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Heart Warming / Courier's Mind: Rise of New Vegas

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  • Despite giving Doc Mitchell a lot of flak at the start, The Courier immediately turns his tone around, after the good doctor gives him his Pipboy without even considering asking for payment.
  • The Courier completely going out of his way and trying to infiltrate The Powder Ganger's HQ among other things, just to save Good Springs. Living proof that helping someone in need can payoff.
  • After giving his usual "pleasantries" upon meeting Boone, The Courier ends the conversation by giving Boone his sympathy for what happened to his wife.
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  • After repeatedly casting doubt on Boone's abilities as a soldier, the Courier admits he may have been wrong, after seeing Boone shrug off a hit from a nightkin.
  • When Jason Bright thanks the Courier and says it's thanks to two humans (the other being Chris) that the ghouls journey can be made a reality, the Courier quickly corrects that their were three humans that helped them, including his companion Boone.
  • The Courier and The Great Khans who had tried to kill him, managing to come to an understanding, do to Benny's betrayal of the latter, with The Courier even calling out an NCR Leutenant for trying to go after them anyway and convincing him to disobay his orders and let the go.
  • After pulling out the dead body of a woman's husband for her, The Courier asks Boone about his wife and we get a pretty meaningful exchange between them.
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  • Surprisingly, the Quit Your Whining moment The Courier gives his companions in S8 E2 after they start talking about their families ends in a touching way.
    The Courier: Bottom line is, you are all full grown adults with your own lives. Even if your parents were still around at this point, they would have to accept you the way you are - you don't need to prove jack shit to them! If anything, they're the ones who should be judged. So cheer up, all of you! For all you know, they're watching you in the afterlife right now giving high-fives to each other.
  • The Courier standing up for E.D.E, after Arcade not so subtly tries to convince him to kill the latter.
  • The Courier snarks at First Sergeant Astor after Astor congratulates him for clearing out Cottonwood Cove alone - noting that Astor forgot to mention The Courier's companioins.
    The Courier: Notice how I said we killed everybody there, not I killed everybody there.

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