Lydia gets depressed after being fired from her baby-sitting job, Mary suggests they go to Fro-Yo.
  • Lydia and Mary's growing friendship. By episode 7 of Lydia's vlogs, Mary joins in Lydia's "WHAT?!" hi-five and doesn't mind Lydia hugging her.
    Mary: You're not so bad, Lydia.
    Lydia: Thanks. You're not so boring.
  • The latter end of episode 40, between Jane and Lizzie, and Charlotte and Lizzie:
    Lizzie: Oh, and Charlotte? Still the bestest friend ever.
    Charlotte: (through subtitles) "I know. ;) You too. :)"
  • Jane and Lydia doing their best to cheer Lizzie up in episode 43. Jane brings her cup after cup of tea, and Lizzie comments that Lydia's been being nicer than normal to her. And then Lydia bursts in... with her resume to be Lizzie's new sidekick. She does it in her own sarcastic, self-centered way, but Lydia was clearly trying to cheer her sister up.
  • Maria getting Charlotte to start watching Lizzie's videos again.
  • Charlotte's "video of recommendation" for Maria just oozes CMOH. Best big sister ever.
  • Lizzie being nice to Collins for Charlotte's sake and Collins showing Lizzie respect in return. (Even if he still barges into Charlotte's office when Lizzie is filming.)
  • The Mary and Lydia reunion.
  • Lydia comforting Lizzie after Wickham leaves for Meryton. She rushes in 5 minutes after he tweets that he's arrived and partying with other girls, dumps chocolate and movies into Lizzie's lap, and gives her a hug.
    Lydia: It is OKAY, Lizzie! I know Jane is your go-to sister, but heartbreak and recovery is my specialty! Plus, I'm way better at plotting revenge than she is.
  • Fitz's constant loyalty to Darcy, even if it backfires A LOT when he unwittingly tells Lizzie that Darcy broke up Jane and Bing.
  • The care packages that Lizzie and Jane exchange. Adorable. However, one wonders if Lydia received one from Jane as well.
  • She did! Lydia gets a sweet care package from sweetest sister Jane.
  • Lizzie and Charlotte's hug in episode 64 due to Charlotte choosing to keep Caroline's true self in the video even though Caroline is Catherine's favorite.
  • After the horrible fight that Lizzie and Lydia have, Lizzie's comments in episode 76 are really touching.
    Lizzie: Maybe I'm hard on her but shouldn't someone be?
    Charlotte: She is twenty one. And an adult.
    Lizzie: That's what the problem is. She's about to go out into the world and the world is not going to coddle her because she's the baby of the family. *quietly* She could get really hurt. Lydia, if you're watching this... be smart, be safe.
  • After Gigi pushes Darcy into the same room as Lizzie and made them sit together, Lizzie admits to Darcy that she thinks Pemberley is amazing.
  • When Lizzie asks Darcy to help her with some costume theater, he leaves the room for a moment... and returns wearing his own costume. The fact that he would have those items available on short notice says volumes about how much he likes her.
  • After so long with Lizzie seeming like she puts everything online without a care for privacy, not only does she try her hardest to dissuade Gigi from revealing what happened between her and George unless she's sure she wants to, but it turns out some of the story was in Darcy's letter and she's been keeping it private. Plus, she cuts out what was clearly a bad emotional outburst.
    • Gigi also tells Lizzie that one of the major reasons she wants to be friends with Lizzie is that she understands Lizzie's frustrations with Darcy perfectly and that he has a good heart underneath his prickly personality and lousy social skills.
  • Darcy turning Lizzie's interview of him into a way to praise her own work.
  • Darcy is still besotted with Lizzie. He asks her out to the theater but is interrupted by Charlotte calling Lizzie and telling her about the tape Wickham means to sell. Lizzie was distraught and Darcy offered to get her a plane out, send her belongings and have a car waiting for her. He was generally supportive and wonderful.
    • Honest to God, that scene could not have been played more perfectly. Holy hell. Daniel Gordh is a genius. Darcy is begging Lizzie to let him help her any way he possibly can, and it is beautiful.
      Darcy: (rubs Lizzie's back) Lizzie, let me help you. Stop.
      Lizzie: You can't help me. No one can.
      Darcy: Yes, I can. Now if you need to get home I will book you a flight out, we can have your things packed and sent to you, just — please, tell me what is going on.
  • When Gigi calls Darcy in her channels Episode 2, two things stand out. One- Darcy looks exhausted. He has huge bags under his eyes, his voice is slightly hoarse and he's more than a little cranky; he clearly hasn't slept for a while, and it's pretty damn obvious why.
    • Two- he absolutely forbids Gigi from getting involved. Not because it's not her problem; he fully understands Lizzie is her friend and that she wants to stop Wickham doing to someone else what he did to her, but because he's afraid it'll be too painful for her. Despite the arbitrary way in which he does it, that he loves his sister enough to protect her when she could be helping at her own detriment is pretty adorable.
  • Whatever parts of Episode 87 that didn't rip out your heart and pour salt on the wound.
    • Jane Bennet being Jane Bennet.
    Jane: Everyone deserves tea.
    • Lizzie and Lydia's interaction:
    Lydia: Why doesn't he love me, Lizzie? I love him so much.
    Lizzie: I love you.
    Lydia: Why doesn't he love me?
    Lizzie: I love you... I love you... You Are Not Alone.
  • Episode 88, after Lydia tells Lizzie that the site has been taken down, Lizzie gives her a reassuring hug and also promises to spend time with Lydia while they process the fact.
  • Lizzie and Jane Squeeing over Jane getting another job.
  • Episode 91 is full of it. Most of it relating to Jane and Bing. Especially the end where they finally kiss!
  • Episode 94 has Lydia, after telling Lizzie it was Darcy who took down the site, admitting that she misjudged him as well and asking Lizzie to thank him for her "when" she talks to him.
  • After 90 episodes of refusing to high-five Lydia, Lizzie initiates one to make her smile. The look on Lydia's face says it all.
  • What Lydia knew about Darcy previously in regards to her. Even though he had made her feel like a terrible person, to know he went out of his way to help her situation has to count on this page too.
  • Episode 98. All of it. Specifically, Lizzie and Darcy happily snogging in front of the entire internet. They look so happy!
  • In the 10th Q+A session. Darcy drops by and asks Lizzie what her answer would have been to his invite to the theatre, had the Lydia drama not interrupted them. Lizzie would have said yes.
  • Darcy faking Lizzie out at the end of the video, only to come rushing back and carry her out of the room. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Listen to Lizzie's voice when she calls Darcy during the video. It's probably the happiest she's ever sounded when talking to him, and it's adorable.
  • Episode 99. Just... episode 99! Specific examples:
    • Darcy has been having dinner at the Bennet household for the past week.
    • Darcy offering Lizzie a job at Pemberly Digital, and supporting her when she declines in favor of starting her own company.
    • Their argument about whether they've been dating a week or six days is adorable.
    • And is followed by this:
    Darcy: Fine, it's been a week then. And it has been, without a doubt (holds Lizzie's hand) the best week of my life. My name is William Darcy, and Lizzie Bennet is amazing.
  • Episode 100: Lydia's new list- 20 Reasons why Lizzie Bennet is no longer perpetually single
  • On the character Twitter accounts, Caroline, Jane and Bing had a conversation ending with Caroline being invited to visit them in New York. Caroline's "Really?" seems so honestly shocked. [1]
  • In the 8th Q+A session, a viewer asks how Mrs. Bennet would react if any of her daughters are gay.
    Ohhhh that's wonderful, dear! You're still gonna get married and have babies, riiiight?
  • In a... weird, meta way, read the comments on Lydia's videos when she begins dating Wickham. You'll see a lot of people pointing out and underlining the signs of an abusive relationship in the things Wickham says and does, followed by urging anyone who's dating someone who does the things Wickham does to get out while they still can.
  • In the seventh Q+A video, there's a pretty sweet moment from Mr. Collins when he responds to a question from Maria Lu, and outright admits he misses her and looks forward to seeing her again.
  • When Lydia finds out she'll be staying with Mary and her parents at VidCon, she immediately runs off to buy Mary a present.
  • Mr. Collins making sure Lizzie is prepared to dine with Catherine was actually quite nice of him. As obnoxious as he is, he is genuinely trying to help her out.
  • Mr. Collins in general seems to genuinely like Lizzie and Charlotte a lot, fondly remembering their childhood memories together and being excited to see them at VidCon.
  • In episode 60, the fallout of Darcy's disastrous Love Confession, Lizzie is surprisingly civil and polite to him. Even when she still doesn't like him, even before she reads the letter, she's still remarkably gentle (for Lizzie, anyway).

     The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet 
  • Lizzie writes a lot of glowing words about Charlotte in her diary, and we get to see moments between the two that never made it on-camera. In one such moment, Lizzie has a minor freak-out before posting her first video to the Internet, worrying that it's not good enough, that she's wearing too much makeup (a nod to fan reactions), that it might not be a good idea to put herself and her stories of her family out there. Charlotte is the one who calms her down, reminds her that the point of having a vlog is to post it online, and uploads the video.
  • Lizzie's diary entry after the "flambeed banana" fiasco and subsequent night on town is written at 3 AM... because Lydia is sleeping in Lizzie's bed and thrashing around, taking up all the room. So Lizzie, while waiting for her to calm down, writes a somewhat more detailed account of the night on town than what appeared in the videos, including some more details on the drunken Lydia's actions. The account of the event is done with Lizzie's trademark snark, but then she drops the sarcastic tone and reveals just how worried she is about Lydia, ending on a surprisingly sweet note:
    This is what worries me the most about Lydia. She isn't a thoughtless person. She can actually be really sweet. But she is careless. And mostly, she's careless about herself. She's home right now and asleep in my bed, thank God, but what if we hadn't been there to take care of her? What if she'd been out on her own, met up with David and ended up getting arrested, like Carter threatened? Or ended up in David's car and he drove her home drunk? Or they ended up together somewhere and she passed out like she did in the car on the way home — only this time Jane and I weren't there?
    Anything could have happened to her. Yes, women should be able to go out and have fun without consequences the way men do — but that's not the reality. There are a lot of unenlightened douchebags out there. And my biggest fear is that Lydia's going to fall prey to one of them.
    But right now, I'm tired, and Lydia seems to be in the non-thrashing part of her REM cycle, so I'm going to hold my baby sister and try to get some sleep.
  • The day before Lizzie and Charlotte's birthday, Lydia tells Lizzie that she got her a book titled Where Did I Leave My Pride? A Nerdy Girl’s Guide to Making Lame Phone Calls. Followed by stunned silence from Lizzie before she realizes Lydia's joking — then both Charlotte, Lizzie and Lydia break down laughing. It's the first time Lizzie and Lydia are laughing together, which better than words says that everything that's happened between them is forgiven.
  • The book reveals that during the Wickham/Lydia tape arc, a lot of Lizzie's in-universe viewers began rallying to try and help her and Lydia, some even resorting to hacking to try and bring the site down. It doesn't work, but it's sweet that Lizzie's audience cares so much.

     The Epic Adventures of Lydia Bennet 
  • The entire Bennet family have grown a lot kinder and more appreciative towards Lydia. It does annoy her a little, and make her feel like they're treating her too much like a delicate flower, but there's a lot of quiet bonding scenes that wouldn't have happened before. One of the most notable scenes is where Lydia initially can't face her mother after she's been told of the sex tape event.
    I couldn't sleep that night, so I snuck back downstairs after the house was dark and quietly turned on a marathon of bad reality TV. An hour or two into it, my mom walked through the living room and into the kitchen, not even looking at me. I almost thought she was sleepwalking. But ten minutes later she came back with two mugs of hot chocolate, set one down in front of me, and settled in next to me on the couch. It wasn't long before she was asking me questions about the show and we were poking fun at how awful the people in it were.
    I guess I drifted off somewhere during episode fice, because when the sun came out a few hours later, I felt fingers idly slipping through my hair and realized I was lying down with my head on my mom's lap.
    The next dinner she made had included all my favorite foods. And she hasn't mentioned George since.
  • When Lydia finds out that Mary has a girlfriend, she's 100% supportive... much to the relief of Mary, who, while she finds Lydia's teasing and sex talk mortally embarrassing, does let it slip just how much Lydia's approval means to her.

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