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A list of Shout Outs that appear in the RP City of Lost Characters. Given the Massive Multiplayer Crossover premise, cameos from characters from all over fiction are not unusual.

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    Day 1 

    Day 2 
  • When Rick and Morty first see the jungle they spot a Drone.
  • Plague Knight has a staring contest with Blossomon. Alice is also chased by a Snimon while making her way back to the library.
  • A Nui-Rama surprises Ben by erupting from below the floor of the library.
  • A Zinger chases Stinkfly through the jungle.
  • Most of the bugs that attack Ashe and Rex in the crevice are Warrior Arachnids.

    Day 3 

    Day 4 
  • Rick's robot is turned into Pinocchio and he dismantles him. He also squishes Jiminy Cricket in the process.
  • Geppetto took in Sadness and Mary in for the night. He wondered where Pinnochio could be.
  • Chicken Little was slapped aside by Morty, and then he got roasted by the dragon.
  • Rumpelstiltskin and Shrek showed up at Plague Knight's doorstop and he turned them both away.
  • Rex accidentally crushes Olaf to death after falling several meters from the sky while fighting Vendral.
  • Lune is given a copy of The Art of War by Miss Tairee. From that point forward, she starts consulting the book and taking its advice (shown as quotes in her player's posts).

    Day 5 

    Day 6 

    Day 7 

    Day 8 

    Day 9 

    Day 10 

    Day 11 

    Day 12 

    Day 13 

    Day 14 
  • Several of Forrest Gump's location indicators have mentions of diplomacy in them. This is a reference to Forrest Gump participating in Ping Chinese Pong Diplomacy.
  • Fate and Arf get a skateboard from a cow pretending to be a man. The same cow later shows up during Plague Knight's and Garrett's race.
  • The header of the post where Wildmutt starts off on the race against Arf is labeled "GONG YI TANPAI!"
  • Legally-safe versions of Mario and Luigi show up during Plague Knight and Garrett's race.
  • Kitt Felinu, Chester Griffin, Savannah, and Marcia Shyneet were among the audience watching XLR8 and Forrest Gump's race. Savannah even threw a can Forrest's face. These people made appearances in Our Avatars Are in a Room Together.
  • Towards the end of the day, Fate and Arf find a restaurant named the Bucket O' Sushi.
  • The toaster in the City Knights' cottage constantly asks if anyone wants any grilled bread products.
  • Eve mutters "Rl'yeh" under her breath among various half-asleep nonsense.

    Day 15 

    Day 19 

    Day 20 
  • "Jack" paraphrases Dylan Thomas' famous Do Not Go Gentle into That Night when discussing the norms of society with Makoto and Rex.

    Day 25 
  • In a bar, Garrett meets "a burly, undershaven fellow with short-cropped black hair and a pink tracksuit" drinking from a beer can. It's a cameo appearance by Kopalny, the character played by Garrett's player all the way back in The Massive Multi-Fandom RPG. For bonus reference points, Kopalny tells Garrett that he once got trapped "in a city like this one", a shout-out to the premise of that game.

  • The beginning of the signup has the mysterious entity trying to write a book. He copies the beginning of Discworld, Fallout, and Star Trek but each time he says that it's been done before.
  • Generally, every player tends to like to reference events and characters from their respective character's place of origin.
  • Several times, the library has been called the "librarby."
  • The post headings that describe where the characters are have occasionally been simply titled "Somewhere." Then, at least twice, it's been followed up by the words Over the Rainbow (crossed out as a joke).
  • Gon's getup (Cap and neck gaiter) after arriving in the City is based on Aiden Pearce from Watch_Dogs.
  • A malevolent, splinter group of the Church of Literacy calls themselves "Chandler's Gunmen", in reference to Raymond Chandler's quote:
    When in doubt, have a man come through a door with a gun in his hand.

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