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  • Actor Allusion: In Round 5, Junpei takes a Shower of Angst that lasts all day without taking his clothes off. Sounds a little like someone else the mun played.
  • Ascended Fanon: Some elements introduced in Kink Meme fills become canon in Airlocked Round One, especially the Fan Convention plot (complete with a loss in the cosplay contest) and Jaycee's mention that some conspiracy theorists on Spitter are starting to figure out that it's all real.
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  • Author Phobia: Space, inspiring the game itself.
  • Cameo Prop: The "Plumbus" item and various references to "6969," starting with the modesty uniforms and increasing by a lot in Round 2.
  • Defictionalization: Not all of it is intentional (see the "Airlocked keeps becoming real" meme), but sometimes the players do recreate things from the game on purpose... even Round 5, Case 5's murder weapon (don't worry, the real ones won't actually kill you).
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Xander: Xandad, various beef-related nicknames
    • The Tiny Car item got the fan nickname "Christine Junior." This eventually became an Ascended Meme.
    • Ardyn: Arby's, Ardad, Aslan, Arby's Lucifer Skylight. All of these eventually appear in game canon.
    • Takumi: Taco, Soft Taco, Taco Tuesday, etc. This occasionally extends to calling his roommate Choromatsu "Churro."
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    • Nishitani: "Nasty Crimeboy" and occasionally just "Crimeboy". Also, "crime uncle."
    • Junpei: Jumpy
    • Choromatsu: Green Bean, Bean, Muppet, Churro (to match Takumi's "Taco"), Chorizo
    • Kip's true form without the hardlight on is called "Irkiplier."
    • Cheryl: Pokémom
    • Fukawa, Max C., and Pyrrha are the "Bisexual Crisis Cell."
    • Akira, Marisa, Penny, and Kaiba (Seto) as a quartet: Team AMPS/Team SPAM
    • "Chip" for Church possessed by Kip's PAK.
    • C.E.C.E. gets two spoilery ones: "CECEmina" after the Round 2 intermission and "SISCE" during Round 5.
  • Life Imitates Art: From people who aren't in the game innocuously mentioning their D&D character named Temerity (same species, too) to an exposé about The Bachelor being released at the same time as a Giada de Laurentiis cookbook, this has happened so often that it became a meme.
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  • The Other Darrin: Blaze Dudely is NPCed by different muns depending on the round so the other can play the other Overseer. Round 3's Blaze was played by the mod who played Rox Petuu in Round 4, and Round 4's Blaze by the mod who played Aiden Price in Round 3.
  • Outdated by Canon: A lot of fic on the Kink Meme is weird to look back on when things written during Round 2 assume that Kip wasn't Faking the Dead and things written before the Round 5 finale involve Nina in any of her forms, but especially a Cece who was who she said she was.
  • Reality Subtext: Round 1, Case 5 approximately reflects its own development. Kurumi's player suggested to Ricky's player that they volunteer their characters together, the two of them plotting a murder-suicide by Kurumi, only for them to unexpectedly learn that Lightning's player had volunteered her for the same week. In the case itself, Kurumi invited Ricky to meet for breakfast, then murdered her with the intention of committing suicide afterward, only for Lightning to unexpectedly walk in on the scene.
  • Shrug of God: Some Kink Meme fills are taken as, while not quite canon, acceptable explanations or "might as well be canon" by the players and mods. For example, this one, which fills in a Plot Hole that Round 4 caused to the final investigations of Round 1.
  • Similarly Named Works: Nothing to do with the Homestuck fan adventure with the blue aliens.
  • Typecasting: While R2's Ardyn seemed like a perfectly Nice Guy, players and viewers who hadn't even touched Final Fantasy XV were immediately suspicious because of the mun's storied previous career. (And to think, before Kirei came along, she played cinnamon rolls.)
  • Unexpected Character: Players thought the survivors who hadn't been apped to the round would just be handwaved out. Then Week 5 gave a motive of executing them one by one until someone died.
  • Viral Marketing: The mod account gave out cryptic words like "hurricane" and "eight" regularly leading up to and through the Round 1 intermission.
  • What Could Have Been: There initially wasn't going to be a deadland. Hard to believe, given how important and influential deadland turned out to be in the final product.
  • The Wiki Rule: CECEpedia is written to be an In-Universe fan wiki, functioning less as an actual reference for the game and more as a collaborative Word of Saint Paul generator focusing on the IC fandom's knowledge and theories.
  • Working Title: It was initially announced as Airlocked!

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