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     Round 1 
  • Chitanda says she doesn't like Death Note because of all the death.
  • All the movies in the media room are space-related. Many are outright named, such as Armageddon and Space Jam.
  • Christine Junior may have started as a simple toy car, but quickly became a walking reference to Christine with how Ricky and Kurumi read the book and then became scared of the car. It's even red like the real Christine.
  • A number of shoutouts occur in round one to the concurrently running Trustfell 4 Trust Fall Or Die Hard. For example, during the first case's MTB, Toby mentions that just killing Rendain wouldn't fix the problem in his world... which his canonmate thought would, and just like Toby, camped a room at night to kill an innocent for.
  • The second motive has some to DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story.
  • Case 3's investigation has some to the game's mock trial. Not surprising when a large part of the cast was in the mock trial too. Any other investigation of the zero-g room has one as well.
  • There's a running gag in the evidence bullets where comparisons are drawn to victims from It's Curtains who died in similar ways. For example, Margulis and Valjean were both stabbed to death.
  • The Fairy Tale Motifs around "Beauty and the Beast" come with a lot of references to the 1991 film. As well, the 2017 film came out during the round.
  • When Thomasin finds a blue plush toy resembling Shadow in the holodeck, the narration declares that it's not even good enough to be his fake.
  • Yurika overrides Lightning's theme music with her own at one point. Being that she's from a nineties mecha anime, it's a reference to the famous Super Robot Wars Ascended Glitch where Elzam's theme music would play over everything else.
  • One of the paintings in deadland depicts carnival prizes pointing (water) guns at the viewer, called "Everybody's Got the Right".
  • Many of Max's paintings and graffiti tags reference bands like Linkin Park and Evanescence.
  • When Max shrugs off the others' attempts to explain different worlds' magic systems, he calls Margulis a Fire/Ground-type because of his fire powers and nulling electricity.

    Round 1 Intermission 

    Round 2 

    Round 3 
  • The confrontation between Scraggly and Blaze is one big A New Hope reference.
  • The first investigation asks the characters in narration, "Are you wearing shoes?"
  • When John's body is discovered, the narration and clue list reference the song American Pie.

    Round 4 

    Round 5 
  • Scraggly's entire appearance and speech towards Pyrrha is one big reference to both The Lion King and Star Wars.
  • When Clarith tells Church how her last girlfriend died and turned into a holy tree, Church replies, "That's rough, buddy."
  • During the sixth trial, one piece of evidence is that a transformer is missing, and the Champions decide this is strange. Arianna says there's more to this than meets the eye.

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