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     Round 1 
  • When Kurumi turns her rage on the blameless Ricky at the first culprit's confession, a good fifth of the cast steps up in her defence, even the jerkasses McBurn and Angelica.
  • The dodgeball game was full of Mundane Made Awesome, like Xander being a Stone Wall and getting taken out by Thomasin, Kurumi protecting otherwise easy target Ricky, and Angelica taking the game as Serious Business.
  • Jamie, of all people, gets to deliver a Pre-Mortem One-Liner right before hitting Seth's Evil Mask form with a Disintegrator Ray during his execution.
  • The sixth trial turning into a riot with people refusing to vote until Jamie comes up with a plan to save them all, even Xander, who was forced to murder Jamie's boyfriend.

    Round 2 
  • The very first week, Nari calls together a meeting to share everything, and almost everyone shares their secrets in a show of trust.
  • Even when drunk and half-naked, the attendees of the men's sleepover successfully fight and kill an invisible monster.
  • The bowling "motive" in week 3 saw the RNG bless Clarith with a frankly absurd string of strikes.
  • Kip standing up to PAL in order to keep the injured Junpei safe.
  • Junpei and Ardyn working together in case 4 to corner the culprit, leading to this calling-out:
    Ardyn: Oh—but do forgive me, we've not been properly introduced. Imperial Chancellor Ardyn Izunia... and you would be Handsome Jack, I presume.
  • A fourth-wall-ish joke turning into a singing riot in the courtroom in the week seven trial, where they try to repeat the last season's results. They seem to fail, but P.A.L. really does have a Heel–Face Turn and save Queenie.

    Round 2 Intermission 
  • Though they were still apprehended, Ardyn and Xander teaming up using Siegfried and the armiger was pretty cool.
  • Jane staring down Yl'lb Ein and refusing to let him steal the ship, telling him just how sick she is of all this and bringing the truth out about what he's really after.

    Round 3 
  • In Case 4, Leon sacrifices himself to save the rest of the Champions by sabotaging Akande's plot to kill everyone else at the cost of his own life. Made sweeter by the fact that uses his talent for good this time by beaning Akande with a baseball.
  • The survivors managing to commandeer Blaze's ship, steering it out of the way of certain doom.

    Round 4 
  • The Last Stand with the doomed survivors against Rox and Blaze.

    Round 4 Intermission 
  • Kip bursting in with a gun, immune to Rox's PIP meddling.
  • Ardyn standing up to Rox and threatening that, what with the Whole Plot Reference going on, she'd be the one losing a hand.
  • Soma biting Rox's hand when she has the audacity to touch his face, then grinning at her when she threatens to shoot him like a rabid dog and daring her to do it.

    Round 5 
  • At the end of the second trial, Soma, who was forced by Dracula to kill Natsuhi, looks like he'll suffer the usual gruesome, humiliating execution... until Xander challenges him to a Duel to the Death instead. The culprit doesn't survive, but he puts up a damn good fight that could have ended in his victory if Xander had just been a bit less experienced or strong.
    • Even when Dracula shows up and makes everyone soil themselves, some of them get ready to fight the Vampire Lord and defend the most vulnerable of the Champions. However, Xander tells them to flee so he can take care of Drac himself, despite being heavily wounded and that he would have been forced to be his thrall if not for the Nerf function of the PIP. And he succeeds.
  • Jane, after so many failed attempts, is finally able to resurrect someone with her Life power. Her power is promptly blocked again, but still.
  • The fight against PAL 7.0 during the final investigation. It doesn't exactly go well, with four people coming away badly injured, but in the end they not only win against an overwhelming foe but manage to avoid getting anyone killed.
  • The message from the dead in the final trial, where the people E.P. has screwed over for years tell her to stuff it and encourage their friends. Especially Akira's declaration of revenge, tempered with a wish for her to find peace whether it be in prison or the afterlife, and Elaine's asserting that Nina has become the same as the people who ruined her life.

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