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     Round 1 
  • There were a lot of coincidences when Round 1 ran concurrently with Trustfell round 4. Motives would occasionally be the same, canonmates would share a death week cross-game, etc., with no one involved having any way to know beforehand. This led to multiple convoluted crossover theories.
  • Seth proposes an icebreaker game... of Cards Against Humanity. Margulis ragequits when he was winning, Thomasin is scandalized even by the tamer cards, and Seth more than gets his wish for an interesting time.
  • Bolton punishing Xander for falling asleep outside of his room by moving him to a room full of clown paintings. Then banging pots and pans to wake up McBurn the same night.
  • The dodgeball "motive." Highlights include Xander tanking, Seth and Bolton drawing fire through the power of everyone hating them, Togami and Jane's... um... whatever the hell that was, and McBurn and Margulis taking a wrong turn into Innuendo City.
  • When Togami tries claiming one the public conference rooms in the library as his personal office, Shadow sneaks in and moves everything slightly to one side. The Doctor catches him and starts helping.
  • Janes's reenactment of The Salt and Pepper Diner on Week 2, particularly Xander's reaction. Here it is in all its glory.
  • During the Week 2 trial...
    • Togami comes to a conclusion about what was used to poison the victim...but refrains from sharing it himself, and instead says "Tell them, Jane," much to her displeasure.
    • Rukia learning about bleach.
    OOC narration: Maybe not fifteen-years strong, but pretty potent.
    • McBurn offering to prove his hair color is natural, and no fewer than six people immediately shouting him down, lest he prove it by stripping. (And Chanel encouraging him.)
  • The saga of Christine Junior. Ricky got a toy pedal car from the Benefactors' Hold and became a little frightened of it while Kurumi was reading Christine, and the two of them slowly got so freaked out that they tossed the car into the trash compactor. Ricky promptly gained another one. Once they thought of getting rid of that car, Kurumi got one. She destroyed it, only for Yurika to turn up with one. As an experiment, she sent it back down the dumbwaiter... and got two in return, now officially designated as Christine Juniors.
  • Many of the regains.
    • McBurn and Margulis getting not one, but three very embarrassing and increasingly suggestive items. We have no idea why the Benefactors think McBurn needs two vibrators.
    • 90 pounds of space lube, need we say more?
    • Yurika and Lightning also are victims of the Benefactor's perverted sense of humor by receiving vibrators and some form of prophylactic.
    • Whatever that thing is that Xander got at the beginning of week 3.
    • Jane receiving two foot baths, are the Benefactors trying to say her feet are huge?
    • Shadow is the odd one out, receiving condoms when he seems to have no one to use them with.
    • After case 3, Xander and Lightning are obviously the ones the Benefactors are shipping now with Lightning getting some space lube and condoms. Oh, and Xander got a box of condoms as well.
  • Yurika catching Margulis as he attempted to dispose of the space lube. It's so huge that she thought he was trying to dispose of a corpse.
  • Shadow getting hit by a glitter round while investigating during case 3.
  • Togami ending up with the lube all over him while investigating the compactor in case 3's investigation.
  • Week 4's sabotages rank up there in funny moments. We have Xander being forced into wearing a speedo and spreader bar, Togami being forced to play the trumpet in a pool full of gelatin, and Lightning wearing roller skates.
    • And can't forget Bolton's comment to Lightning to skate right into Xander's manly arms. Well, she did... kind of.
  • Kurumi's bad habit of leaping before she looks becomes literal during the fourth investigation when she jumps into a pool of freezing cold, bloody water, leading to half the cast chiding her for her recklessness.
  • During the Case 4 trial, Jane ends up throwing a shoe at Togami and continuing the tradition of throwing things in the courtroom.
  • During the third trial, the subject comes up of whether anyone could jump high enough that a projectile aimed at them would hit the ceiling, and Ricky immediately brings up Michael Jordan (much to Kurumi's immediate shame). Much later, at the beginning of week 6, it turns out that both Thomasin and Jamie now associate poor Ricky with Space Jam. Which, according to Xander, stars "the Michael Jordan."
  • Togami and Jane trying to strategize for the lockdown motive and spending the entire time insulting each other.
  • During the final investigation, Xander receives his signature sword, Siegfried. Everyone reacts exactly the way you would expect.
  • C.E.C.E. explaining spaceship fuel to Xander as "feeding space horses."

    Round 1 Intermission 
  • The Hurricane of Euphemisms when Max and Bolton are scavenging for food.
  • Max's idea of rain gear is a silly umbrella hat.
  • The Xander butt mouse pad.
  • The Griffin telling Max about his dreams.
    Max: You do dream, though? What about?
    Griffin: Those I have known before. The noble, the loyal, the wise.
    Max: ...soooooo, dudes you ate.
  • C.E.C.E. makes lunch for everyone... which just means leaving gears and oil out on the lunch table.
  • Xander gets pulled into taking a selfie with an alien barista who's a bit of a fangirl. The photo goes viral on Instargram in seconds. C.E.C.E. teases him about it later.

    Round 2 
  • Takumi trying to figure out the toilet by flushing it repeatedly for ages on end.
  • Kip gives Mai a rose when she thought it was January 29th. Church gets wind of this. He thinks back to all the records of The Bachelor he was aware of and starts to jump to conclusions, asking rapid-fire questions that Mai has no idea of the answers to. She has to ask Junpei what all that was about — while he's drunk.
  • Junpei getting drunk on whiskey from the dumbwaiter. He gathers up all his strange regains (including a lot of other people's underwear) in a body pillow cover and pedals around the house in a Christine Junior, calling himself "Panty Claus."
  • The men's sleepover is accosted by something invisible and clawed. Amid theories that it's Kip using hardlight (disproven when Kip himself walks in), the drunk and half-naked partygoers try to subdue it, with mixed results. This is not helped by Church's inane rambling, which leads to...
  • One of Clarith's first regains was a scale model of the (very phallic) time machine from "6969." She screamed when she saw it, causing Arianna to come running, only to try and carry it off with a pool net to the kitchen. Of course, the stealth check failed, Yuuri was there, and the dildo is now airborne while the girls play hot potato with it. Eventually it landed... on Church's face.
  • Church and Junpei discussing the practice of naming certain body parts.
  • Church makes a "deez nuts" joke in the bowling alley. Ardyn, who fell for it, wants to kill him, Junpei is uselessly laughing his head off, and Takumi, in the distance, calls out that he doesn't get it.
  • In the spirit of last round's coincidences, Junpei lets slip that he has a thing for fetishy nurse outfits, which had been introduced into Trustfell 5 A Good Day To Trust Fall as an alternate joke costume the week before.
  • Church, afflicted with Freeze, stealing Ardyn's coat and scarves, starting a Running Gag where Ardyn tries and usually succeeds in tricking Church so he can get them back.
  • The big mastermind reveal is made much less dramatic by everyone laughing about how tiny/adorable Kip's true Irken form is.
  • Nari repeatedly threatening Arianna with The Talk. During trials. And the morning after Arianna's wedding night.

    Round 2 Intermission 

    Round 3 
  • Shirou is caught glowing and tries to brush it off like it's nothing, clearly not having thought of a decent excuse.
  • To placate Mako, who wants Oda arrested for real since he's in the mob, Oda sits in a cardboard box jail cell.
  • Near the end of the first trial, Apollo decides to end Akande's "The Reason You Suck" Speech by throwing what she's holding at him. What was she holding? Erika.
  • Rick recounting his night with Akande to Will, ending with Will suggesting he go and find some painkillers with his face in his hands.

    Round 4 

     Round 5 
  • For Week 3, Jane's time-displaced biological daughter gets brought up for the motive, which leads to an outburst of rage... and some very strained explanations to the people who heard a teenage girl screaming about how her daughter would fuck shit up.
  • Church's punishment for falling asleep in a common area: Xander drags him to the juggabots, which party around him and draw dicks on his face.
  • Xander being shot with love arrows on multiple occasions. Once, he falls in love with Arianna, complicating the Love Dodecahedron even further. Another time, he falls in love with a Roomba.
  • Noctis has some fun at the expense of Ardyn and Church. Church then unapologetically hits on Noct and makes it weird.
  • During the Ouija session, Fourt and Yuuri try to tell Noct that Prompto and Luna are in deadland. Prompto panics and moves the plank, giving... "Pluna."
  • In a moment that Crosses the Line Twice, the Overseer threatens to wipe out every trace of the Champions' existences in their original universes if they don't kill during Week 8. They are all understandably horrified...but Xander and Church are kind of okay with their terrible decisions being retroactively undone.
  • Deadland discussing the concept of the round and getting sidetracked.
    Max: All-Star round. Like, uh... I dunno, all those reality competition shows.
  • Kip!Church. He's running around hitting on everyone, dressing like a stripper as best he can, and drinking sugary coffees even when he doesn't like them, and then spends the afternoons wondering what in the world he's doing.
  • Arianna not understanding the euphemism "thinking with your lesser brain" and thinking it's an insult to Church's intelligence rather than his recent activity. She demands that Xander apologize for the perceived insult.
  • Due to mod schedules leaving the players unattended for a good bit during the climax of a deadland plot, what was a high-stakes log where the ghost of Blaze Dudely enters the mall sim to propose a solution to the encroaching void derails into ridiculous tangents about the Translator Microbes, how a VR space can possibly be haunted, who's really in charge anyway (culminating in deciding to hold an election), Ardyn and the Doctor playing Misery Poker, and how much some of them really want to just blow something up for the Catharsis Factor. Note that all of this is still happening while the space around everyone is being eaten by a void that will delete whatever goes in!
  • Church giving up and turning to drink... a Molotov Cocktail. It goes poorly.


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