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Better Than It Sounds / Film Z

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  • Zardoz: Sean Connery in an orange diaper! And a Wedding Dress.
  • Zero Hour: Airplane! without the comedy.
  • Zodiac: Police fail to find a serial killer.
  • Zombieland: People who have seen way too many Zombie Apocalypse films go to an amusement park.
    • OR: A man searches for cake.
    • An emotionally detached loner who doesn't really care about anyone else, even his own parents, a violent, gun- and knife-crazy redneck, and two professional grifters team up to go on a cross-country killing spree. They especially love to kill sick people, and make a game of it, giving awards for best or most creative kills. At one point, they break into the home of a famous actor, really just for their own amusement, and then kill him for no good reason. They commit a host of other crimes, including several thefts and a great deal of pointless property destruction, again just for their own amusement. It is a comedy, and they are the heroes.
  • Zoolander: A male model who can make only one face is the main instrument for the assassination of an asian prime minister and has to work with his rival to prevent it. David Bowie has a cameo here.
  • Zootopia: A new member of the police force is discriminated against, and despite her determination, her own personal prejudices end up being her downfall. It manages to be a hard hitting look at racism while also portraying the police in a positive light. Intended for children.
    • Alternatively: The unlikely team of a Con Artist and a police officer try to find a missing person.