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After meeting Ulysses, The Courier will realize they are Not So Different.

Like The Courier, Ulysses is a HyperCompetent One-Man Army from a relativity insignificant position, capable of making a huge contribution to the whole region, but instead focuses his attention on getting Revenge on one man, The Courier.

But unlike The Courier, Ulysses lost everything and had to watch his once-thriving hometown turn into one of the worst places in the The Mojave, because The Courier unintentionally nuked the area during one of his deliveries. This reveal will cause The Courier to go into Heroic BSoD and for the first time in the story, he will view an enemy as more than just another scumbag to be gunned down.


The Mysterious Stranger will appear in one episode..

And the Courier will have an epic what the f**k moment.

The Courier is from Shi-Town in San Francisco.

This would explain his accent. The British-English vocabulary could be a result of the crew of the Qin Shi Huang Di submarine knowing British English via Hong Kong, which would have returned to Mainland China in 1999, assuming divergence didn't change that. Even if it did, it'd be easier for the Communists to get English teachers from Hong Kong than anywhere else.

When the Courier faces Legate Lanius

He will tell all his companions to stand back, so he and The Legate can settle this mano a mano in an epic one on one sword fight.


The Courier is really The Lone Wanderer

Not only would it make for an amusing bit of irony, after The Courier said the co-writer of Wasteland Survival Guide chose the most cliche name, but it would also explain how he knew how to fight right away, (even if he still needed some time to get back in the saddle) and how it seems he hasn't had much of an impact on Mojave before getting shot in the head: he was busy in The Capital Wasteland until fairly recently.

The memories The Courier sifts through in his dreams are Foreshadowing his role in the destruction of The Divide

The Season 5 opener begins with The Courier warning everyone to get to a shelter, followed by a bright explosion that wakes him up.

The Courier can't actually understand E.D.E.

When E.D.E. talks, it is really The Courier subconsciously throwing his own thoughts onto the robot's random beeping. That's why E.D.E seems to be the less amoral of the two, despite being a robot, it's really just how The Courier reacts to his own conscious trying to get him to do the right thing.


The courier will do a wild card run.

And the title is foreshadowing it with "Rise of New Vegas"

  • Considering he has a low opinion of the NCR and Mr. House, and has officially made The Legion his enemy for good, this seems like the most likely option for him to go for.

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