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  • Mozenrath, being Mozenrath, gets a lot of these.
    • The fantastic verbal hit he gets in on Saleen, here:
    Saleen: (smiling coyly) And what might your name be, stranger? Someone as handsome as you should be given time for a proper introduction. I have plenty of time tonight. My name’s Saleen, goddess of the sea.
    Mozenrath: My name’s Mozenrath. And I’m way out of your league. (electrocutes her)
    • The battle with Saleen that follows, wherein he shows her just how low on the badass villain scale she is by trouncing her in her own element.
    • Giving Destane what he deserves, after at least ten years of slavery. Everything about that fight is glorious, from the way he one-ups everything Destane throws at him, to his numerous, coolly-recited taunts, to giving him both a Karmic and an Ironic Death.
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    • Going toe-to-toe with Mirage and winning, especially since he was in the midst of a Heroic RRoD.
    • Lying to Aladdin’s and Genie’s faces about having Jasmine and getting away with it, especially since Shards reveals that Genie was reading his mind while he did so.
    • A smaller one, but curing the sultan of Mirage’s poison in about a minute, while on the other side of the continent, is pretty damn impressive.
  • Jasmine chewing her father out for being more interested in playing with his toys instead of actually ruling, especially when they have enemies practically knocking down their doors.
  • Aladdin travelling to Desrial to give Raeven a much-deserved beatdown for what he tried to do to Jasmine.

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