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It was always Walpole.
  • "It was Walpole." note  Later episodes of Extra Credits often feature Walpole in The Cameo role. And when something just miraculously goes the way someone wants it to, such as Belisarius conquering of Rome, a picture of Walpole often shows up.
  • In a similar vein, "Bismarck had a plan. Bismarck always had a plan." note 
  • "Why let X get in the way of a good crusade?" (X being a reason not to go on Crusade.)
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  • From the Danelaw video: "And oh hey what up y'all it's GUTHRUM!" . When Danish king Guthrum barges in on the Anglo-Saxons at a Twelfth Night feast, after being presumed gotten rid of.
  • The first episode of the Curing Tuberculosis series had fans joke that Arthur Morgan could benefit from it.
  • Joan of Arc's battle strategy of "GET 'EM!"
  • From Samson & Delilah: [Person/People], being good, upstanding gentlemen, [do good deeds]... Oh wait, no they didn't! Instead, [do bad deeds].
  • "There you are, playing your X. When all of a sudden, you're a Y. You didn't ask for this. You didn't choose this."
  • Every time a horse shows up, they are shown in the most adorable derpy manner possible.

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