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Don't get involved with something that is just out to harm you.

A webcomic about a detective who comes to realize there is organized crime beyond the corporeal.

The comic follows private detective Raymond Dells and his secretary Paige Ling who investigate a ghostly string of apparent suicides around New York City, all of which share an apparent link to a deceased mob-boss.

It can be read on Tapas where each page is animated, but still versions are also available on Webtoons and WebcomicsApp.


Gumshoe provides examples of:

  • Agent Mulder: Raymond. Has no qualms about jumping on his theory that the killings were the work of a ghost.
  • Defective Detective: Ray. If his superstitiousness and tendency to overwork himself doesn't qualify, the state of his apartment sure does.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: The entire comic is drawn this way in homage to Film Noir, featuring a limited palette of pinks and blues.
  • Meaningful Name: Paige Ling, Raymond's secretary. Paging Ms. Ling!
  • Motion Comic: In the GIF version, the text is wobbly and animated. Some panels incorporate movement in the background or transitioning panels.

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