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  • Eastern Promises: A midwife investigates a rape case with the occasional help of a heavily tattooed Russian man.
  • Easy A: A high school student pretends to be a prostitute, but becomes unhappy when she gets a bad reputation as a result.
  • Edge of Tomorrow: Marketer is fatally burned by a jellyfish, leading him to spend his last hours on an Euro trip with a grumpy girl.
  • Ed Wood: An optimistic transvestite and a washed up has-been make a few movies. Based on a True Story.
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  • Edward Scissorhands: Avon saleswoman brings abandoned man who looks almost exactly like a famous movie villain to her house.
  • Eight Legged Freaks: A small town in america has a serious spider infestation... if the spiders are radioactive giants with funny spider noises.
  • Eight Seconds: Luke Perry and Stephen Baldwin as bull riders.
  • Elf: Loud man-child does everything to make his father have a merry Christmas.
  • Elizabethtown: Suicidal shoe designer goes to Kentucky and hooks up with a flight attendant.
  • The Emperor's New Groove: An utterly selfish boy-king ruminates for a few days and learns to care about others as a result. Features a severely aging Catwoman and half the cast of Just Shoot Me!.
  • Enchanted: A walking cliché thrown from clichéland falls in love with a lawyer.
  • The End: A terminally ill man decides to end his life. Hilarity Ensues.
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  • End of Days: Man with peculiar accent tries to prevent a pregnancy.
  • Equilibrium: A handsome man falls in love with his recently deceased coworker's girlfriend. His interactions with her and a lovable puppy inspire him to confront his boss and quit a job he never truly liked. Can be seen on the Lifetime Channel.
    • Alternatively, In a futuristic dystopia that has outlawed emotions, a former enforcer of the system must fight for freedom with laughably unrealistic gun-fighting skills.
  • Eraser: Man with peculiar accent helps people play Hide-and-Seek.
  • Eraserhead: A man encounters difficulties trying to raise his deformed child.
    • The Elephant Man: Circus performer quits job, lives in a hospital, befriends Hannibal Lecter and Mrs. Robinson.
    • Inland Empire: A mystery about a woman in trouble.
    • Mulholland Dr. : Blonde Canadian woman is unhappy after moving to LA.
  • Erin Brockovich: Single mother wears lots of cleavage trying to help a family to keep their home.
  • Er Ist Wieder Da: A mustache-wearing German man wakes up and goes on a comedy show in which he impersonates himself.
  • Escape from New York: Police arrest badass criminal and order him to break into a very large prison under the threat of exploding his neck.
    • Escape from L.A.: The exact same thing as above, but from different camera angles. This time, after the criminal is done, he helps everyone save on their electrical bills.
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  • E.T.: Some misfit suburban Emo kid gets high with his alien friend whom his mom doesn't think is real and might be Jesus.
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: A man dreams about his ex-girlfriend before meeting her on Valentine's Day. They end up going on a date to a lake they used to visit, but they both become upset when she finds a tape of him complaining about her. The moral of the story? Brain damage will bring you closer together.
    • Or: Boy meets girl. They break up. Girl forgets boy, so boy expresses grudge by forgetting girl. Boy withdraws his consent to the memory wipe right in the middle of the memory wipe. Post-production lazily avoids putting the scenes in order.
  • Event Horizon: Members of a towing crew get on each others nerves after being sent to tow a missing vehicle. The vehicle's new owner goads them over their past mistakes, encourages them to perform do-it-yourself surgery on their faces, and wants them to relocate to a new home.
  • Everything Is Illuminated: Frodo goes to Ukraine in search of his grandfather's ex-girlfriend, finds an old lady in a house filled with boxes. A blind grandpa does the driving and a rock star (without his famous mustache) translates.
  • Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask: The Film of the Book of a sex guide.
  • The Evil Dead (1981): Camping trip takes a turn for the worse when the hero's car conks out. The fertility rites of nature are explored in detail. Reading books is bad for your complexion.
    • Evil Dead 2: Man has another bad camping trip (or perhaps the same one), then beats himself up about an upcoming surgery. Furniture laughs at him.
    • Army of Darkness: Housewares-salesman travels through time, causes and averts Zombie Apocalypse. Then bores his co-workers with tales of derring-do.
  • eXistenZ: People don't know whether or not they're playing a video game.
  • Eyes Wide Shut: Jealous man tries to get laid.

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