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  • In a flashback to Ozen's past, one of the events recounted is Lyza revealing her marriage to her. Ozen's response is a comical Ghostly Gape, in stark contrast to the usual creepy expressions.
  • Nanachi gives Reg a list of items that they need to cure Riko's poisoned status from Orby. It is urgent and has a strict and literal deadline and we are treated to Reg's serious fetch quest. Then it turns out Nanachi only needed one of those items to cure Riko. The rest was dinner. Nanachi had Reg running errands. What makes this even better is how Nanchi responds to Reg's indignation. They can't go foraging while treating Riko and they can't treat Riko if weak from hunger, which makes Reg apologize again.
    Nanachi (thinking): He really is a pushover.
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  • Near the end of the anime's first season, Nanachi invites Riko and Reg to have a bath in one of the safe waters outside their hut. This not being a time for social norms, they're both naked, although we don't see anything below mid-torso, and with them being twelve years old, there's nothing for the audience to stare at. Reg unknowingly likes what he sees, apparently, as Riko notices just how much like a real boy he is — her shocked reaction says it all:
    Riko: "W-W-What's going on with your penis?!"

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