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"Hey, You know who's gay? Us."

While you can't get very heartwarming with five second segments on a random, colorless sketch comedy, these moments show you can still try.

  • The moon's comment in asdf movie 5 may have been a Moment Killer, but it was still a Shipper on Deck.
    Woman: "It's so beautiful out here."
    Man: "Yeah, it's just me, you and the Moon."
  • The ending of the sixth movie, with a "thank you" for everyone who supported Ridgewell during the rough year.
  • The fifth movie's post-credits scene, which is a reference to an Eddsworld comic. This was put in as a tribute to Edd Gould, Tom's best friend, who had just passed away due to leukemia.
    Guy 1: "You ever get tired of being random?
    Guy 2: *duckface*
    Guy 1: *also duckface* "Me neither."
  • In the Deleted Scenes: "Hey! You know who's gay? Us."
    • Accompanied by a wedding!
  • It's brief, but the sound only return of the "I Like Trains" Kid in ASDFMovie9. note 
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  • The fanbase deserves one as well, after the death of TomSka's friend the following ASDF movie contained suicidal undertones and had death as underlying theme. The fanbase called him out on doing this, not with complaints but out of the assumption that TomSka needed a hand. The best part, he hadn't even realized the Freudian Slip and ended up making a thank you video.
  • Though his lines are disturbing, you can't help but smile at the cuteness of Mr. Muffin and his voice actor.
    • On a similar level, how chipper Mine Turtle is. You can hear how friendly he is when he says 'Hello!'
  • The Muffin Song music video, released to commemorate asdfmovie's tenth anniversary, straddles the line between this and a massive Tear Jerker, being in part an autobiographical account of asdfmovie's creation and its' online success, as well as TomSka's battles with depression and the loss of his circle of friends. It has been interpreted as Tom growing disenchanted with the series and wanting to move on, only for the continued love and support of the show's fanbase to help spur him on. These lines in the song really hit the message home:
    Even though letting go feels right
    I can’t afford to say goodbye
    You and I are bound together
    Especially since cartoons live forever

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