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Drinking Game / Extra Credits

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  • Take a drink every time something is mentioned as a topic for a future episode. Stop when you see an episode on one of those topics. (Noted as a "really dangerous drinking game" in one episode.)
  • Take a shot every time they say "As a designer", which usually happens when they offer suggestions in general. Survival of your liver is not guaranteed.
  • For Extra History episodes, take a shot every time you hear something along the lines of "Why let a little X get in the way of Y?" Take two shots if Y is "A good crusade". For your own well-being, do not attempt this with the series on the First Crusade.
    • Take two shots if Walpole makes an appearance.
      • Finish the bottle if he was actually pertinent to that portion of history.
  • For Dan Floyd's Dark Souls Side Quest series, take a shot every time he dies (also applies to Dan Jones's Bloodbourne series).
    • Take another shot every time Dan calls something interesting or get distracted by the level design. Then pray for your liver.
    • If you've played these games, do NOT take a shot every time Dan misses something important. You will likely be unconscious/need your stomach pumped before the halfway mark.

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