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     Round 1 
  • Xander stepping up as The Leader/Team Dad. Also Lightning becoming a mom figure to the teen girls.
  • Kurumi apologizing to Ricky after the first trial, as well as sharing her secret.
  • Bolton comforting Thomasin through her panic attack.
  • The Xanlight confession, in not so many words.
  • Jane and Xander at the sixth afterparty, where he apologizes for everything he's done as The Mole and killing Bolton, and she offers forgiveness.
    "We are a broken little family here, that I don't deserve. I'm... sorry. For everything."
    "...I forgive you. Deserve or not... you've got us."
  • The Doctor warming up to C.E.C.E. after realizing that she was a Punch-Clock Villain who'd been programmed to oversee their suffering but had grown to care about Jamie and Bolton. He even offers to teach her pigeon speech.

    Round 1 Intermission 
  • Jane's concern for Jamie and his mental health during the entire plot, looking out for him and making sure nothing sets him off, and Jamie's assertion later that he can handle some and he'd like to look out for them too. Their sibling relationship is adorable.
  • Jane and the Doctor comforting Jaycee after the group decides to tell him the Awful Truth.

    Round 2 
  • Everyone being nice to Clarith as they learn about her horrible backstory.
  • Arianna teasing Yuuri about her crush on Junpei, cheering the both of them up after the depressing first trial.
  • Church's awkward, profanity-laced, shouty friendship speech to Ardyn after the third trial.
  • Another with Church and Ardyn, this time talking about emotional attachment after the second Truth-Telling Session.
  • A meta one: The fifth investigation. Originally planned as the final RNG murder, the mods themselves were so attached to the remaining cast that they couldn't bring themselves to pull the trigger and instead allowed the death to be prevented, giving the players and characters a week of relative peace before the final player trial.
  • In the final player trial, Ardyn, the former Token Evil Teammate, and Church, the silly comic relief, stand up and spur everyone to rebel. It ends up with singing and holding hands to show their unity, even if most of the characters don't know the words to "Stand By Me."
  • The revelation that Queenie's execution was faked and P.A.L. saved her.
    • In the same scene, Junpei's breakdown when he realizes that they might all just be okay.
    "A year. Three games. All his memories are back, memories of maybe a thousand histories, and not once—not once has anyone ever told him there was no more fighting to be done."
  • Nari asking P.A.L., who's laying low after saving Queenie, to change her name on the profile. He does, to Nari Nishitani.

    Round 3 

    Round 4 
  • C.E.C.E picking up Penny's speaking quirk.

    Round 5 
  • Xander, of all people, rushing to Clarith following her Attempted Suicide to check on her. Despite his current position as Overseer, he doesn't want anyone to have to go through that.
  • Church insisting that Ardyn would have been a great king.
  • The entire Ouija board session, when it wasn't being hilarious, was very heartfelt. "Proud to be your princess" indeed.
  • When Xander drops his sword, which most people can't lift at best, it recognizes Jane as Xander's child. Though they're not blood-related and thus she can't actually inherit the sword or use its power, it still approves of her and shows that even when Xander can't remember their relationship, Siegfried does.
  • Church holding a doofy makeover party during the worst day of the Week of Terror just to cheer everyone up.
  • S.I.S. realizing that PAL thought of C.E.C.E. as a Cool Big Sis.
  • Nina's concession in the final trial, particularly this line, which doubles as a nod of appreciation to the real-life players and fans even as its in-character meaning is just to the in-universe fans.
    "...You know, I've never dealt with such a remarkable group of fans until Airlocked!. They've shown such genuine love and care; each and every one of you has messageboards and dozens of spacetube videos, crafts, art, and stories dedicated to how much the fans have loved you. I wish it could all be a story. So they could enjoy it purely for a little longer."
  • Xander telling Nina to write her own story, for real this time, while she's in prison.

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