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Any heartwarming moments found in their Minecraft videos can be found here.

  • On the week of E3 2012, Geoff was in need of someone to bounce off of in commentary for Achievement Hunter videos. Did he pick someone from the office? No. He picked his daughter Millie. Adorableness ensues.
    • Really, Millie appearing on Achievement Hunter is bound to be sheer adorableness.
  • The Bad Piggies Let's Play. With absolutely no fighting, trying to kill each other, or insults, it shows basically nothing but Geoff and Gavin playing around and having a legitimately good time, going so far as to say it's their favorite game ever.
  • "Let's Play Black Ops 2 Zombies Part 2" is filled with these. Gavin, The Load, is fighting with one of the weakest guns near the end and constantly dying almost immediately after being revived, yet that does not stop Ray, The Ace, from reviving him.
    • Ray's first Last Stand is originally mocked by Michael, Geoff, and Ryan who are eager to get another chance to win. After his third one, though, they feel bad that Ray is essentially going One-Man Army because his teammates are Gavin, The Load, and Jack, who keeps getting swarmed. By the end of it Geoff, who has frequently been considered a Sore Loser, says this:
    Geoff: "I don't give a fuck if we lose. I am rooting for you, Ray."
    • Then this conversation happens:
    Michael: "How the hell cannot we do this with six of us but Ray does this by himself?"
    Geoff: "Because we're in his way!"
    • When Ray finally succeeds, everyone starts applauding him while expressing awe at what he did.
      • It's hard not to be impressed with the GMR team losing so gracefully at the very end. Props to them! Bonus points to Michael for complimenting him, despite his usual trash-talking self and how adamant he was at first that Ray does not win.
      Michael: "It's not the gun. Ray's smart and he doesn't suck like we do. He runs away."
      Michael: "Ray clutched it, like 17 times. And he's finally going to take it!"
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    • Though most videos end with the an audio cut and the typical outtro, this video ends with the guys continuing to congratulate Ray in awe over the outtro.
  • Geoff and Michael's surprisingly calm dialogue over the end of the over-an-hour-long "Let's Play Monopoly Part 2".
    Geoff: "You know what I like about you though, Michael? I like that you have integrity. You're not gonna quit. You're gonna see it through to the bitter end."
  • A quick one occurs in VS episode 2 before the match, when Geoff makes a comment implying that Michael will lose to Ryan. When Michael responds dishearteningly, Geoff amends his statement:
    Geoff: "It means best of luck to you, Michael. Best of luck to you, Ryan. I love you guys dearly. I'm not gonna love one of you more than the other; you guys are like kids to me. And I love you differently, but I love you both the same. Go!"
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  • VS episode 10: After Geoff wins for the first time, he is quick to credit his victory to both Griffon and Millie.
  • "Game Time: Burnie and Ray Play Journey" is practically a Crowning Episode of Heartwarming. The episode, instead of being filled with the usual manic intensity and humor of a normal Let's Play, is made up of Burnie and Ray just discussing Ray's own journey to join the company and the development and growth of Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth.
    • At one point, Burnie talks about how Geoff first came to tell him that he wanted to hire Ray, who had recently become unemployed and would no longer be able to make videos for them. Burnie asked Geoff why he thought it was a good idea. Geoff replied that he thought, given a year, Ray would become more popular than all of them.
    • One thing that really got me was when Burnie reflected on how Rooster Teeth started as a group of friends making videos but in Achievement Hunter, making videos caused Michael, Ray, and Gavin (now known collectively as the Lads) to become close friends.
  • "Game Time- Burnie and Gav Play Halo 4 Richochet" is another Crowning Episode of Heartwarming, with Gavin and Burnie spending the episode discussing just how hard they both had to work to get Gavin's visa to work in America. They go through Gavin's entire "origin story": making silly videos on the Rooster Teeth site when he was a teenager, developing relationships with the RT crew, working on big TV shows and movies, his work on The Slow-Mo Guys, and finally getting to come to America permanently. It's all incredibly awesome, inspiring, and touching.
    • Perhaps the greatest Moment of Heartwarming in the episode is Gavin saying that, even after achieving so much on his own with his "big time" work and his own immense success with The Slow-Mo Guys, the happiest he's ever been was getting to work at what was his dream job since he was 14 years old.
    • Burnie's immense affection for all of his employees is also on display here- who else would work for over three years, paying for lawyers and other legal fees along the way, to get a kid from the UK to come and work for him full-time? Burnie might just be the best boss ever.
  • Gavin meeting Kurt of "Far Lands Or Bust".
  • "Let's Play Rainbow Six: Vegas" is a CMOH and Tear Jerker because it includes a discussion on Tom Clancy. The video was released on the day Clancy's death was announced.
    • Since it came out in the morning, unusual for an AH Let's Play, it was likely released as soon as someone at Achievement Hunter heard the news.
    • From the let's play itself, there was this moment close to the end, when Ray is on his last life and getting shot at:
    Ray: Ohhh, I'm getting shot from behind. I'm dead, ohhh I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm...alive.
    (Gavin walks up and, with a shotgun, one-shots the guy that's shooting Ray)
    Jack: (surprised) Jesus, Gavin!
    Gavin: What? What were you looking at?
    Jack: (through slight laughter) Just...fucking brutal.
    Geoff: That guy's dead as dicks.
  • Though they're often just offhand remarks, whenever one of the guys somehow get on the topic of their wives and/or children, the result is usually at least a little heartwarming.
  • During a recording on Father's Day, Geoff jokes (with a hint of annoyance) about how, being a father, his Father's Day gift was the fact that he had to put together that episode's activities. Michael (half-jokingly) replies with "Thanks, dad!"
    • Another time, the team is heading out because Jack challenged Ray to the crane machine in the arcade, and Gavin comments to Michael, "Bloody family trip!" Any time that the team refers to itself as a family, really, is heartwarming.
  • Towards the end of the first World of Warcraft video, Michael stops the hilarity to sincerely thank Geoff for choosing such a fun game and that he's really enjoying it. Heartwarming on its own, but with context: the entire video is basically Geoff and Jack having to deal with Gavin's ridiculous incompetence, which crosses over with Tear Jerker because at the beginning of the video Geoff eagerly mentions that he'd like it to become a big series à la Minecraft, but because Gavin struggled so much with the game it couldn't be done.
  • Ryan is absent from VS episode 33 because of the birth of his daughter.
    • Furthermore, judging by implications in both the Let's Build and Let's Play Minecraft episodes of The Pit, the birth happened right in the middle of recording part 3 of Galacticraft. Ryan got up and left basically as soon as he heard about it.
    • Related: the rest of the guys, rather than having no let's play that week because Ryan was gone, proceeded to rush and build The Pit, which they then quickly recorded and edited, to have up in time. They care that much for their fans.
  • In the let's play of GTA V Co-op, the guys mention how they're able to play a level 16 mission because Ray is level 16, while the rest of them are level 10 or a couple levels above. Upon mentioning this, cue the guys jokingly asking Ray to grind his levels up even higher so they can play more; then, the heartwarming kicks in when Geoff and Michael start making bets with each other for what level they think Ray will be at by Monday. Both of them bet on him being at least level 30. If you go by the likely correct assumption that this video was recorded on a Friday (or maybe Thursday), this basically means that Geoff and Michael think Ray will have practically note  doubled his current level within two or three days. They have that much faith and respect for him, and the best part is that they aren't joking.
  • As of October 23rd, 2013, Jack and his girlfriend Caiti are engaged.
    • Overlaps with Rooster Teeth to an extent, but Joel Heyman and Adam Ellis apparently helped Jack sort it out so everything was perfect for him to propose.
    • And as of November 12, they are married.
  • At the Achievement Hunter panel at RTX 2013, a fan came up to the microphone and said that she had been deployed for six months, and wanted to thank the Hunters for making all that time worthwhile. Geoff asks her where she was deployed, and when she tells him, he says, "Thank you for keeping us safe."
  • A fan made adorable plush toys of the Achievement Hunters' Minecraft avatars. With built-in voice boxes! Goes to show how much their fans love AH.
  • At the end of episode 39 of VS, which is between Gavin and Geoff, it gets Down to the Last Play and Geoff wins just barely. The two of them then congratulate one another without any of the usual thrown-in insults that Geoff tends to have for Gavin.
  • Jack's 4 year journal entry.
  • During the Extra Life stream, Michael has to eat twelve Lava Cakes. We see this interaction between Michael and Lindsay in the RT Life video for the event:
    Lindsay: I'm proud of you.
    Michael: It's for the kids.
    • Lindsay and Michael's entire scene in the bathroom. You can tell these guys get along well. The instant Michael says he's going to throw up, Lindsay says, "okay," and the instant she asks if she should film it, Michael replies, "yeah." What a couple.
  • JJ's goodbye montage (he's still working at Rooster Teeth, just not with Achievement Hunter) thanking the fans at the end of "Let's Build - The Twelve Towers".
  • Michael and Gavin thanking the makers of Surgeon Simulator 2013 for "putting them in the game" (an organ in the secret alien level is called a Gavichal.
  • When Ray becomes the first champion of GO!, he is told by Geoff that he can bring one friend. So who does he invite? Kerry, who had his name on the board but never actually had the chance to compete.
  • In the GTA V Beach Bumming Let's Play, at one point when climbing up Mount Chiliad, Michael and Gavin stumble upon an illuminated tunnel that Gavin says looks like Heaven. Michael promises that he and Gavin will make that journey together one day.
  • Geoff, Ray, Jack, and Ryan doing a Let's Play of Ghostbusters The Videogame as a tribute to the recently-deceased Harold Ramis. Geoff, in particular, takes note of how much Ramis influenced him with his comedies, noting that he watches Groundhog Day once a year.
  • In one of their Titanfall Let's Plays, Gavin told a story about how he shit his pants six times in one day. Naturally, everyone thought it was hilarious, including Gavin himself, but when he told everyone that he was still in a lot of pain and generally felt awful, Ryan and Ray showed off their Papa Wolf and Big Brother Instinct moments and started to genuinely tell him to go see a doctor. Many comments noted that Ryan in particular starts to talk to Gavin as though he's literally his kid. It's quite the change of pace from Gavin's usual Butt-Monkey status.
    Ryan: (Like he's talking to a 12 year old) Buddy, are you sure you're okay?
    Ray: Yeah, why are you here?
  • In the Let's Play of Family Feud, one question is about what women have trouble doing when pregnant. Geoff, who has a daughter and thus has dealt with a pregnant woman, sounds very appalled at how "Tying shoes" is the number-one answer and everything else is either vague or wrong, calling out the "hundred people" who answered the survey for the question.
    Geoff: Women don't tie their shoes! They always wear flats when they're pregnant!
    • At the end, when Ray wins the $20,000 for Fast Money as MVP two games in a row, he proceeds to say "Twenty thousand for me, twenty thousand for you!" directed at Gavin, his teammate.
    • Throughout the game, whenever a question has to do with women, the boys will sometimes complain about a few stereotyped answers, saying, "These are the most sexist answers ever."
  • Geoff, Jack, Ryan, and Ray play The Game of Life. When Ryan's avatar gets married, he takes a moment to reassure his wife (if she's listening) that the cartoon wife means nothing to him.
    • When they discuss having babies, Ryan jokingly asks to abstain, citing children as being expensive. He then says that they're "actually kinda awesome" and remarks how cute it is when his son comes into his room to "steal [his] iPad".
    • When Geoff's avatar has a baby girl, Geoff immediately says "I'll name her Millie!"
  • In "Michael's Heist" in GTA V, despite backstabbing everyone else, he goes out of his way to keep Gavin alive so that he can share the winnings with him and Lindsay.
  • VS 72: After a hard-fought victory, Geoff celebrates by scooping Millie up and planting a big kiss on her cheek. He then drapes both belts on her and hands her the golden cock.
    Geoff: I did it for you, baby!
  • On their sixth anniversary, the guys play Burnout Paradise, also known as the game that Achievement Hunter used for their very first video.
  • A recent Game Time has Burnie and Gavin talking about the future of the company, and Burnie implying that Gavin might be in Burnie’s position and have to pick community members to work at RT at some point, making Gavin go silent when he realizes what Burnie means. Made even more heartwarming by the fact that Gavin gasps sharply when he realises what Burnie's talking about.
    • Even better: just over two years after that video was posted, Burnie moved to a different position in the company. Who was promoted to his old job as Creative Director? None other than Mr. Gavin Free. That episode of Game Time wasn't just a Heartwarming Moment; it was straight-up Foreshadowing.
  • A small one in Let's Play GTA V "Bike N' Chat": Gavin reveals that even though the new Inbetweeners movie has come out since Geoff was away in Italy, he hasn't gone to see it yet because he really wanted to go see it with Geoff. You can tell the Geoff is genuinely touched.
  • In Let's Play GTA V "Fly 'n' Chat", Gavin points out that Ryan has the most kids out of everyone in the room. Geoff says he'd argue that he has four or five.
    Michael: Most kids don't, like, not become yours at 5 PM.
    Geoff: No, you're all still mine...
    Michael: (laughing) Shut up, Geoff.
  • In "Let's Play - Evolve Big Alpha", the team has to rely on a giant, dog-like lizard beast (named Daisy) to track down the enemy monster. Ryan, of all people, bonds with her.
    Ryan (desperately, after Jack almost kills her): Can we save Daisy? SAVE DAISY. D:
  • After winning VS episode 97, Gavin embraces Millie and runs out of the room with her in his arms. This was preceded by Millie letting out a shout in excitement and attempting to high five him.
  • Following his victory in Let's Play Minecraft episode 139, Ryan acknowledges Ray as the true winner of the Let's Play.note 
  • When all but Michael are on the train in "Lindsay's Heist", Ryan sees that Michael is in trouble and it's about a minute before he decides to risk his life going back for him.
    Ryan: Alright. I'm going back for Michael!
  • At the beginning of Let's Play - Call of Duty Black Ops 2, when Ray goes down in the opening minutes, Ryan immediately demands to know if he can revive Ray even though he's on the opposing team.
    Ryan: Ray, can I save you?
    Ray: Why would you want to save me? We're not on the same team.
    Ryan: Because you're Ray! I need you to alive.
  • During the unbelievably grueling Crota Raid Let's Play (which marked the return of Caleb participating in Let's Plays) at one point Geoff had died and left the room. Unfortunately, someone revived him before he returned, leaving his character standing stock still in front of the boss. Rather than let him be killed again and merely revive him in 20 seconds, everyone banded together to linebacker push his character with theirs to safety, nearly getting a couple of them killed by the raid boss in the process.
    • For those wondering, it's Let's Play Destiny: Crota Raid Out Takes at 5:50.
  • On AHWU #259, there's Jack expressing support for Angry Joe's halting of Nintendo playthroughs after they took down his Mario Party 10 video and stuck their own ads onto it. He reiterates that Achievement Hunter will continue to do the same.
  • Basically, everyone in the fanbase reacting vocally to Ray's departure from Achievement Hunter, both wishing him well in future endeavors and acknowledging how heartbreaking it is to see him leave. It goes a long way in reminding one just how big Ray's Ensemble Dark Horse status was.
  • After being denied a pizza party twice before, Jack finally gets to celebrate a GO! victory with Geoff, Michael, and Lindsay, albeit with burgers and beers instead of pizza.
  • At RTX 2015, the B-Team and some of the AH editors have a panel. Near the end, Kdin stops it for a moment to give her own answer to "Do you ever wonder why we're here"? She ends it by proposing to her partner. They say yes.
  • The Let's Play Live documentary reveals that, as expected, the performance had many hiccups and problems backstage during setup. This includes delays in the starting time, Jack rushing to edit their Heist intro video, and the other Hunters not (fully) listening to his directions. He eventually gets stressed enough that he snaps at Geoff, who is seen in the next scene apologizing to Jack and assuring him things will go well. Jack calms down and apologizes as well, and the two hug it out, with Geoff saying Jack has "done a phenomenal job".
    • This is followed by some well-needed Mood Whiplash with the two suddenly becoming curious about a door behind them and peeking in, only to find it's just an empty room. They laugh and then get back to work. For a Funny Moment it also fits here.
  • In the Titan VS Dump video, Geoff gushes about the recent legalization of gay marriage in what started as a joke.
    Michael: Yeah, well, Geoff, it's legal now!
    Geoff: Thank God.
    Michael: Any state, baby.
    • Not to mention that while Geoff seems proud to be living in Texas, he expresses disappointment that the state is infamous to some for opposing progression.
  • At the very end of Let's Play Minecraft Episode 177, Geoff gathers everyone in Achievement City to play a new game called "Break"note  Jeremy , who had just won his first Tower of Pimps is assigned to the rennovated house that once belonged to Ray and breaks his sign to reveal another one under it that simply reads "Jeremy's House". Geoff then walks over to him with the miniature Tower of Pimps in hand.
    Geoff: Along with winning the Tower of Pimps and getting your new house in Minecraft, you get...(places the tower on the desk) a new house in the real world. This is now your desk.
  • During the second episode of the AH Podcast "Off Topic" Geoff mentions that if he traveled back in time and somehow erased Millie that he'd go back as many times as it took to bring her back
  • During the 2015 Extra Life livestream, they were discussing who was going to be the one to shoot Michael with a taser. Jeremy refused, saying "I want to [shoot him], but I'm going to be so distraught if I fuck it up somehow." Jack replies with "for what it's worth, we have four cartridges." Jeremy immediately responds with "I don't care about reloading, I care about MICHAEL!"
  • In Achievement Hunter's pair of videos on tackling the "On a Rail" achievement for Xbox One, there are some genuinely heartwarming moments between the guys among the rapid-fire Crowning Moments of Funny. For example, when Gavin and Michael express how much closer they feel to Ryan than they did years ago:
    Gavin: Imagine Let's Plays without Ryan now.
  • During the Lets Watch series of videos done for Uncharted 4, all the AH guys involved have taken a moment to criticize Nathan Drake lying to his wife as a serious dick move. Its a rather sweet gesture to know that they do not approve of being a shitty husband, and when they get to the point that Elana confronts Drake over this, though they make jokes during it, they're evidently on her side.
  • Off Topic #12 has the guys talking about how they proposed to their wives, with Michael mentioning that he knew he'd marry Lindsay after six months together and proposed after eleven months.
  • During Episode #25 of Off Topic Michael mentions how a girl asked him to go to her prom and he agreed but the school turned him down when they learned how old he was. So they brought the girl on Off Topic and had prom there.
  • As of June 4th, 2016, Jeremy has risen from our noble bachelor ranks and married his longtime partner Kat.
  • The AH team like to play up their rivalry with Funhaus with a lot of trash-talking and joking about how much they hate them, but in both the Dead by Daylight and Gigantic Lets Plays against them, they couldn't help but gush about how much they like Elyse (and, to a lesser extent, James) because of how nice they are. Its weirdly sweet to see.
  • In Part 1 of their Let's Watch of Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 2, Ryan doesn't have the heart in him to tell Alfred off after he reveals that while he knew of the Waynes' connection to Hill and Falcone, he couldn't bear to leave Bruce by himself after Joe Chill mudered them. Ryan tops that in Part 2 by forgoing saving Catwoman to save Harvey Dent, potentially preventing his transformation into Two-Face.
  • During the Extra Life 2016 stream, Michael announced that Lindsay is pregnant with their first child.
    • Even while completely drunk off his ass, you can tell that Michael is just ecstatic at the prospect of becoming a father.
    Michael: (with the biggest smile on his face) I'm gonna be a dad! Me! What?!
    • Michael revealed at the Off-Topic Podcast at RTX Sydney 2017 that he received the news from Lindsay via text immediately before filming a Play Pals with Gavin, making Gavin the first person Michael told the news after his friend asked what was agitating him. The heartwarming moment then crossed over to funny territory when Gavin starts freaking out, seeing impending fatherhood and responsibility as evidence that Michael was "dying" and that he'd never be able to see his boi again, but the fact that this reveals in a strange way that Gavin really does care so much about Michael is touching in its own right.
    Gavin: Did somebody just die?
    Michael: Quite the opposite.
    • Near the end of the Play Pals in question, Michael makes a brief slip up in the game, prompting Gavin to say; "Michael, it's like you've got something else on your mind." Michael's response? A Big Damn Grin.
    • And here she is now!
    • The community as a whole has been extremely supportive of the Jones family, with fans sending Michael and Lindsay ridiculous amounts of baby clothes, toys, diapers, and more. On Off Topic #79, which aired after she was born, the control room congratulated Michael by giving him a massive amount of diapers, enough to cover the set.
    • Michael's developing maturity of the years has been quite heartwarming to watch. From a Joisey-accented Manchild with a quick temper to a loving husband and father; it's really quite adorable. It's made even better when you consider that Lindsay mentioned that she frequently still listens to very old videos of Michael, causing him to sheepishly admit how much he's changed and grown since then.
    • In the Let's Play of Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf, as Geoff's ranting about how badly the game is screwing him over, he offhandedly remarks that he's been reading articles online about how to be the perfect godfather to Iris.
  • It's pretty heartwarming to find out that due to her association with the rest of the Star Trek Cast, Mica refers to Patrick Stewart as 'Uncle Patrick'.
  • In the months following his sabbatical, it's been pretty heartwarming to see the change in Geoff. Since taking some time to relax and sober up, he's generally appeared to be happier and more engaged in his work, with his involvement in physical pranks and his famous laugh showing up much more frequently.
    • May be Harsher in Hindsight considering his and Griffon's divorce announcement, but hopefully Geoff will continue to keep his spirits up.
  • During the last week of 2017 and first week of 2018, Millie appeared in several videos with Geoff, and his banter with her in each episode is adorable.
  • When playing "Fore Honor" (Pirate Cove), Geoff starts raging to such a degree at Ryan's bipping his ball that Ryan decides to lay off him.
  • Off Topic #126 has an increasingly drunk Trevor, Jeremy, Alfredo, and Matt waxing on about how they appreciate how much work that the original six had put into the division that newer members like them could go from community members and fans into actual Hunters themselves, expanding the core group to 10, and sit on the podcast talking about how influential Achievement Hunter has been in their lives.
  • July 28, 2018 was their 10th anniversary. To celebrate, a 12-hour livestream was done featuring the staff's all-time favorite videos, concluding with Uno: The Movie, and the gang popping in throughout the day to chat with the audience.
  • At the Off Topic panel at RTX 2018, Michael and Lindsay casually announce that they were expecting their second child to massive cheers from the audience. He requested at the end of the panel that all baby gifts and donations should go to charity instead, a sentiment he and Lindsay repeated on Twitter.
    • Entering in Funny moments as well, a week before knowing she was pregnant, Gavin, Michael's boi, noticed that Lindsay was acting more wacky than usual and asked if she was knocked up again. A week later, Michael announced it to everyone, to which everyone replied, "Yeah, Gavin told us a week ago." A bewildered Michael said he just told Gavin about it, to which Jeremy replied "Oh my God, he knew." Just goes to show how close Gavin is to Michael and Lindsay.
  • Because of his poor performance in a recent in-office tournament, Trevor, Michael, Matt, and Ryan take the time to teach Geoff how to be a better Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player. They figure out a character that's best for his playstyle and teach him the fundamentals along with other tips and tricks in an effort to help him better enjoy a game they're good at.
  • Say hello to Luna Claire Jones!
  • While they deliberately didn't include him in the video just to be funny, the Trials video they recorded for Jack's birthday is full of anecdotes from the players about how much of a good guy he is.
  • In Let's Play Jack Box: Fakin' It #4, Millie and Geoff are two of the players. One of the questions that comes up is "Point at someone you want to know better." Geoff and Millie point at each other. This in the same video that Geoff jokes that Millie doesn't know anything about him because she hates him. Geoff's touched little "ohhh" when he sees Millie's response will break your heart with warm fuzzies.
  • Four years after he left AH and RT, Ray makes a special guest appearance on Off Topic #177. He's brought up to speed on the development of Achievement Hunter since his departure and in the last half hour of the episode, Geoff admits he was both proud and sad on the day that Ray told him he wanted to leave to stream full-time and see what else he can do. He proceeds to tells Ray that he's proud of him and what he's accomplished as a full-time streamer, and before he leaves, Geoff gives Ray a hug and tells him he's welcome back anytime.
    • The broadcast group held a poll during the show on whether or not fans wanted Ray back. It was overwhelmingly in Ray's favor, to the point where the lowest the number got was 96%.
  • Geoff has recently lost a considerable amount of weight and gotten himself in much better shape. Both the love and encouragement from the fans, and the love and encouragement he gives back to them, is heartwarming to the core.
  • Gavin is now a permanent U.S. resident! After years of stress and fear at the possibility of having to leave his job, close friends and partner, he's now in the U.S. to stay.
  • During their "DOUBLE TRIPLE CROSSED - Red Dead Redemption 2: Online", the gang has the option to kill the "kidnapper" and take back the woman back to her husband, but when they hear that they fell in love and want to escape, they are given the option to kill the man or help them escape. Ryan chooses kill immediately, but Matt and Jack choose to spare, Michael is the deciding factor and has a very sweet answer.
    Michael: I do like killing, but I'm a Disney man.
  • It's clear the gang had a lot of fun creating their own version of Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie, with their absolutely ridiculous performances and no one able to keep a straight face. After all the bickering and raging that tends to happen with them, it's sweet to see them all just goofing around and enjoying themselves.
    • While Michael offhandedly says the video will receive tons of dislikes, the fan response has been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising their hilarious performances.
  • At AH Live at RTX 2019, there was a Bedsheet Ghost on the stage. After AH confronts the ghost, Jack pulls the bedsheet to reveal Ray underneath. The massive pop that followed proves that AH fans still love and miss having Ray with the gang.
  • In the "SO MUCH ROOM FOR SLASHIN' - Superhot" video, Ryan had to bring in his young daughter for the day and it's adorable to hear her voice piping up from behind the scenes and Ryan instantly being the good dad he is.
    Ryan's daughter: Daddy? [Jack and Jeremy laugh]
    Ryan: Yes, Olivia.
    Olivia: I love you. [Jack and Jeremy go "awww"]
    Ryan: I love you too. [stands up and fires at enemy] Pew.
  • For Christmas 2018, for their annual Christmas video to promote merchandise at the Rooster Teeth store, Achievement Hunter recorded their 'perfect day', where they spent all of their budget for the video on treating themselves. For 2019, they decided to use the budget to give back instead, so they went to a mall and bought presents for kids from down-on-their-luck families.
    • The video ends with them noticing Santa at the mall, and deciding they should take a picture with him. The end card is said picture, with Santa and the Hunters all smiling.
  • The dynamic between Gavin and Fiona is similar to that of brother and sister, with the duo screwing with each other constantly while recording. Fiona noted on Always Open that they instantly clicked, mainly due to being European.
  • While Off Topic #236 was painfully melancholic for the most part, we get to see Geoff, Jack, Gavin and Jeremy all vowing to do better by Fiona, Lindsay, Matt and everyone else the Fan Dumb has shat on over the years. Geoff in particular took great pains in stating that hateful people had no place in the community.
  • During We're All Chungə Now - Gmod: TTT, Fiona gets shot with a Weeping Angel by Jack. The Weeping Angels terrify poor Fiona to the point she points her camera at it and refuses to look at her screen, but fortunately Gavin heard Jack laughing, told Fiona to stay in one spot and proceeded to headshot Jack and end the round and Fiona's suffering.
  • Off Topic #253 began with Jeremy hosting and introducing the show in place of Michael. Fiona then states that she had actually asked Michael if she could host this week and he gave her a dismissive "Yes" in return (which Lindsay posits as Michael thinking that she was saying it as a joke). Jeremy, upon hearing this, asks Broadcast to re-roll the intro and then swaps his screen with Fiona so that she can host the show like she wanted. It's mostly Played for Laughs but also a nice gesture on Jeremy's part, who didn't even hesitate to give up his hosting duties for the week.
    • Another funny but also sweet moment is when Lindsay says that going against Michael like that is how she and Fiona have bonded.
  • In the wake of Ryan and Adam Kovic's scandals resulting in their departure from the company, most of the crew have gone on Twitter to express their anger, sadness, and general confusion over the situation. In response, the community has heaped support and love on them in return, sending pictures of pets by the hundreds and vowing to stand with them. Jeremy thanked the community after his stream the next day for helping him feel some semblance of normality, and Fiona has been very active in replying to people with the same love they're sending her.
  • In order to keep content flowing on the channel for a few days while the scandal continued and Ryan's departure meant most of the pre-recorded videos were now to be taken out of the backlog, several of AH's recent game livestreams which are usually site-exclusive, were uploaded to YouTube so that the fans would still have new videos to watch while the group sorted themselves out. Many fans expressed their thankfulness for the videos in the comments section, saying that not only did they appreciate the videos being put out for the community, but happiness that they can now enjoy watching certain games they missed out on seeing the crew play on RTTV.
  • While the stream of Jack and Michael addressing Ryan's controversy is mostly depressing, there are some nice moments. The two express their love for the audience and their support for abuse victims, giving directions on how to address possible future issues so that they can prevent a similar situation from ever happening again. Jack, the more openly emotional one, is clearly beating himself up over it but Michael does his best to console him.
    Jack: Michael, thank you for being here. I love you.
    Michael: Thank you, Jack. I love you too, man.
  • In the aftermath of the Ryan controversy, Trever ended up coming out and revealing that he had been the target of harassment from a vengeful ex, plaguing him with lies claiming that he was the abuser that went on for two and a half years. Thanks to plenty of evidence he had on hand proving his innocence, the community rallied around him and his girlfriend Barbara Dunkelman, a massive 180 from everyone telling Ryan to get lost as he didn't have the proof of innocence.
  • In the "Ghosts Before Bruhs" livestream of Phasmaphobia, one of the fictional ghosts that the gang are tasked to encounter is named Michael. Lindsay asks the fictional ghost Michael if he likes her, to which the real life Michael yells "YES" off camera.
  • In the 9-person Among Us video, because Lindsay is unfamiliar with the gameplay, Michael is off camera helpfully coaching her throughout.
  • On Off Topic #255, Michael talks about how being stuck at home during quarantine has meant it's harder for him to keep track of how much weight he's gained, especially because Lindsay never says anything about it. To which Lindsay responds "I love you for you. You know, every time I look at you, I just see Michael."
  • When the crew announced an Among Us inspired shirt, they took it down and apologized. Not because of any controversy, but because Among Us is run by Inner Sloth, a small indie group that are only just seeing any profit from the game. They politely asked people not to make merch of any kind of the game so they can make their own. Achievement Hunter, after catching wind of the situation, took down the Among Us inspired merch out of respect.
  • A minor moment from Off Topic #257, when discussing a potential stretch goal for Extra Life, Jeremy calls off-screen to Kat to ask for magic markers, calling her "lovebug". Aww!
    • Crosses over with Funny Moments, but later one of the $100 Extra Life donations that pops up on-stream (and for each one Jeremy has to draw a tally mark on his face) comes from his own parents.

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