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Caution: Unmarked Spoilers.Extra Caution: Nonsense.

Adrian made a Horcrux.
They're looking for his soul, and Adrian's killed so many people it's probably easy for him to make one. But since he doesn't want to lose his humanity, he probably made only one. So now Tash just has to find it.
  • Considering that Adrian's soul is now revealed to be in pieces, this WMG suddenly got a whole lot more likely. But then, how many did he make...?
  • Jossed.

Silver is behind everything.

Phoenixia has turned everything within the Library into a virtual world.
Willowe in fact killed or critically injured many people during the invasion and Phoenixia plugged the remaining living into a Matrix-like stasis while they heal/regenerate.

Alternatively, Phoenixia is deluding herself into a virtual world to recover from trauma.
Because Willowe killed everyone.

Runoa is Adrian's mother.
Then this happens:
Runoa: If you only knew the power of the pure. The Powers That Be never told you what happened to your mother.
Adrian: They told me enough! He told me you killed her!
Runoa: No. I am your mother.
Adrian: No...that's not true! That's impossible!
Runoa: Search your feelings. You know it to be true.
Adrian: Nooooo...wait, hasn't this happened before?
Willowe has the same chance as Adrian to come back to life.
Come on, after her Death Equals Redemption?

Aster is a psychotic yandere.
She seems sweet and innocent but someday she will snap and murder the whole Society.

Valerie is a psychotic yandere.
The day she snaps will be scary.

Chrys is a psychotic yandere.
Look at what she can do with those sparkles!

Phoenixia is a psychotic yandere. enjoy the sex while you can.

Lauren, Camille, Doyle, Sumire, Emma, Beth, Kate, and Joe didn't leave voluntarily. They were kidnapped.
The Sues forged letters of resignation. Currently God knows what happened to them.

Cristoph has amnesia because he's actually a Time Lord.
The Society's too unknown to make it onto the Time Lord page.

Everything is Harriet's dream.
Tash, Lauren, Valerie, Aster, Adrian, and the rest of the Society don't exist. They're all made up to help her get over Willowe.

Michael and Miriku are actually related.
But they're hiding it to protect each other.

Lily/Bella is Bella Swan.
She escaped from Twilight because nobody liked her but her Sueishness never faded away until Ben found her.

Cristoph has amnesia because he is actually Kyon and some incident caused him to forget his memories.
He has an ownership dispute because of the differences between the light novel and the anime. And he thinks he's a ninja because Haruhi thinks it's the Rule of Cool.

Alternatively, Kyle is Kyon.
He knows it too, and is hiding his identity to keep away from Haruhi. Sadly, he can't escape the mysterious powers Haruhi gave him.

Adrian is human. The Adrian we have seen so far is his disembodied spirit.
For hundreds of years Adrian's spirit has been fighting and such. But now that his spirit was "killed" the Library found his real body. If they find his spirit and restore it to his body Adrian will be human again.

Rhia is Scotty.
Enough said.

Aster is Haruhi.
She gave herself amnesia but made herself into a fae, but is still a Wrong Genre Savvy genki girl and is here to get Cristoph/Kyle/Kyon.

Chrys is Kikyou/Kagome (pick one).
After mysteriously turning into a hanyou she's been wandering dimensions for years in search of Inuyasha.

Karissa is Kaguya, and Charis is Eirin.
Which is why Karissa is so distant. Also, Cay is not her real author, which is why Karissa is very disgruntled towards her. Karissa is still hiding from the Lunarians elsewhere and has discarded her powers. Eirin is posing as Kaguya's sister (after dyeing her hair red) and has shifted her focus from medicine to tech.

Adrian is really a cat.
But Tash magicked him into thinking he was a sentient Counter Guardian who had lived hundreds of years. But then her spell slipped once and left him with cat ears and a tail. It explains why Adrian loves the ear rubs so much.

The real Alastor is Michael.
But the false Alastor wanted to finish the job when he only left Michael with amnesia and chased after him.

Michael and Claire are the reincarnated Romeo and Juliet.
Except "star-crossed" turned into "different nationalities".

Himuro is evil.
One day he will split from Pete and try to become a great Stu who will take over the world.

Valerie, Monika, Terrie, Stacey/Ezra, and Danielle are actually all the same person.
Either the person is under multiple personality disorder or somehow she has split into different personalities. Or both.

Marcus was born as twins.
Somehow they accidentally became fused and the Tiger Talisman allowed them to somewhat become separate again. Their goal is to properly and cleanly become apart once more.

Leonard is actually someone cursed into that form.
And someday he'll turn to his true form and he'll be a lot more good-looking. Jess will like him much better.

Drake isn't human.
Which is why he's so prone to shape-shifting.

This is not the first Doug we have seen.
There are several Dougs and they constantly switch out.

Ossa, Aimee, and Jamie are reincarnated characters from Star Trek.
But they have yet to realize this.

Jared and Chloe once were in a romantic relationship but broke up and decided they were Better as Friends.
Which is why they never touch on the subject and seem fine as platonic friends.

Emily is going to turn into a One-Winged Angel and the Society will be forced to do something to her.
What exactly, I have no idea.

Dave thinks Mesha might have a clue to something.
Which is why he thinks he has to keep pursuing her.

Cassie was possessed by a Dark Seed.
The symptoms - superiority, a strange sense of justice, and weird focus on "secret projects", along with apathy to the world - are identical.

The PCMSPS was created when Willowe was locked up in the Twilight fandom.
When she left, her Sueishness added to the already Sueish Twilight created an explosion and created negative copies of every single character, including the Society Agents. The PCMSPS "saw the light" right after Willowe was first captured.

It's all caused by that molecule Tyler mentioned to Faya.
Because that would just be awesome.

Runoa was Adrian's last lover.
Just more justification for why she hates him so much.

Runoa was lying.
She just said that she was Adrian's mother to screw with the Society.

The ACMSES is a Mary-Sue front.
They're full of the perfect Mary-Sue eliminators, perhaps too perfect, some might say the Mary-Sues of Mary-Sue eliminators.
  • True. The only problem: They're...not good at their job.

You are a Sue/Stu.
And you know it.

Phoenixia will be made into Death's replacement by Runoa.
C'mon, it's so obvious. Nixie has Death's body, and left the Twilight fandom with Runoa after she a.) went Ax-Crazy and b.) was offered the Immaculation process. In fact, she hasn't even been heard from since, so who's to say it hasn't already happened?
  • Confirmed. Phoenixia is now Divinity, a psychotic Sue who can cast spells on the entire frickin’ Library. The season 2 finale is mostly dedicated to trying to stop her. Although last I checked, she is far from being Death. Good guesswork, though we could all see it coming.

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