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For all the banter that the Sidemen pull on each other, at the end of the day, they're always True Companions.

JJ has his own heartwarming moments page.

  • In one of Simon's Your Ultimate Team videos, he says that since his audience chose which players to use, they deserve to see Simon score great goals and win games.
  • When Vik hits the crossbar in KSI's crossbar challenge, everyone comes and lifts him up.
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  • Simon's best of 2014 video is such a feel-good recap of the year, showing how much he's done. The accompanying music doesn't hurt, either.
  • A couple of days after being at Insomnia 54, Harry tweeted this: "Its easy to see viewers as numbers instead of people when I'm sat in my room, but stuff like this is a reality check".
  • Their bantering in general goes to show how tight these guys are. They will throw insults at each other to the point of going mental from them, but at the end of the day, they are all like brothers to one another.
  • Ethan and Simon harnessing the power of Emon in Trivial Pursuit and selecting answers together, whether or not they'd get the question wrong. In fact, if they incorrectly answered, they wouldn't even care.
  • Simon's adorably sweet birthday tweet for JJ.
    "Happy birthday to my best mate and reason I'm where I am today @KSIOlajidebt"
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  • When Ethan finally gets his one million subscribers on his main channel, he thanks all his fans for their support and personally thanks the other Sidemen for having "Fully changed [his] life."
  • There are also the occasions when Simon sacrifices his lead to JJ in Grand Theft Auto Online.
  • Although JJ is notorious for frequently abusing Vik, there's a refreshing moment in episode 581 of Vik's GTA V Funny Moments series where Vik and JJ actually work together, and Vik is actually the one who supports JJ the most. It's like he's throwing himself his own bone, and it's a sweet reminder that the two really are best friends at the end of the day.
    • There’s also JJ praising his diss track against his (JJ) brother Deji, stating that even Deji couldn’t come back from it. It’s pretty much a huge counterpoint and insult to Deji’s reaction to the track, where he immaturely overreacted to it.
  • The new Sidemen channel. Not only did it stem from the decision to livestream the charity football match for all of the people that couldn't get a ticket before it sold out, but another decision was made to have the channel be a place for content that the fans wanted in a great case of Audience Participation. The announcement video put up on that channel has all seven Sidemen together (although in different intercut videos) and creates a great sense of unity among them.
    • Even better, it hit the one million subscriber milestone in three days.
  • In a water balloon challenge with Tobi as well as Calfreezy and Callux (the uploader and the one partaking in the challenge), Tobi ends up hitting Callux directly in the left eye with a water balloon. He and Freezy laugh for a while until Tobi realizes that Callux is in genuine and great pain, and he helps him out like the good person that he is. Lots of comments on that video are just applauding Tobi for his act of pure niceness.
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  • Simon's video he made to celebrate JJ's birthday. It's a sweet little montage of their best times together in past videos.
  • The very next day, Simon uploaded a similar video for Ethan for his birthday, which really is the day after JJ's birthday.
  • As a testament to Tobi's goodheartedness, in the light of news coming out that one of the victims of the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing was a fan of the Sidemen, he got together with the fan's mother and sister and began a movement to help get her favorite Oasis song to #1 on the charts as a tribute to all of the bombing's victims.
  • Despite leaving the Sidemen in August and being a Jerkass to some of the members, JJ rejoins the group and would patch things up with Harry and Ethan. This proves that underneath this Cloudcuckoolander's Bitch attitude and the banter that could turn into beef, there’s still a Hidden Heart of Gold underneath and the Sidemen are True Companions.
    • JJ for the record has claimed that there's no way he would just leave the Sidemen just because of a few differences between him and his friends, especially Ethan.
  • At the 2018 charity football match, after Vik scores a penalty goal, his team and even some of the YouTube All Stars lift him into the air in celebration.

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