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Warning: Since it drastically changes how the rest of the series is viewed, the twist at the end of Round 1 is treated on this page as a Late-Arrival Spoiler.

Round 5 will reveal that the series is set in the continuity of New Danganronpa V 3 Set Far, far after the events of that game and that InterGal 7 is actually a Rebuilt version of Team Danganronpa, and that the show itself is a spiritual successor to the Danganronpa show.
That actualy explains the similarities of both premises, as the show/game IS an
Spiritual Successor after the attempted shutdown by the survivors failed, Due to the fans wanting more and rioting leading to Team Danganronpa introducing a similar show without monokuma, as with pre-existing fictional characters instead of ones created/based of the participants, so that it is more controlled. The show grew and grew to the point where it is surviving into the space age.
  • And as for those memory "regains" That happen while their asleep post trial? This is what's actually going on in reality:
  • Jossed; it really is the amalgam of multiple space- and future-based settings that it's always been shown to be, and it's not in the DR V3 universe.

Round 4 will be a copycat series on a rival network.
That's why the characters won't be appable for round 5—if supposedly-fictional and presumably copyrighted characters from Stellar 3's Space Murder showed up in the new season of InterGal 7's Airlocked! people would realize something was wrong.

Round 4 will actually be Season 1.
Despite the truth of the show coming out, the mods haven't given us any info on who was in this season with Bolton, Jamie, and Max. Is it because they won't even know until Round 4 reserves are over? Something happened to the Season 1 group to keep them from going to Deadland with Max, so it would explain why they aren't appable...
  • Either this or the previous theory would also explain why the restriction on Fire Emblem Fates characters only applies to rounds 2 and 3. Season 1 happened before EP's promise to Xander, and other networks wouldn't be beholden to said promise.
  • It's also possible that Round 4 will be the Season 1 cast mindwiped to run through the game again. After all, Rad did say they met some kind of horrible fate instead of going to deadland.
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  • Confirmed!

The survivors of Round 4 aren't appable to Round 5 because they'll be used as hostages.
Rather than recapturing survivors from the previous rounds, Round 4's survivors AND the people in Deadland will be used as incentive to make them return for the "all star season" of their own free will. This would significantly up the stakes in a way befitting a final round as well.
  • Would explain the lift on the Fire Emblem Fates characters too. Why keep your promise when you can just break it and entice one of your most popular Champions to return with someone he thought would be safe?

The Round 2 Overseer isn't based on a celebrity from a cooking show or the Internet.
The round's gimmick is based on The Bachelor, and Kip said the host would be a "special guest," so if they don't fit the pattern, it could be that they come from another network.
  • Jossed. The host is revealed to be Kip himself.

Possible future NPCs will be based on these:
Celebrity Chefs
  • Gordon Ramsay: The one everyone thinks of when they think of celebrity chefs, and a character based on him would be entertaining to watch. Players have already been speculating about and requesting a character based on him.
    • Update: While, as a Turian, Moses doesn't look like Gordon Ramsay, his personality is officially inspired by him.
  • Allen Leung: If only because a pun could be made to make him an actual demon.
  • Francis: He was a celebrity chef and an Internet celebrity, and Heroes Love Dogs. The only thing stopping this is that all NPCs so far have started out presented as villains and turned out Good All Along later, and as the real Francis has sadly passed away, it might be in bad taste to present an NPC based on him as an enemy.
    • Update: York, introduced with his work partner Moses in the second intermission, uses Francis as a PB. He's also one of the most initially helpful NPCs, averting the issue of hostility.
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  • Nigella Lawson: An Overseer who flirts with the Champions would be hilarious, especially in Round 2.
  • Ina Garten: Given how some of her stock phrases can be considered memetic, it's not completely impossible to imagine. After all, if you can't get your murder weapons straight from the forge, store bought is fine.
    • Update: In Round 4/Season 1 she's revealed during a motive to be Bolton's manager.

Internet Personalities

  • Teala Dunn: Her name already has a colour in it. If that is kept in her counterpart's name, it would match Jamie and Bolton.
  • Barbara Dunkelman: They've already used three Rooster Teeth employees and the game is a Hurricane of Puns on a good day. Why wouldn't they?
    • Update: Used in the second intermission for the intern Church flirts with and again for Simone, who we're initially supposed to think is her.
  • Any cast member from Random Encounters: Unlikely unless they do a Musical Episode, and we already have It's Curtains for that. (Crossover incoming?)
  • Mark Oshiro: Could be another fan who posts reactions, though we've already had Jaycee for that.
  • Amanda Lee: Using her silver-haired video avatar rather than her real face, a character based on her could be a Cosplay Otaku Girl or an InterGal 7 booth employee. Either way, she's popular enough that people who don't listen to most cover artists know her, so she'd be likely to be used.

Kip's appearance has already been revealed OOC.
One of the icons is the Space Core sporting a familiar pink mustache. No one's ever claimed Kip is human, or even biological...
  • Jossed with the start of Round 2 promoting him to Overseer.

Kip is some kind of human-passing bug.
He's a vegetarian, likes WAY too much sugar, doesn't like too much water, and mentions that his version of Earth is ruled by an Empress... much like how colony insects are ruled by a queen. He also likes flowers (like bees) and is capable of lifting something much bigger than him (like ants). Maybe the people of his version of Earth just evolved differently?
  • Not... completely wrong. He's an Irken, which are very insectoid.

Kip found out the network's secret and had his memory wiped before Round 2.
Why let the host of Airtalked and the narrator of the show learn the secret and throw him away by tossing him into the show? If he already knew too much (or maybe Cece did and he got dragged into it), they'd capitalize on his popularity and get rid of him all at once.
  • Jossed. He's the Mastermind of Season 3/Round 2.

Other murdergames are fictional in this setting.
We've been told that the game isn't an Intercontinuity Crossover with any others, but what if they exist in this world, just as stories? It'd be in character for IG7 to rip one off and twist it by making it real. Kip's name might even be a stage name referencing another murdergame industry collaborator, Trustfell's Hilda Larimore (though we know that, out-of-universe, it's just a Significant Anagram).
  • This seems to be true in the universe that has gradually coalesced in the Kink Meme, and it certainly wouldn't be the first meme to ascend in this game.

Instead of having their canon memories erased, the Round 5 cast will have their memories of their previous games erased.
Hey, it's an All-Star season. Why not shake up the memory loss aspect a bit? Especially since it'll bring trauma when they slowly realize they've done this shit before and forgot all their dear, dead friends...

Round 5 will be set in Yl'lb Ein's mansion.
IG7 invades and takes over, and a handful of the survivors manage to escape (thus the standard twenty-person cast instead of literally everyone). The reason the R4 survivors aren't involved is that they haven't made it to the mansion yet when the takeover happens.
  • Jossed, though the network did invade the mansion to steal everyone's regains for the gacha.

The Mastermind behind Airlocked is The Director.
All the more likely with the revelation that Aiden Price is an NPC in Round 3. All major TV filmings are overseen by a director, after all, and other Intergal 7 employees have been called by their titles (EP= Executive Producer). Plus, the mods get pretty excited at the prospect of Red Vs Blue characters being apped...
  • Jossed. As Price tells Church, the Director was not brought back after he died in canon.

Radical Skullqueen is the daughter of Blaze Dudely.
We know they were crewmates or at least flew under the same flag once, it would make their both being bright blonde a Hair Color Spoiler, and they have similar names. Tolresch mentioned in Round 2 that Rad grew up on starships, so it would make sense for her to have been a Pirate Girl from birth because she was raised in the crew. This would also explain how she hates Bolton almost as much as InterGal 7, if he truly is the male Season 1 Overseer. Which he is.
  • Confirmed in Round 3's ending.

The "It" Blaze Dudely is looking for doesn't exist - it's part of an elaborate play on his fear of clowns.
It's been confirmed that Blaze Dudely was the male Overseer of Season 1, who notably had a fear of clowns that was exploited by Max in the creation of R1's numerous clown paintings for the clown room. It's also well known that Bolton is a fan of Stephen King. It's possible that the two worked together to torment him as a form of rebellion by exploting a certain IT who often takes the form of a clown. Convinced of the creature's existence, Blaze Dudely has been going in a manic spiral of paranoia about It ever since.

Rox Petuu is the cellphone.
And she got really mad that Chloe damaged her host body.

Rox Petuu is Cece Diver's mother.
Cece's mother left her and her father when Cece was young. She's described as "driven", "passionate", and "kind of scary". Cece is also an Asari, which means her mother was also one. During Round 4/Season 1 Rox has a moment of near sympathy for Karamatsu after Zombina's trial, telling him she knows what it's like to lose family. They're both shown to have purple blood/tears.

Lady Consequence is imitating all of the Champions.
Sure, she sounded a little like Ardyn in her first conversation, but the overall diction was a little Thomasin-like, too. She probably knows full well how all the other rebels turned out, so she doesn't want to leave hints as to her identity; after all, even just showing up to Rad's channel made Jaycee a target in the Round 4 intermission. Thus, being very careful to hide her own tells, she's instead imitating the group she's speaking with.
  • Confirmed, with a combination of hiding the character's own speaking tells and trying to sound cool.

Lady Consequence is SkepticJaycee's sister.
In the Round 4 intermission, he mentioned that he had a sister who'd just laid eggs, whom the network was holding over him as a threat. He also mentioned that his fans didn't notice he was gone because the network posted his backlog content. Wouldn't family notice, though? Aside from that, Airlocked's throwaway side characters always seem to come back — Kip, Yl'lb Ein, the Temerity cosplayer in the coffee shop, Arachnea, Rox Petuu, and even the permadead Round 3 NPCs all come to mind. With all this plus the fact that she uses words like "lass" and her dialect is confirmed by Word of God in the Discord chat to be more Gaelic than the Southern that Ardyn had read it as, it's a distinct possibility.
  • Jossed. "She" is Jamie and C.E.C.E. working together.

How so? The real deal was still in space. The Queenie we saw was a Loony Fan who'd gotten a little upset at the Immoral Reality Show reveal, got their hands on InterGal technology, and ended up in her world and time in cosplay to escape into what they'd thought was fiction, thus ruining everything.

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