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The "Everybody Do The Flop" guy failed standing up school.
  • He decided that he wouldn't let it set him back and became a dance sensation.
    • Jossed. His music video explaining his origin story explained that he, literally, had two left feet, and whenever he tried to dance, he'd fall flat on his face.

The Pointless Button released the Mine Turtles.
  • I always thought the Pointless Button caused the piano to drop on the Science Show guy. Hey, nobody said all the skits were in chronological order.
    • I think the pointless button was pretty much just pointless.
    • Perhaps the button did both.
    • Seeing as how the entire video series is completely random and pointless, perhaps the pointless button was the ORIGIN OF ASDF!
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    • You guy's theories are better than mine. I simply thought the button was pointless because it was broken lol.

The skateboarder from asdfmovie4 accidentally ran into a Mine Turtle.
  • What other kinds of mines ARE there in asdfland?
    • Have you seen the song about the Mine Turtle?
  • The "Real Man" video seems to suggest that the mine was a normal, non-turtle mine.

The I Like Trains Kid is a Time Lord
  • That does seem to explain how he survives
  • Would the train be his TARDIS?

The burger is made of horsemeat
  • Related to the huge scandal about horsemeat being found in processed food in the UK (where TomSka lives) and Ireland. That, and the large amount of jokes about horsemeat in the video comments.

The plane baby was the I Like Trains Kid's older brother.
  • The plane baby died in the 9/11 attacks (which he caused), shortly after ILTK was born. Which is why they never appear together.
  • Support for this appears in the "Do the Flop" video, wherein there's a brief scene near the end where I Like Trains Kid is hit by a train and a baby with his hairstyle is hit by a plane. This seems to imply, however, that Plane Baby is actually I Like Trains Kid's little brother and both of them are alive and able to hang out with each other.

All the skits truly end with the Mine Turtle exploding
  • In other words, what is shown in the "Mine Turtle" video is canon.
    • I Like Trains Kid is the Sole Survivor (since he's the only one not shown getting blown up).

The movies take place in the same universe as Portal and Portal2
  • It explains how Desmond got on the moon, as well as how the trains appear

All Muffin gags are related
  • The Muffin saw his father die in the first movie, and he abandoned his family.
  • Nobody would take him seriously due to his voice, and he didn't get hired for a long time.
  • The Muffin Factory mentioned in 5 was where he ended up. Upon seeing the horrors of the industry (it was all cloning based, which is both why he was hired and why they would never run out), he set out on a suicide quest.
  • See Asdf Movie 7.

The "I Like Trains" kid is a young Claire Stanfield.
They're both weird, kind of homicidal,
and like trains.

The muffin isn't suicidal.
  • The spirit of a child is trapped inside the muffin. Destroying the muffin will let his spirit return to his body or generally move on. The easiest way to do this would be to get eaten, and he may have an aversion to harming himself. He doesn't realize how creepy he's being because he knows that shuffling off his muffin coil will get him out of his bizarre limbo, and thinks that would be obvious to other people.
  • Alternatively, he's a highly evolved Bugsnax, and he wants somebody to eat him so he can transform the one who consumes him into more of himself.

asdfmovie10 will be released on May 30, 2016.
  • In the asdfmovie9 preview, on of the comments that's on the screen for a split second says "When is ASDF Movie 10?" the name given for the person who wrote the comments is may30twenty16. Time will tell if this comes true or not.
    • Jossed. May 30 has come and gone, and no asdfmovie10.
    • You were almost a year off.

The man in asdfmovie8 is actually a cow.
  • I know it sounds a bit strange, but I have a feeling he isn't really a man.
  • That's impossible. Cows neither play skateboards nor do they wear baseball caps.

'Tom' who created the Mine Turtle is actually Yoshikage Kira
  • It could be a friendlier,completely independent Sheer Heart Attack.

Most likely jossed, given the backstory shown in their song.

The pregnant woman cheated on her girlfriend.
  • The woman announces that she is pregnant, to another woman, but at no point did she say who impregnated her. We jump to the conclusion that the girlfriend impregnated her, but a simpler explination is that she cheated on her girlfriend with a man.

The girl at the beginning of asdfmovie11 is Kate
Pigtails, dark magic, in an animated series created by TomSka? I think it sounds about right...