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  • Mixing the Mine Turtle song with lines from previous ASDF movie skits and actually making it sound good.
  • In the first movie:
    Guy: "Die potato!"
    Potato: "Nooooo.."(*squish*)
    • But in the second movie:
    Guy: "Die potato!"
    Potato: (*click*) "Not today."
    Guy: "Die potato!"
    Potato: "Nooooo..
    "I Like Trains" Kid: I like trains.
    Guy: Oh no no no wait- (*hit by train*)
  • Mine Turtle not only defeats the aliens (without exploding, by all accounts), but he then stole their tech and built a time machine.
  • From the 6th movie... "EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP!" *whump*
  • After a long absence, the I Like Trains Kid finally returns in episode 9 (granted it's a voice only cameo, but still).
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  • On August 14, 2019, TomSka announced his upcoming asdfmovie-themed card game, Muffin Time. In less than 12 hours, the game's Kickstarter had already made over twelve times its goal and counting. If that's not a loyal, dedicated fanbase, nothing is.


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