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Heartwarming / Lovelace ½

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  • Mr. Stone's unfailing support for Andi.
    • First, in Part 2, when Mr. Charlton and Dean Forrester have accused her of cheating on the test, he intervenes to stop them from bringing the hammer down without checking if she was lying.
    • In Part 3, when Luke hears Andi playing the Moonlight Sonata on his guitar and thinks she's been mocking him by pretending to not know how to play, Mr. Stone comes in and shows Luke that she wasn't lying about not being a guitar player.
    • In Part 4, he sits her down in his classroom, helps her calm down, and then as she goes:
      Mr. Stone: Miss Gannett?
      Andi: Gannett-Moore. What is it?
      Mr. Stone: I know this is all new, but assuming it lasts, you'll get used to it pretty quickly. It'll just be part of who you are. Something very special.
      Andi: I've no interest in being "very special," Mister Stone.
      Mr. Stone: Maybe not, but here we are. [looking serious] Just remember. Being able to figure out the right answers to the things that come up? That's an amazing gift, and an amazing tool. But intelligence isn't wisdom. Whether or not you have the right answers, you'll also need to make the right decisions. That won't just show up in one day.
      [Andi looks at Mr. Stone for a moment, and nods]
      Andi: Understood. Thank you, sir.
    • In Part 9, when Andi tells him about the lab experiments and he promises to help her stay out of her parents' clutches.
  • In Part 7, when Jennie learns (as Andi figures out) that Andi's parents put her through horrible, painful lab experiments trying to give her Super Intelligence (and then proceeded to ignore her until she showed signs that the experiments worked), the two of them go back into their room and Jennie pulls out a red and yellow fanny pack full of deniable weaponry (a multitool with a knife, a pen knife, a steel pen, and the pièce de résistance, a tube of pepper spray).
    Andi: Jennie — all the rest of this might get you a talking-to, but you're right. That's a weapon. That's instant expulsion. Why are you showing me this?
    Jennie: Because you're scaring the Hell out of me and I like you, Andi. If your parents really are part of some... I don't know — hidden conspiracy to make you a superbrain for some nefarious purpose, you're going to need some kinda protection. And now you know where my fanny pack of bringing the pain is, so you can use it if you need to.
  • In Part 8, Andi making up with Luke Miller after their fight the previous day.
  • In Part 10, when Andi is talking to Mr. Charlton about her poor performance in maths prior to the start of the story.
    Andi: For what it's worth... I do honestly appreciate your... well, caring.
    Mr. Charlton [nodding]: I've never felt you were incapable.
    Andi: Heh. Guess you called that one.
    Mr. Charlton: Something unusual is going on, Miss Gannett. We don't know what it is, or why. However, I'm convinced — convinced — you didn't need this sudden change to do well in Algebra. You've always been smart enough. If there’s something I regret, it's that I failed to teach you well enough before now.