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Drinking Game / Airlocked

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  • Take a sip every time a character says something full of Dramatic Irony because they don't remember what happens in their canon.
  • Take a sip every time a character denies feelings for their eventual romantic interest. Two if they deny being able to form romantic relationships whatsoever.
  • One sip when action brackets or flashbacks reference a canonmate. Two if that canonmate appears in Airlocked as well.
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  • Take a sip when somebody in the kitchen demonstrates either astounding skill or none whatsoever.
  • Take a sip for every space-themed Bland-Name Product, including place and character names.
  • Take a sip whenever somebody kills their close CR. Take a shot whenever the motive is their other loved ones.
  • Take two sips when non-Airlocked events, such as official crossovers and collaborations between represented canons and/or PBs, later revelations in ongoing canons, or anything else related to the game gets suspiciously close to being an Airlocked reference when you know it couldn't be. (Could it?)
    • If someone feels kinkshamed by this event, they finish their drink.
  • Take a shot every time someone tempts fate and does something incredibly reckless knowing full well they're in a murdercan.
  • Take a shot for every time a death has Content Warnings.
  • Take a particularly harsh shot whenever the game makes you cry.
  • Down your drink if something innocuous turns out to be foreshadowing an important plot point multiple rounds in advance.


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