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Just For Fun / Don Juan Triumphant

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An artists recreation of the second (and final of that performance) scene of Don Juan Triumphant. Right:Christine Daae Left:UnknownDoylist answer 
"Serve the meal and serve the maid/Serve the master so that when/Tables, plans and maids are laid/Don Juan triumphs/Once again!"
— The final lines of the opening number.

The final production produced by The Opera Populaire in France, Don Juan Triumphant was an opera first announced in 1882 during a publicity stunt involving a rumored "Opera Ghost" at a New Year's Day masquerade party. Important message from The Troper Board on Multiversal Travel  The first performance was cancelled after it was revealed the lead (Ubaldo Piangi) had been replaced by an unknown figure and murdered by the same. After the house was auctioned off, the score was bought by an American theatre group. At first regarded as a mistake and abomination, it was eventually viewed as an Affectionate Parody of opera.


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