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  • Where’s the military? The Abyss is a giant research area, that can supply artifacts with tremendous potential. The delvers, as small teams, are too vulnerable to last long. Considering we’ve seen ships which are at least steam powered, guns must exist. It seems to me, some country would want to organize a military presence to occupy at least the first four layers by force, and then scour it for any artifact thats not nailed down.
    • Most of the monsters of the abyss can only really be successfully avoided, an obvious military force would suffer immense casualties. Not to mention the difficulty in getting them back afterwards, getting large numbers of people back from even the fourth layer would be a death sentence for many. And ultimately Orth survives by trading artifacts with multiple separate countries, they would never allow any one military force to occupy the town. In fact Lyza became famous in part because she was particularly good at killing foreign delvers, indicating Orth has maintained it's neutrality by force in the past.
  • Since the Abyss has a curse that would cause various symptoms ranging from mild sickness to disfigurement when people try to climb up from there, and robots do exist in this world, why don't the people simply build more (or even mass produce) robots like Reg to explore the Abyss instead?
    • Because they don't know how. Robots exist inside the Abyss and, as far as we know (confirmed by another robot from the Narehate Village), Reg is the only one who has ever reached the surface. If humans could build their own artifacts, they wouldn't be scavenging the Abyss for them.
    • Also, aside from Reg, all the robots reside at the 6th layer. In theory, nobody up top should know about robots at all.
  • So we know that sending a human up from the Sixth Layer would turn them into a Narehate. Then what would happen if someone decided to send a Narehate up from the Sixth Layer? Also, how many times can a Narehate withstand the Curse if someone decided to send them down and up repeatedly?
    • I think even more severe mutations will occur or, if they are lucky, death.
    • It seems like Narehate who receive only the "blessing" of the Abyss can still suffer ill effects from it. Nanache seems to be able to avoid it, but then she can see areas where it's less dangerous and plan around it. Bondrewd, on the other hand, suffers the Curse of the Abyss after already becoming a Narehate. Narehate who bear the full brunt of it don't appear to be capable of absorbing a second dose, at least not on a separate occasion. Bondrewd's cartridges seem to be single use only, whether because Narehate die from the Curse if exposed more than a handful of times, or because they're no longer human enough to be hit with it.
  • When Maa-san got punished for harming Meinya, why was his value shared among anyone that happened to be around, rather than being all given to Riko?
    • Punitive tax for damaging the community's first impression on an outsider and potential provider of valuable Human Resources? Or an overly steep transaction fee on Riko's end.
    • Maa-san broke the law and the village's hospitality rules.
  • They could get past the abyss curse/ascension sickness by have people sent down to each layer. The people on layer 6 go up one layer and tell the people of Layer 5 what is down there and hands over any relics. Then the people on layer 5 do the same with Layer 4, and so on. Then people wouldn't have to rise from the lower layers. Sure the people down there would still be trapped but they expect to not be able to come back up anyway.
    • Several issues with this idea (the latter ones being less issue and more tangental):
      • I think you are misunderstanding something: it is not the transition between different layers that causes the symptoms, but any significant elevation increase while in the curse's presence. For example, climb 10 steps up a staircase on the fifth layer, instant curse. Assuming a generous 30-meters-per-relay would require 433.33 relay across a 13000 meter depth (approximately where the 5th layer ends and the point-of-no-return begins), which leads to the weakest-link dilemma in an unforgiving setting. Even if you ignore the layers 1-5, there is still 2000+ meters of mandatory relay by that regard. I highly doubt that there exists 66+ White Whistles. Yes, there exists no force field/curse zones, but you either need to be able to sense it, or find it via trial-and-error (which depending on the layer, not always forgiving).
      • Motivation of going down to the abyss and trust of other delvers needs to be accounted for. Wars have been fought with and for relics, that's not going into rival delvers feuds. It's also worth noting that if wealth is the main motivation, a relic relay is pointless, as a trapped delver has nothing to spend the wealth on.
      • To an extent, the outpost in the second layer can be used for such, as it has a dedicated elevator for fast travel to the surface, located in an area where the curse is fairly weak. Granted, it serves more of a pit stop/hub area than a relay. To setup similar outpost in lower area is suicidal, particularly in the fourth layer with Mr. Territorial Porcupine (though not impossible given Idofront). That said, it should be noted that the only two Abyss bases have White Whistles stationed there.
      • There is a different standard means of transporting small items: the balloon means. However, the success rate of reaching the surface is low, mostly relying on sheer luck, or volume of balloons (the former exemplified in the anime ending).
      • For what its worth, there is a informal relay amongst delver: any delver who lost his/her humanity (ie: climbed from the 6th layer) are killed by others, with his/her personal effects taken back to the surface (according to Nanachi anyways).
      • However, for Bowdred to be able to take the children to the fifth level, there has to be a fairly reliable elevator down the central shaft all the way to the fifth level. Descent and transporting relics at the least should be done by this system. It's just safer, easier, and it allows people to descend to the depths and continue retrieving rare artifacts rather than just one backpack before climbing again.
  • It's shown to be possible to minimize the Curse by ascending from the uppermost reaches of the 6th level in very small stages. So why do so few actually do so? Wouldn't this have become standard procedure by now?
    • Or why didn't anyone drill tunnels into the wall of the sixth layer to get even further away from the center and then go up?
    • The logistics needed would be insane:
      • First you gotta get work crews and heavy equipment down there.
      • Some of it could be sent down in pieces, but they would still be fairly heavy.
      • Then you need security detail that can deal with things like the poison spike beast.
      • Let’s keep in mind: all the white whistles are batsh*t insane. The scientist would probably take over as the chief contributor to “work-related accidents.” Ozen, while better than the scientist, would still be a nasty liability.
      • Once you hit the 5 / 6 threshold, at least half your work teams are going to quit right then and there. Those who remain, have to stay exactly at their current level.
      • If they fall or something, even at the very edge of the Abyss, you suddenly have a delimma: “Do you risk pulling them back up?” All you need is one guy to mutate, and you’ll lose at least half the remaining workforce when they decide they cant make use of the hazard pay as a twitching lump of body horror.
      • Lastly, the edges are ‘weaker’ but not devoid of danger. They would need to be treated similarly to a radioactive area: you can only be exposed for so long, before the damage starts to stack too high.
      • The artifacts they managed to dig up even with all the danger now are insanely valuable, Beolusk, the country the island The Abyss is on belongs to would spare no expenses or manpower to make artifact retrieval safer and cheaper, these artifacts make them even stronger and richer than they're now. If the tunnels would be long enough, the effects would be too weakened by the distance, just like radioactivity.
      • The obvious solution is to delve the tunnel or tunnels into the Abyss, rather that out from in. This makes the logistics vastly more manageable.
  • Why does the orphanage have a torture room with working equipment? Why do they not only let children access the room but they also made it the room of a known troublemaker?

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