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There's humor, there's horror, there's holy cow, but many overlook the heartwarming in the PPC.

  • The ending of Cadmar, Maria, Mark and Miah's mission to Dragon Lady. After Cadmar is possessed, forcibly transfigured, and subjected to the Sue's traumatic backstory over the course of their mission, the Sunflower Official orders that the transformation remain as punishment for Cadmar's poor equipment maintenance. However, Miah informs the SO of the horrible consequences of leaving the scars: lowered combat ability and traumatic flashbacks. Not even the Flowers are that cruel. The SO agreed to remove the scars.
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  • The dénouement to the Cupcakes mission, when the canonicals' memories of the horror are completely gone and their true personalities have resurfaced. Pinkie in particular is back to her old self, and when Rainbow Dash can't walk she helps her home on a trolley, saying "What are friends for?"
  • Fade to Black. One agent is surprised by a relationship offer from his partner.
  • Doktor Trollenfisch is a very caring partner. While Gabrielle is convincing herself that she's mishearing his kind words, or that he's lying...
    Doktor Trollenfisch: Come vizz me, mein Freundin. Ve need to go to Fic Psych.
    Gabrielle: Are... are you gonna leave me there?
    Doktor: Uff course not. I vill never, ever leave you.
    Gabrielle: ...why?
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  • The Aviator having her baby.
  • The entire ending of SkarmorySilver, eatpraylove, and James Shields' two-part mission, "Girls' Night Out", is one big Heartwarming Moment. To wit, the mission was kickstarted by Agent Lapis letting her petty grudges get to her head, which caused a lot of trouble and heated arguments with her arch-rival, Aiko Kimura, on top of the mission in general nearly going pear-shaped with the character replacements the agents involved were trying to dispose of catching on and trying to kill them. Lapis, then in her Steven Universe gemsona, was critically injured and forced to regenerate, Aiko was traumatized by witnessing this event, and everyone else was left with the task of cleaning up after a convoluted Mega Crossover involving no less than three additional continua. You'd think this mission would have a Downer Ending, right? Nope. It turns out that Steven Universe gems reforming upon being "poofed" gives Lapis the second chance she needed to reunite with her companions (after they'd killed two of the replacements and sent the last one to the PPC HQ), apologize to Aiko for her bad behavior, and work to make up for it from that point forward. On top of this, Aiko also apologizes to Lapis for her own bad attitude, admitting that she was Not So Different and forgiving her rival for the whole thing. Since the other characters participating had repeatedly admonished them both for threatening to compromise the mission with their bickering, the girls' resolution is met with wholehearted approval by everyone else, finally allowing the whole gang to have the fun, peaceful evening they'd wanted the entire time. The final lines of the characters involved say it all.
    “Now, that’s the kind of Pi I’d like to hear, eh?” said Sarah, grinning from ear to ear as she stood up. “All righty, then! Who’s up for some Beach City shopping?
    Violet squeed her approval.
    Aiko had a bright and warm grin as she replied. “That would be nice, after all we have been through today. Say, let’s make this our real and actually enjoyable girl’s night out, shall we?”
    “I don’t see why not,” said Ami, smiling.
    Count me in,” added Seung-Li, giving the others two thumbs up.
    And best of all, for the first time since she’d set foot on Beach City, Lapis Armenus had a genuine smile on her face. “Yes, please!
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  • During the mission in "The 7th Element of Harmony MLP", Dawn ends up working with Zeb, who's been coping with serious self-esteem issues as a result of his previous dickweed partner. She treats him kindly the entire time without talking down to him, giving him support as needed and a nice You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech and hugs him at the end once they're all done even when he shows his true form.
  • Meta example: Huinesoron and Kaitlyn, two of the PPC's writers, met through the PPC and ended up getting married. They're considered the Official Couple of the board.

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