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Nightmare Fuel / Protectors of the Plot Continuum

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Guarding all of reality is fraught with danger to life and limb, risk of madness, and the odd bad dream.


  • Think the macroviruses were bad in Star Trek: Voyager? Now imagine the bugs an infected Paul Bunyan would produce. Imagine how big a bug would have to be to stab an adult human through the heart.
  • A Mary Sue could completely Mind Rape you, and there's nothing you could do about it.
  • In Tom Paris Is NOT a Wimp, a character replacement is given a glass of hydrochloric acid. The author described the results in the original version of the mission.
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  • Agent X is Ax-Crazy even by PPC standards, and even her friends are afraid of her. Fortunately, the author of Sue Be Nimble, Sue Be Fast does not traumatize the reader with a description of what she [X] did to the Mary Sue.
  • Any Fan Fic tackled by the Disturbing Acts of Violence Department.
  • The Word Worlds tend to create literal interpretations of poorly-phrased or mistyped sentences, causing the characters to actually do the things described even if they clearly weren't meant to. Or there are cases where they were meant to do the physically implausible things, thanks to a Critical Research Failure on the author's part. The agents have to watch this. Notable examples include a pornographic fic which kept mixing up or dropping tags, so both characters performed every action described upon the other at the same time. Or the one in which one character managed, in Agent Deuce's words, to "stick his thing into the other guy's thi-"or turning the male lead into a giant walking sandwich is Nightmare Fuel.
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  • Some agents have the Bloodwrath, and can be set off with trivial ease.
  • The Mind Extractor. It rips you from your body and plants you in another.
  • Agent Verra seems to be a Yandere, and has threatened to eat Alec on at least one occasion.
  • Agent Madison O'Grady. Okay, so Billy Bannister has fiery breath too, but he isn't in a line of work that corrodes one's sanity.
  • The Ring of Sairalindë, an uncontrollable weapon. Yes, it can destroy a platoon of Orcs and a Doppelganger, but it also kills the user.
  • Agent Laburnum attempting to rescue two otters from a goodfic, getting caught by an entire horde of vermin and nearly killed. Of course, being Laburnum, she ended up paying back her attackers with interest using a hedgehog skin, a scythe and a lot of honey. Just to make it worse, she and Foxglove claim to have managed "the thing with the scythe" without removing the victim's pants. One dreads to think what she'd have done had they actually succeeded in their attempts to rape her.
  • Obligatory Star Wars example: Yuuzhan Vong agents equipped with Sun Crushers. For those unfamiliar, a Yuuzhan Vong is a Proud Warrior Race Guy who is blind to the Force and produces plenty of Nightmare Fuel on his own. A Sun Crusher destroys stars. Two great Nightmare Fuels that are great together.
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  • One rather horrible Sweeney Todd fic has Anthony stabbing Sweeney in the leg and feeling around inside his leg, including pulling on a leg nerve.
  • The Authors (of the fics, not the missions) often have horrifying views on what constitutes normal and right, which often shows in their stories. For example, in the mission Girls Will Be Boys And Boys Will Be Girls, Ron becomes rather emotional and bursts into tears. The Author blames this on his being pregnant, which to be fair would make sense in another situation where he hadn't been dragged out of his own universe, forcibly genderbent and horribly raped, all of which happened within a few days. Let's not get into how he even knew he was pregnant less than a day after the impregnation.
    • What, no mention of For Your Eyes Only? The notes for the mission (VERY not-work-safe) described it as "offensive at best", which doesn't really cover the creepiness at all.
      • It's enough to make anyone curl up into a little ball and rock backwards and forwards crying, even if they're not a fan of Naruto. The... thing that replaced Naruto is an insult to ninjas worldwide.
      • And what happened to Sakura-bunny is pure Nightmare Fuel... especially because right afterwards, the only thing that happens to her killer is that he's lightly rebuked for killing the only totally submissive pet-thing they had. Repeat: He was lightly rebuked for murdering another sentient being. Not because he killed a sentient being, not because she hadn't done anything wrong, just because they didn't have another pet that'd fuck anyone. The mind boggles.
  • In one fic, the Luggage ate Boromir.
  • Fridge Horror applies to the experience of Gorillaz's 2D in "Gorillaz in the MST". He agreed to do the MSTing to get away from the whale which had canonically been staring at him for months (It Makes Sense in Context) and wasn't told what the sporked fic was about. He realised too late that it involved him being raped. By Murdoc, who was also in the theatre as a riffer. And, in accordance with traditional MST rules, he wasn't allowed to leave. Murdoc just laughed it off, but poor 2D was pretty uncomfortable. Hemlock's abrupt Nosebleed upon the mention of 2D in drag probably didn't help.
  • Agents Laura and Danny take down a Stu in a Left 4 Dead fic, shoot him in the knee and leave him there, with a gun just out of reach and a horde of Infected approaching... sure, the guy deserved it, but ugh...
  • Another Left 4 Dead fic involved Zoey screwing a talking Hunter called Zion. *shudders*
  • A Stargate Atlantis mission had the author continually misspelling 'lab' as 'lad', creating a ten year old boy called the Science Lad. A late line in the fic had one of the doctors 'entering into the lad with some of his medical assistances'. Thank God Agent Thomas had a Sim Gen. Similarly, one has to feel for the Bride of Khazad-Dum; poor woman got stretched out over a chasm and had the Fellowship walk over her.
  • A malfunctioning Crash Dummy led to Agent Cadmar becoming forcibly genderbent and having horrific scars appear all over his/her back. These scars not only gave him/her horrible flashbacks, he/she was unable to so much as take a shower for fear of remembering how he/she got them in-fic.
    • This also lead to a Heartwarming Moment-initially, the Flowers decided to leave him/her as a girl and the scars as punishment for the mismanagement that lead to the clusterfuck that was the mission. However, when Miah brought up the sheer trauma of the scars, the Sunflower Official decided to remove them without hesitation. Keep in mind that the Flowers are regularly portrayed as the most stubborn and irritable beings in the multiverse, so partially reversing a decision is a monumental action for them.
  • Agent Ally nonchalantly coming up with new and interesting ways to kill a regenerating mini-Sue, especially as she does so without turning a hair at the fact that she's repeatedly killing a sentient being.
  • Agent Stormsong's origin (and Skyfire's, too). Ithalond's origin is probably worse, though.
  • Agent Rina, thanks to her transformation into a Time Lord, now has a perfect memory. She's unable to ever forget bleeding to death on the floor with her intestines hanging out.
  • Valon Vance (Valerie at the time) is nearly strangled by a Gary Stu in his seventh mission. Kala's reaction isn't any better; the Stu is described as looking like he'd gone through a wood chipper.
  • To date, there is only one story on FanFiction.Net in the archive of crossovers between, of all continua, The Incredibles and Jurassic Park, and that would be none other than the very first PPC mission written by SkarmorySilver, into a badfic of his own creation featuring these two continua among MANY others from his days on DeviantArt. To put it politely, the fic in question demonstrates why, for several very important reasons, crossing over these two specific movie series is generally a bad idea, with Author Appeal bleeding into the story more and more until everyone ends up in dinosaur-induced peril, forcing Agents Rashida and Falchion to intervene. Violet in particular gets her leg bitten off by the time the agents find her in a plot hole. From there, it only goes From Bad to Worse: Falchion is the most recent Author Avatar of this mission's writer, and discovers this fact because one of the "protagonists" of the fic is a Gary Stu who was a previous self-insert of said writer, sending the hapless Skarmory into an identity crisis, especially when Rashida accuses Falchion of being responsible by association. And then, after narrowly escaping multiple instances of dinosaur violence and rescuing Violet, things go from merely cringe-worthy to downright terrifying when they are discovered by the freaking Spinosaurus (yes, that one). Falchion gets a nasty gash in his arm for his trouble, and Rashida assumes that he and Violet were killed by the creature before reuniting with them much later. The cherry on top of all of this? The reason Violet ended up in a plot hole in the first place was because she was replaced... and said replacement is turned into a Tyrannosaurus rex. And rather than trying to change herself back, the replacement treats this as a positive and goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, ending with her essentially murdering one of the antagonists (who was an Omnicidal Maniac himself and another character replacement, mind you) in a horrifically graphic manner in front of her own family and not being called out on it. The fic's narration of the massacre itself was edited out post-release due to reader feedback, but Rashida being sent to Medical for heart failure due to the shock of the act pretty much speaks for itself. While Falchion does eventually manage to set things right, Rashida is understandably furious with him by the time she recovers, and needless to say, the poor Armor Bird Pokémon himself is permanently traumatized out of his mind.
  • Poké-agents tend to have it fairly rough in terms of even getting to the PPC, never mind what happens afterwards. Agent Zeb, for instance, was blown up by a Graveler during a Nuzlocke run and woke up in HQ with a phobia of any kind of loud noise, was sent to kill the infamous badfic The Girl Who Lived (Rose Potter, for those blissfully ignorant of it) while having been an agent for less than a week, and witnessed his best friend get her guts laid open. She got better. Meanwhile, Agent Gabrielle was repeatedly verbally abused by her trainer for not being good enough to the point where she considers "bitch" a term of endearment and eventually discarded, left in a PC Box until her game cartridge's internal battery ran out. She spent all her time in the Box totally alone, watching the creeping darkness dissolve her surroundings into nothingness, all the time wondering what it was she'd done that made her trainer mad at her and begging to be given a chance to put it right. And that was before she was obliged to ask why the poop was there.


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