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Stevensen is a child molester

Stevensen, the hero of this odd NES game, sports out-of-place glasses and a short beard, in addition to the trenchcoat that (at first glance) appears to be a part of his "detective" outfit. He does a funny "I'm gonna get laid tonight!! I'm gonna get laid tonight!!" dance when he walks during the game. Nothing wrong with that kinda thinking though, I mean he's a video game hero.Even Mario probably gets laid when h-wait, the damsel in distress is Stevensen's daughter!?


Stevensen does a Rocket Jump when you shoot him.
Normally, when you shoot people, they get hurt. But when you shoot Stevensen in this game, he jumps. Maybe he's Made of Iron, but that wouldn't explain why birds and beer bottles can kill him instantly. I think he's the one holding the gun, and he takes advantage of video game physics by shooting downward to propell himself upward.

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