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Fridge Brilliance:

  • The reveals that Cece is Nina and season 4/round 3 wasn't originally meant to be a murdergame, combined with the already-established fact of seasons 3 and 4 happening concurrently, shed a whole new light on Blaze believing the shapeshifting "It" was secretly among the Airlocked! cast: he was right, but unbeknownst to him, the space station he attacked wasn't actually the Airlocked! set.
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  • Both Max in deadland and Blaze in R3 used their loved ones' names as passwords to unlock new areas that the Champions figured out and used. In the endgame, Nina uses a nickname for Cece, her own alter ego — specifically the one who was created to make the Champions love her. Despite how hard she tried to convince herself that she was doing the right thing, Nina still knew that they'd hate her when they found out the truth, and Max losing his mother and Blaze being separated from Rad is therefore equated to Nina no longer being loved, the most important thing she still has to lose.
  • Nina being a Non-Action Big Bad who makes others do all the work for her doesn't fit with Yl'lb's description of her old self, where she was always happy to pitch in and do things herself around the network. She's certainly changed over time, and the characters spend the rest of the game wondering why. Until it turns out that she keeps multiple secret identities, and her attack dog Rox actually is her, as well as Cece and R5 Simone, who both appeared after people in their previous roles (Jamie/Bolton and Rad/Tolresch/Bur) betrayed her for the Champions. Looks like she still believes in "if you want something done, do it yourself" after all.
    • A similar reconciliation of mysterious, quick offscreen Character Development with an explanation that makes a lot more sense also happened in Round 2. Like with Nina, it involved a case of Two Aliases, One Character. One conversation couldn't have just made P.A.L. nicer — but his being a secret identity of Kip, who's been Becoming the Mask for weeks, could.

Fridge Horror:

  • Realized in the Discord chat on the very last day of endgame: hey, given the dates... is endgame, complete with the survivors live-streaming an Internal Reveal to the in-universe audience that their Immoral Reality Show wasn't fiction, happening during (and thus traumatically ruining) Vegas Quadrant Culture-Con?

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