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Note: Spoilers for events prior to and during individual Heartwarming Moments below are unmarked.


  • In Flare 2.2, Victoria goes to a hospital and winds up helping out a bunch of kids, at least one of which who had recently triggered and gone through probably the worst days of their lives, by taking them flying and talking to them.
  • Flare 2.5, Victoria's reunion with Sveta and Weld. Being the first time she’d seen either of them since they left the asylum, especially since Victoria has her old body back and Sveta has a new one.


  • Tristan reassuring Rain after the reveal of Shade 4.3, especially since Tristan is queer and Rain is one of the Fallen, who are very homophobic.
  • Ashley going out of her way to stick up for Kenzie against Houndstooth in Shade 4.4.


  • The much needed heart-to-heart between Victoria and Sveta in Shadow 5.4. Where Sveta helps Victoria open up about how her 'wretch' of a forcefield has been haunting her by pointing out that she would understand better than anyone what Victoria was going through. All of this in spite of how angry she is over how Victoria has treated her during the Hollow Point battle.
    Victoria: Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Sveta: Idiot, moron. Tell me.
    Victoria: I haven't even told Mrs. Yamada.
    Sveta: Lamebrain. You don’t think I one hundred percent get it? You don’t think this stuff makes sense to me? More than anything or everything else?
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  • The chapter also displays more of Weld's caring nature in a flashback:
    "Then Weld had come to see me. He’d treated me with more human decency than I’d had out of anyone but my therapists, patient advocate, or the other patients for months. He’d been patient, ignored my ramblings, he’d been gentle, asked what he could do for me. It couldn’t have been easy. I’d been a mess."


  • During Rain's trial, a little girl who was at the mall but not inside it, and lost two friends to the attack, tells Rain that she forgives him because she knows that in the end, it wasn't his fault.
  • Ashley gives her apartment to Victoria. Beforehand, she asks Victoria for the haircut they thought would work for Swansong, and tells her explicitly to look out for her teammates.


  • Ashley's narration often repeats that she either has bad days or days when she dreads the bad days coming. At the end of the arc, she tells her other self that now she has good days, interspersed with bad days she can manage because she knows the good days are coming.


  • Despite, or perhaps because of, the suspense running rampant in Beacon 8.10, Byron joins in on the emotional support for Kenzie, and is also the one to finally give Kenzie a much needed hug.
  • In the interlude, Natalie is worried about how Kenzie was reacting to being vilified on national TV. Kenzie replies that the hatred means a lot less to her than the total support she got from her friends, (and from what we know of her unusual emotional tells, she actually means it,) and she feels at "infinity plus" and counting. Chris, the only member of the team to actually be a jerk to her at times, being the first on the scene when her home gets attacked leads her to quietly murmur "infinity plus seven."


  • Even if only snippets of it are heard, Swansong's comforting words to Kenzie after the fight with Monokeros definitely count.
    Swansong: first genuine friend that doesn’t have my DNA, and you know that’s a high bar when it comes to quality...and if you want to know for sure when people are proud of you, when people think you’re amazing then you should know that this...


  • Kenzie befriending Aiden, especially after the Lisa/Victoria and Sveta/Whippersnap tension throughout the meeting.
  • After Sveta was frustrated with Ashley being accepted by the Palanquin's Case 53s more easily than her, her genuine happiness when Ashley teaches her how to pick locks a few chapters later is a treat.


  • Victoria, Ashley, Rain, and Director Armstrong donate their blood to Sveta to help Mr. Bough make her a new body. In the latter three cases, they do so willingly without being asked.


  • Director Armstrong refers to Sveta and Ashley as 'my girls'.

From Within

  • Colin showing how much he's grown when it comes to interpersonal relationships by engaging with Kenzie:
    Defiant: I would be happy to be your friend, Lookout.
  • Tattletale, who's been one of the most vocal about her distrust of Kenzie, giving her a Cooldown Hug.
  • Candy's comment to Darlene during the Grasping Self fight:
    "I think we beat him, Dar. We made some of the coolest friends, we figured out how to like each other again, after he turned us all against each other. We had a family and homes and puppy piles and swimming and shopping and crushes and schools... terminally boring catch-up classes. Everything he tried to take away from us we got back in spades. Yeah?"


  • The reunions with the resurrected heroes from Valkyrie's Flock in 17.2. First Carol gets her sister back and Crystal gets her mom back when they meet with Sarah. Then later, Victoria and Vista get to have a Brockton Bay Wards reunion with Kid Win and Clockblocker.
  • The rapid-fire reveal in 17.2 that not only is Byron healthy enough to leave the hospital after the team's adventures in shardspace, but that he and Missy are dating and were cuddling when Victoria surprised them. And that Tristan is not just accomodating the relationship, but encouraging the two, even playing a kind of wingman for Byron—and Byron is in turn accomodating Tristan's desire to re-connect with an old "flame" as well.


  • After everything that's happened, we get an unambiguously happy ending.