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Extra Credits

  • On June 29, 2011 this plea for help was launched into the airwaves. In less than two hours the goal was reached making it a Heartwarming Moment of Awesome for all who have contributed. Even after the goal of $15,000 has been reached (TWO $5,000 donations), as of 11:33 PM EST the numbers are currently still climbing with many generous donations continuing to come forward.
    • The plan was to run the donation period for sixty days. In a few hours, they doubled the original price.
  • Okay, after the whole Escapist mess, there is something to take a good look at. Both sides of the discussion openly admitted that the creators of Extra Credits postponed getting paid in order to allow The Escapist to produce other shows that would otherwise be canceled. In fewer words, this means that they lost money for each episode note . They really do care about games.
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  • The PAX episode. Go watch it, and come back here, and tell me you didn't have a warm fluffy feeling with a straight face.
  • Due to James' compulsion, his relationship at the time was troubled severely. They broke up, something James surely regretted for a long time. Fast-forward to now, where for the second episode of the two-part discussion on Game Compulsion, rather than taking their usual objective, academic, and clinical approach to tackling a subject, Dan takes a minute or so to sum up the previous episode's coverage and outline the current one's objectives before passing the mic to James, who for the next twenty-odd minutes pours his heart and soul out, relating his own struggle with Game Compulsion and how in overcoming it he's made his life better than it was before. As he says, "Life will always welcome you back."
    • That alone in itself is heartwarming, but then he got a response from his former lover, just a few days before she moved to France, after which would be too late.
  • At the end of the Ludus Florentis video, Daniel says "If you're at GDC, say hi to James! Also, make sure he stops to eat something. He never eats at these things..." Okay, now is that adorable or what?
    • Similarly, at the end of the Games You Might Not Have Tried #3 video, Daniel says that if people see James at Pax East, to "run up and HUG him without warning. He loves that."
  • The end of the "Gamifying Education" video contained a marriage proposal. Dawww!
    • And she said yes!
  • If you haven't teared up a little at the end of ''A Season of Hope'', the Child's Play episode, you are The Stoic indeed.
  • Don't pretend that you didn't get a little bit misty eyed watching this.
  • There's something strangely adorable about James hugging a cyberpunk heart in Games You Might Not Have Tried: Cyberpunk.
  • This episode talks about how to share your love of gaming with someone so that it's fun for both parties.
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  • The local multiplayer episode reminds so many people that, for all the toxicity in games, playing together was one of the ways it brought people together.
  • For the show's 300th Episode, they instead put up an open letter to James' nephews on the importance of never giving up and how games taught him that mentality. It's sweet to hear some motivating words, and it'll likely resonate with many other viewers despite not being the intended recipient.
  • Because Games Matter: a trilogy of videos where Dan reads others' personal stories of how video games changed their lives
  • In the So You Want to Be A Producer episode, Dan encourage twice people who are watching from a developement studio to go and hug their producer. The second time, the artist for the episode, Lee Lee Scaldaferri, is seen hugging the producer. As it transitions into the end credits, she's hugging James.
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  • The video "Unpleasant Design" discusses how hostile architecture can be used to drive the homeless out of public spaces. It also shows that, once they are made aware of it, the public will often protest or even destroy hostile architecture.

Extra History

  • Alison is back... it's just for a lesson on the Punic Wars but let's savor this.
  • Dan's fanboying over Justinian.
    • Though since James does the writing, this is really more James's fanboying over Justinian. It's especially noticeable during the Lies segment for this period set, he makes no effort to hide that he'd love to come back to this period and finish Justinian and Theodora's story.
    • Belisarius' loyalty. To explain, he is a (Eastern) Roman General and an unparalleled one. For centuries, men such as him had staked their claim on the Imperial Throne. Some had even won it. But throughout his life, Belisarius never wavers. Even when he is recalled from duty, even when Theodora takes his wealth away when others are clamouring for him to take the throne, he never abandons his old friend and Emperor, Justinian.
  • Hiawatha, Jigonsaseh, and the Peacemaker working their hardest to bring peace to the five Iroquois nations...and succeeding. Too often history is written with the point of a sword, but in this case common humanity and the desire for peace actually won.
  • Admiral Yi finally getting the respect he deserved from Korea after more or less single-handedly saving the country multiple times and a lifetime of the government practically going out of its way to screw him over.
    • Even better, his former enemies the Japanese consider Yi a Worthy Opponent. IJN Admiral Heihachiro Togo, who himself was considered the "Nelson of the East" for his own skill in the years following the Meiji Restoration, put Yi above both of them:
    "It may be proper to compare me with Nelson, but not with Korea’s Yi Sun-sin, for he has no equal."
  • The "Seminal Tragedy" series is obvious depressing, but there are a few moments of kindness.
    • After the Archduke was nearly blown up in a parade, he insisted on visiting people who were injured in the attack meant to kill him.
  • The short, two-part episode on Mary Secole, a Jamaican woman who nursed and comforted soldiers during the Crimean War. The final part of the story remarks that while her name wasn't as well known as Florence Nightingale or other nurses, she was the type of role model the world needed in order to make it a better place.
    • Mary Seacole was on the verge of declaring bankruptcy after the Crimean War and she didn't have the heart to go collecting debts from all the boys she had looked after over there. When they learned of her financial crisis, Britain decided to start a fund just to ensure Mother Seacole wouldn't go bankrupt.
  • The relationship between Grigory Potemkin and Catherine the Great; after the parade of tragedies that was her love life, the simple fact that their breakup was so tame that the two remained True Companions is rather heartening.
  • The entire WW1 Christmas series, which is about the famous Christmas Truce of 1914. It verges into tearjerker territory where Dan notes that no such event will ever be seen again as the horrors of war took hold.
  • At the end of the Broad Street Pump videos, after mentioning how John Snow(yes, the joke was used) thought that his name might be forgotten by the time his research actually caught on and cholera outbreaks were a thing of the past, Dan says this:
    "It is because of the tireless sleuthing of John Snow that that day is here. History has not forgotten you. You do know something, John Snow"
  • The stories of Christian bishops fighting against the Crusaders to protect Jewish communities.
  • At the end of the videos on the Irish Potato Famine, the video states that Ireland is now one of the top producers of food aid in the world. To quote the video, Ireland turned its own mental scars into a call to action.


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