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  • The Plots tend to have many of these. Some highlights include Lord Darigan's Heel–Face Turn, Nabile and Jazan's wedding (as shoehorned as it is), and the endings of The Curse Of Maraqua and The Faeries' Ruins comics.
  • One of the most heartwarming arcs is not from any of the plots oddly enough though. Any Pound Chat regular should know the story of Gwen, a blue Uni, who was being transferred between accounts. The transfer was canceled, but Gwen's owner's account had been deactivated, so she was stuck in limbo until the admins got around to solving her problem. Many a PC-er wanted to adopt her, many of which only did so because of her plight. Gwen is now happily adopted, morphed into a Gold Draik, and it's clear her new owner loves her very much.
  • Numerous Advent Calendar animations have these if they don't fall under Funny. One in particular (Dec 9 2013) features a class with one sleeping student. Instead of admonishing him, the teacher instead gives him a present…which contains an alarm clock. The smile the teacher gives is quite sweet.
    • And this, with King Altador leaving a lone poinsettia on the base of the Darkest Faerie's old statue in the Hall of Heroes.
      • There is one on Y8 Day 12 that shows several Wockies skating or making snow angels. A Grey Wocky comes by, looking sad of course and being rained on, until a Christmas Wocky covers the pet with an umbrella which causes the Grey Wocky to smile.
      • Jhudora making heart cookies with her PetPet.
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  • For the 2014 April Fools' Day prank, pets from the pound were randomly distributed among accounts as foster pets for 24 hours. The first thing many users did on April 2nd? They went right back to the pound to get at least one of them back permanently.
  • Some random events involve your pet thanking you for being such a great owner.
    (pet name) says "I just wanted to say that you are the coolest owner!"
  • At the 12th day of 2017's Advent Calendar videos, after several years of bitter nemesis-hood, we see MAGAX visit Ghost!Hubrid Nox, who has a gift for him. And it's actually sincere, despite the gifts being stored inside a coffin.
    • On the 17th day, it shows that despite Sophie no longer living with the rest of her family, she still takes time to visit them for the holidays. And then a knock comes on the door. Sophie and Bruno recall Krawley, who brought trouble to Neovia in the first place. Turns out it was just Gilly, who hasn't forgotten about them, and the family allows her to join in.


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