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Awesome / Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society

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  • Faya asks Tyler if he has any last words. Tyler responds with an over-1000-letter word for a molecule in tobacco, which gives him enough time to set all of his explosives. Priceless.
  • Adrian’s entire fight with Willowe.
  • Adrian’s first appearance. BOOT TO THE HEAD!
  • In the first version of “Insert Red Skies Twilight Here”, Aster rages at Silver for trying to kill her friends. She then proceeds to stab her staff (which, by the way, is slightly rounded, making this blunt and very painful) into his chest and freeze his blood…Ouch.
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  • Palm Tree’s ultimatum to her twin sisters right before becoming Emily.
  • Mizuho gets one in the Final Fantasy XIII fandom. A six-foot tall sprite in full glory on a motorcycle being badass. Oh yes.
  • Phoenixia beating up Death and talking him down.
  • Tash’s final blow to Willowe, utilizing Juari-Ken – Seferaite.
  • A subtle one, but Rhia leaves a note on her kitchen declaring who can and cannot enter. The syntax is phrased beautifully and is signed “Kitchen Management”.
  • Ossa vs. Rhea; enough said.
  • Marcus taking out the pseudo-Tash with an umbrella.
  • Ben's first unleashing of Death Metal Bahamut and subsequent curb-stomping of Neb.
  • Shirley gets one in a face-off against Repiv by killing him with his own pet snake. Even more impressive is the fact that she actually ended up getting hurt in the process, something which had never happened before in the entire series or has since.
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  • Tash facing off against Alina. In a corset.
  • Kyle’s fight with Kaylee.
  • Harriet taking down Willowe by editing a fic. And blasting her with the Canon Cannon just because it’ll hurt like hell.
  • Claire and Miri fighting against Azula specifically because she threatened Michael.
  • Michael’s use of the Phoenix Morpher.
  • Drake fighting a cat.
  • The scene where Willowe rescues Adrian from Hell by shoving in the face of his enemy during the trial is truly her in her most badassery.
  • Ari gets a truly epic one during the fight with Death.
  • Jared blowing up a Borg Cube. With a sticker.
  • Michael beating an opponent whose mastered in all forms of fighting with a Rickroll.
  • The Society whaling on the Elementals in Chapter 15 of InsertNOTIME!SEVERE CRISIS!
  • The story "Apologies", in which Hati shows everyone exactly why she's in charge of the Society.

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