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Despite being a relatively dark series, Antiphony does have it's moments.

  • One chapter of Circum has Chapter 8 of Antiphony from Mozenrath's point of view. His dry internal comments on the situation just sell it.
    "At the moment he could think of few things less attractive than a woman who was half-fish trying to seduce him with the fish part of her anatomy.

    "He laughed, wondering just how long she had gone unchallenged and delusional in these waters."

    "If this dimwitted mermaid was representative of the opponent's Jasmine and her street rat routinely faced, it was no wonder they constantly underestimated him. He was the slightest bit offended that the heroes had it so easy, but perhaps it came as no surprise that he was the only one who gave them a challenge."

    "As he felt the weight of the water press in on his lungs, he decided that the first thing he would do when he got out of this stupid bubble would be to rip out the mermaid's vocal chords. Then he'd torture her at his leisure, not having to hear her infernal voice."

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